West wins wrestling title

Wrestlers from West Elementary claimed the championship trophy at the second annual Mining City Grade School Wrestling Tournament.

The tournament took place at Butte High School Wednesday night.

Hillcrest placed second, while Emerson and Margaret Leary tied for third.

Wil Queer (Hillcrest), Jake Vetter (Emerson), Peyton Hettick (Emerson), Quinn Sullivan (Kennedy), Calvin Snow (West), Clay Fisher (Hilcrest), Gabe LeProwse (Margaret Leary), Carl Anderson (West) and Seth Gardner (Hillcrest) all took home individual titles.

Results Follow:

Team scores
1st        West
2nd        Hillcrest
3rd (tie) Emerson
Margaret Leary

Weight Class  55 – 70
1st        Wil Queer                    Hillcrest
2nd        Christian Sherman       West
3rd        Gabby Haberman        Margaret Leary
4th        Wyatt Queer               Whittier
5th        Blayne Klapey                        West

Weight Class 75 – 80
1st        Jake Vetter                  Emerson
2nd        Scout Allen                 Margaret Leary
3rd        Jayden Thomas           Margaret Leary
4th        Tucker LeDoux           Hillcrest

Weight Class 80 – 86
1st        Peyton Hettick                              Emerson
2nd        Kolby Raiha                Emerson
3rd        Dale Reynolds                              West
4th        Austin Endy                Emerson
5th        Cory West                   West
6th        Taro Parchen               Emerson
7th        Cody Williams            Kennedy


Weight Class 90 – 94
1st        Quinn Sullivan            Kennedy
2nd        Dale Kent                    West
3rd        Tanner Cooney            Emerson
4th        James Hollingsworth   West
5th        Jasper Ueland              Kennedy
6th        Micky Bolton              Kennedy

Weight Class 94 – 100
1st        Calvin Snow               West
2nd        Braydon Loushin        Hillcrest
3rd        Colton Spindler                            Whittier
4th        Tony Radcliff             Whittier
5th        Chance LeDoux                            Hillcrest
6th        Zach Bunyard             Emerson
7th        Billy Cuneen               Whittier

Weight Class 100 – 107
1st        Clay Fisher                  Hillcrest
2nd        Kole McGrath             West
3rd        Kameron Moreno        West
4th        Koby Moreno              West
5th        CJ Pierce                     Margaret Leary
6th        JT Sullivan                  Kennedy

Weight Class 107 – 119
1st        Gabe LeProwse           Margaret Leary
2nd        Myles McClernan        Ramsay
3rd        Ben Biastoch               Whittier
4th        Jerek Rosenleaf           Whittier
5th        Devon Lankford         Butte Central
6th        Evan McCarthy           Emerson
7th        Tyler LeProwse           Emerson

Weight Class 120 – 130
1st        Carl Anderson             West
2nd        D’Angelo Baca           West
3rd        Trey Bennet                West
4th        Abe Shaw                   Whittier
5th        Lucas Williamson        Emerson
6th        Raymond Lillybald     Margaret Leary

Weight Class 145+
1st        Seth Gardner               Hillcrest
2nd        Kyle Harding              Margaret Leary