Wranglers knock off Muckers in Southern A twin bill

DEER LODGE — The Deer Lodge Wrangers swept a Southern A doubleheader against the Butte Muckers Tuesday.

Deer Lodge won a 12-8 slugfest in the opener. The Wranglers completed the sweep with a 3-1 victory in Game 2.

The Muckers will head to Dillon Thursday to play in the annual Maybelle Arthur Tournament.

Deer Lodge Wranglers 12, Butte Muckers 8
Deer Lodge scored three runs in the first inning and jumped out to a 7-0 lead before holding off a hard-charging Mucker squad.

Butte outhit Deer Lodge 12-5, but the Wranglers tood advantage of 10 walks.

Sheldon Danforth doubled and drove in four runs to lead Deer Lodge, which got a double and two RBIs from Logan Beck. Logan Danforth and Kaehl Lowery also drove in a pair of runs.

Leadoff hitter Will Hoagland went 4 for 5 with a double and two RBIs to lead the Muckers. Alex Kober and Logan LaFromboise each added two hits. LaFromboise doubled.

Trey Berger, Tommy Martz, Austin Gerry and Will Brandon added singles in the win.




Butte Muckers

BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Will Hoagland 524201
Trey Berger 411011
Tommy Martz 311111
Alex Kober 412201
Austin Gerry 411000
Bryson Henningsen 400003
Logan LaFromboise 412000
Liam Sommer 100010
Ryan Schultz 100010
Will Brandon 311010


Batting 2B: Will Hoagland, Logan LaFrambos
TB: Tommy Martz, Will Hoagland 5, Alex Kober 2, Logan LaFrambos 3, Austin Gerry, Will Brandon, Trey Berger
RBI: Tommy Martz, Will Hoagland 2, Alex Kober 2
ROE: Will Brandon, Trey Berger
GIDP: Will Brandon
Totals Team QAB: 18 (47.37%)
Tommy Martz, Will Hoagland 2, Alex Kober 2, Liam Sommer 2, Logan LaFromboise 2, Bryson Henningsen, Austin Gerry, Will Brandon 3, Ryan Schultz, Trey Berger 3

Team LOB: 9

Fielding E: Will Hoagland, Alex Kober, Liam Sommer, Austin Gerry, Trey Berger

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Liam Sommer 4.010654494740.491
Tommy Martz 2.04723131320.511


Pitching L: Liam Sommer
HBP: Tommy Martz, Liam Sommer 2
WP: Tommy Martz, Liam Sommer 2
Pitches-Strikes: Tommy Martz 47-24, Liam Sommer 106-52
Groundouts-Flyouts: Tommy Martz 0-2, Liam Sommer 4-2
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Tommy Martz 5-12, Liam Sommer 9-27

Deer Lodge Wranglers


BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Derek Walker 230010
Logan Danforth 311210
Dakota Crowe 331020
Sheldon Danforth 321410
Kaehl Lowery 401200
Michael Heisdorf 310011
Ethan Perraut 300013
Chase Steyh 310012
Logan Beck 211220

Batting 2B: Logan Danforth, Logan Beck
TB: Logan Danforth 2, Dakota Crowe, Sheldon Danforth, Kaehl Lowery, Logan Beck 2
RBI: Logan Danforth 2, Sheldon Danforth 4, Kaehl Lowery 2, Logan Beck 2
ROE: Sheldon Danforth 2, Michael Heisdorf 2, Chase Steyh
FC: Kaehl Lowery
HBP: Derek Walker 2, Logan Danforth
SB: Dakota Crowe, Sheldon Danforth 2, Kaehl Lowery
Totals Team QAB: 22 (56.41%)
Derek Walker, Logan Danforth 3, Dakota Crowe 3, Sheldon Danforth 4, Kaehl Lowery 3, Michael Heisdorf, Ethan Perraut 3, Chase Steyh, Logan Beck 3
Team LOB: 8

Fielding E: Dakota Crowe, Ethan Perraut
DP: Dakota Crowe, Kaehl Lowery, Michael Heisdorf

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Dakota Crowe 5.09746643470.526
Derek Walker 2.03811641100.711

Pitching W: Dakota Crowe
WP: Dakota Crowe
Pitches-Strikes: Derek Walker 38-27, Dakota Crowe 97-51
Groundouts-Flyouts: Derek Walker 2-3, Dakota Crowe 2-5
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Derek Walker 10-14, Dakota Crowe 9-24


Deer Lodge Wranglers 3, Butte Muckers 1
Sheldon Danforth won a pitcher’s duel against Butte’s Cameron Johnson in the second game.

Danforth pitched seven innings, scattering nine hits and walking just one batter. He struck out four in the win. He also hit an RBI double.

Johnson pitched all six innings. He surrendered seven hits, struck out one and walked one. Only one run was earned.

Gerry, LaFromboise and Bryson Henningsen each poked a pair of hits for the Muckers. Cole Walker, Martz and Hoagland added one.





Butte Muckers

BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Will Hoagland 401001
Trey Berger 400000
Tommy Martz 201010
Alex Kober 300002
Austin Gerry 312000
Logan LaFromboise 302000
Bryson Henningsen 302100
Cole Walker 301001
Cameron Johnson 300000


Batting TB: Tommy Martz, Will Hoagland, Logan LaFromboise 2, Bryson Henningsen 2, Austin Gerry 2, Cole Walker
RBI: Bryson Henningsen
ROE: Trey Berger
FC: Alex Kober
PIK: Logan LaFromboise, Austin Gerry
Totals Team QAB: 11 (37.93%)
Tommy Martz 2, Will Hoagland 2, Alex Kober, Bryson Henningsen 3, Austin Gerry 2, Cole Walker

Team LOB: 7

Fielding E: Alex Kober, Cole Walker
DP: Alex Kober, Trey Berger

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Cameron Johnson 6.07829731110.628


Pitching L: Cameron Johnson
Pitches-Strikes: Cameron Johnson 78-49
Groundouts-Flyouts: Cameron Johnson 7-7
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Cameron Johnson 12-26



Deer Lodge Wranglers

BattingAB R H RBI BB K
Derek Walker 301000
Logan Danforth 301000
Dakota Crowe 311000
Sheldon Danforth 312100
Kaehl Lowery 311000
Michael Heisdorf 300000
Ethan Perraut 300001
Chase Steyh 201110
Porter Struble 200000

Batting 2B: Sheldon Danforth
TB: Derek Walker, Logan Danforth, Dakota Crowe, Sheldon Danforth 3, Kaehl Lowery, Chase Steyh
RBI: Sheldon Danforth, Chase Steyh
ROE: Dakota Crowe, Kaehl Lowery
FC: Chase Steyh
GIDP: Dakota Crowe
Totals Team QAB: 8 (30.77%)
Derek Walker, Logan Danforth, Dakota Crowe 2, Sheldon Danforth 2, Kaehl Lowery, Chase Steyh

Team LOB: 6

Fielding E: Derek Walker, Porter Struble

PitchingIP #P TB H R ER BB K HR S%
Sheldon Danforth 7.08721911140.759


Pitching W: Sheldon Danforth
Pitches-Strikes: Sheldon Danforth 87-66
Groundouts-Flyouts: Sheldon Danforth 4-9
First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Sheldon Danforth 23-29

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