Youth wrestlers showcase skills across the state

By: Logan Parvinen

This past weekend, young wrestlers represented the Mining City in four different events. Most wrestlers traveled to Helena for the Sleeping Giant AAU Invitational, but a small group verged off the path and competed in Billings and Columbus. A sole wrestler also competed in the Brawl in the Falls tournament in Great Falls.

A trio of Johnstons- accompanied by Beau Benski- started their two-day trek by competing in the Roadkill Classic in Columbus on Feb. 25th. This squad competed in the Battle Under the Rims in Billings the next day.

Tripp Johnston (BWC) won both tournaments for the Bantam 50 class. Tripp started his two-day conquest in Columbus with a 6-4 sudden-death victory. After his hard-fought first-round win, Tripp would win his next two matches with a 40 seconds pinfall and an 11-1 major decision to win the gold in Columbus.

Beau Benski (BWC) would place 3rd after going 2 and 1 on the day in the Bantam 65 class. Mark Johnston III (BWC) would also go 2 and 1 for a 3rd-place finish in the Midget 50 class.

Cameron Johnston (BWC) would place 5th after winning two and losing two in the Novice 60-65 class.

No rest for the wicked as the group packed up and continued their voyage east toward Billings.

Tripp’s second gold medal would be won by going 4 and 0 on the day, with all four of his wins coming by pinfall. With 507 total kids participating in the Battle Under the Rims tournament, Tripp was one of just seven wrestlers to win four matches, with all four wins coming by way of pinfall.

Mark Johnston III would claim his second medal of the trip. However, this one was shinier than the one he earned in Columbus. MJ3 would strike gold in the Midget 50 class, with his first two wins coming through pinfall and the championship match having been won by a 9-0 major decision.

Cameron Johnston would finish 4th, and Beau Benski would finish 5th in Billings to end their road trip.

The Sleeping Giant AAU Invite would see 61 total kids from Butte representing the Butte Wrestling Club (BWC) and the Mine Yard Dogs (MYD) participate in the event.

For Butte, 15 youngins’ struck gold as if it was 1864 at Last Chance Gulch.

Owen Hollamon (MYD) of the Tot 40 class would claim 1st with three total wins. Owens’s first and third matches would be won by pinfall, while his second match would be won by forfeit. Beckett Craddock (MYD) would finish 4th in the Tot 40 class.

Kylen Struble (BWC)  would take home the gold in the Tot 48 class. His two wins would come by way of pinfall.

The Bantam 38-42 class would see Butte kids finish 1st and 2nd. Maverick Shonsberg (BWC) would win gold with two pinfall victories. Cole Parvinen (BWC) would finish in 2nd place after a pinfall victory to finish 1 and 1—Shoutout to my cousin Kyle and my cousin-in-law April.

Reid LeProwse (MYD) would win gold in the Bantam 45 class. He would wrestle three matches, with all matches won by pinfall. Treysen Thomas (BWC) would finish with the bronze in the Bantam 45 class after finishing with a 3 and 2 record. Kaden Johnston went 2 and 2 on the day for a 4th-place finish.

Noxx Klimpel (MYD) would win a stacked Bantam 50 class. Noxx would start the day with two quick pinfall victories. In the semifinals, Noxx would meet Grant Ellingson (MYD). Noxx would win in a 9-5 hard-fought battle between the two Butte brutes. Noxx would finish his championship ride with a pinfall victory. Paden Parks (MYD) would also compete in the Bantam 50 class and end with an impressive 4 and 2 record on the day, which was good enough for the bronze. Grant Ellingson would finish 4th after going 2 and 2 on the day.

Noah Hollamon (MYD) is the second Hollamon to strike gold in Helena. Noah would win the Bantam 60 class, with three more Butte kids finishing on the podium. Noah would win all four matches by pinfall, just one of six kids with four pinfalls in the tournament. Brayson Renz (BWC) would finish 2nd after going 3-1 on the day, with the only loss being against Noah Hollamon. Oliver Olson (BWC) would finish 4th after going 3-2, and Kaenan Adams would place 6th after going 2-3 on the day.

Brayson Renz (BWC) may have taken 2nd in the Bantam 60 class, but he would be victorious in the Bantam 70 class. In a class with five Butte kids participating, Brayson stood on top after three matches and three pinfall victories. Brayker Bosch (BWC) would finish 2nd after a 3-1 day, with the only loss coming against Brayson. Hank Butala (BWC) finished third, Cameron Hite (BWC)  finished 4th, and William Hooker (BWC) finished 6th.

