Youth grapplers light up the mats at Cyclops

By: Logan Parvinen

Over one-thousand young wrestlers representing 64 teams from across Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming took to the mats for the annual Cyclops wrestling tournament in Butte, MT, on Feb. 18th and 19th.

The Cyclops tournament honors the local legend Don “Tam” Tamietti, who passed away in 2004. Butte had the Mine Yard Dogs Wrestling Club, and the Butte Wrestling Club represented the mining city.

A total of 176 kids represented the city of Butte. Forty-eight wrestlers represented the Mine Yards Dogs, and 128 wrestlers represented the Butte Wrestling Club. A total of 16 kids left the Civic Center with the gold medal and a dog bone. For clarification, Mine Yard Dog will be abbreviated to MYD, and Butte Wrestling Club will be abbreviated to BWC.

In the Tot 45 class, Samson Rauch (MYD) won all four matches in pursuit of gold. His first three wins came from early pinfalls, while his championship match resulted in a 16-1 tech fall.

Brooklyn Giacoletto (MYD) won the gold in the Girls Tot 45 class after two hard-fought matches ended in victory. Brooklyns’ first victory was an 11-5 decision victory, while her second match was a 3-2 victory in sudden death.

In the Tot 50 class, Brexdyn Renz (BWC) went 3-0 to win the gold. His first two matches came through pinfall, while his first-place match was an 11-4 decision victory.

Maverick Schonsberg (BWC) proved to be a top gun by winning the Bantam 40 class. All three of Mavericks’ wins came by pinfalls in under one minute.

Eme Rauch (MYD) won the Girls Bantam 60 class gold medal. A 38-second pin and a forfeit victory led Eme to her second gold medal in three weeks.

Noah Hollamon (MYD) continued his dominance from two weeks ago by going 4-0 on his way to another hometown gold medal in the Bantam 65 class. A first-round bye set up Noah to win his first two matches by 8-4 and 7-4 decisions. Hollamon improved as the tournament proceeded, with his next two matches coming by pinfall.

Thane Henke (BWC) won three matches to strike gold in the Bantam 65 class. A first-round bye set up Thane for two pinfall victories and a DQ victory in the final match.

Hank Butala (BWC) struck gold in the Bantam 70 class by going 3-0 in the tourney. Hank started his day with a quick 15-second pinfall win which set him up for a hard-fought 9-7 win in sudden death. Hank would stamp his name on top with a 15-0 tech fall win in the 1st place match.

Brystol Richards (BWC) won the Girls Bantam 70 class with two pins on the day. Brystol, who had a 9-second pinfall at the Butte AAU event two weeks ago, won both matches with 11-second pinfalls.

Odin Dixon (MYD) won the Bantam 75 class in a god-like fashion. Odin’s first two matches were won by pinfall, and his 1st place match was an 11-5 decision victory.

Braydon Regan (BWC) stoop atop the Butte podium again with another gold medal performance in the Midget 103 class. Braydon won his first match via pinfall and his second by forfeit. Braydons championship match would be the same as the first, as he won via pinfall.

Crew O’Connors (BWC) emerged victorious in a stacked Novice 80 class. Crew went 5/5 in the tournament, which started with a pinfall victory. After a 15-0 tech fall in the second round, Crew would pick up two pinfall victories, setting him up for the 1st place match. Crew would win the gold medal in a class that had 27 kids competing in it.

Adalie Hazlett (BWC) also continued her dominance with a gold medal performance in the Girls’ Novice 80 class. Adalie would continue her streak of pinfalls by winning all three of her matches by way of pinfall.

Remington Grunhuvd (MYD) has been nothing short of dominant this year. After finishing first in Idaho, Three Forks, and the Butte AAU event, Remington would strike gold again in the Cyclops. Remington would win all four of his matches by way of pinfall.

Darryn Rossiter (MYD), who also wrestled for Butte High, would finish 1st in the Cadet 120 class. Darryn would go 3-0, with all three of his victories coming through Pinfall.

Ryleigh Warner (MYD), who represented Anaconda in the state tournament in Billings, won gold in the Elite 113/120 class with two pinfall victories.

Lowen Weigle (BWC) and Lily Podgorski (BWC) would finish with silver medals in the Tot age group.

Iris Lockyer (BWC) and Aria Giacoletto (MYD) would finish second in the Bantam age group.

Maddison Brown (MYD) and Bearick McEwen (MYD) would finish with silver in the Midget age group. Maddison would take 2nd in the boys’ Midget 55 class and 3rd in the Girls’ Midget 55 class.

Paxton McEwen (MYD) and Jordyn Moran (MYD) would finish second for the Novice age group.

Aaliyah Northey (MYD) would finish second in the Girls Cadet 113 class.

Devin Rossiter (MYD) would finish second in the Elite 126 class.

Here is a list of all of the wrestlers who finished 3rd in their age and weight class: Konor Robinson (BWC), Lucas Facincani (BWC), Reid Leprowse (MYD), Elias McEwen (MYD), Beau Benski (BWC), Brayker Bosch (BWC), Hinley Robinson (BWC), Kayson Aguilar (BWC), Karly Kindt (BWC), Aspen Garrison (BWC), Gaige Gonzales (MYD), Sage Queer (BWC), Felicity Stevens (MYD), Zachary Mclarnon (MYD), Kaiden Donal (MYD), and Teya Edwards (BWC).

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