Maddison Brown (MYD) would have a day only dreamt of by prospectors. Maddison not only struck gold in the Girls Midget 55 class but also in the Midget 55 class. Maddison would win her three matches in the Midget 55 class by decision victories. Maddison would outscore her opponents 17-2 in her gold medal run. Gabriel George (MYD) placed 3rd after a strong 3 and 1 performance on the day. In the Girls Midget 55 class, Maddi would win both matches against Adelynn Bumgarner (BWC). Adelynn would finish in 2nd behind Maddison.

Reid Hoffman (MYD) would join Maddison as the two Butte wrestlers to finish 1st in two different classes. Reid would win the Midget 60 class with three wins after a first-round bye. Reid’s first win would be a 19-second pinfall. After an 11-0 major decision in the semis, Reid would win his final match with a pinfall victory in the championship match. James Lockyer (BWC) took 5th place in the Midget 60 class after finishing 3 and 2 on the day. In the Midget 65 class, Reid would win both of his matches by a 12-0 major decision.

The Midget 70 class would see Butte sweep the medals. Trae Hansen (MYD) would stand atop the podium after going 5 and 0 on the day with three pinfalls and two major decision victories. Trae was one of two Butte kids to go 5 and 0 on the day. Sawyer Hunt (MYD) acquired the silver medal after finishing 4-1, with his only loss being against Trae. Sawyer would win all four of his matches by way of pinfall. Sawyer joins Noah Hollamon as the second Butte kid among six total kids to win four matches by pinfall. Jax Grunhuvd (MYD) would finish with the bronze by going 3-2 on the day. Jax’s only losses would be to Trae and Sawyer. Trystin Hooker (BWC) also competed in the stacked class and finished 6th place.

Braydon Regan (BWC) would finish 1st in the Midget 103 class after going 2 and 0 on the day. Braydon’s first win would be a 13-0 major victory followed by a 58-second pinfall victory to end his day.

The Novice 75 class saw Butte finish 1st and 2nd. Jampel Hanley (BWC) would finish in 1st after winning all three matches. Hudson Summers (BWC) would finish 2nd after going 2 and 1, with the one loss being a 7-4 decision against Jampel Hanley. Jampel finished with two pinfall victories and a decision win, while Hudson finished with two pinfall victories. Jampel would also finish 5th in the Novice 80 class.

After finishing first out of 27 kids at the Cyclops tournament, Crew O’Connors (BWC) would continue his dominance by winning all three matches to win the gold. A first-round bye would set Crew up for two straight pinfall victories and a 15-0 tech fall victory in the finals.

Logan Grunhuvd (MYD) claims the wrestler of the tournament award after wrestling five matches and ending all five matches with pinfalls equal to or under one minute. Logan, who competed in the Novice 85 class, was the only wrestler in the tournament to win five matches by pinfall.

Adalie Hazlett (BWC) is one of two Butte girls to win gold by winning the Girls Novice 77-82. Adalie would win both of her matches by pinfall. Adalie has won all her matches in the Girl’s Novice class since the start of the season. Tenley Osborne (BWC) would win the silver medal after going 1 and 1 on the day.

Brexdyn Renz (BWC)  and Lowen Weigle (BWC) would both go 2 and 1 on the day on their way to take 2nd and 3rd. Brexdyn would take the silver, while Lowen would take the bronze.

Addyson Hicks (BWC) split her day with one win and one loss to finish 2nd in the Girls Tots 40-42 class.

Iris Lockyer (BWC) would also split even to finish with the silver in the Girls Bantam 45-50 class.

Blake Ellingson (MYD) finished second in the Midget 71-77 class after finishing with a 3 and 1 record on the day. Odin Dixon (MYD) placed 5th in the Midget 71-77 class after a 3 and 2 performance. Odin would also finish the day with a 15-second pin which was good enough to be the fasted pin for any Butte wrestler.

Braelynn Schwartzmiller (MYD) went .500 on the day with a 1 and 1 record in the Girls Midget 70 class, which was good enough for the silver medal.

Gaige Gonzales (MYD) finished 2nd in the Novice 117 class after going 2 and 1 on the day. Gaige’s first two wins would come from pinfalls in under a minute.

Alison Shields (MYD) was the only competitor from Butte to compete in the Brawl in the Falls tournament set in Great Falls. Alison would take 5th place in the Girls 10U 60 class. Alison would finish her tournament with two wins and two losses.