Week 6 Little Guy Football Roundup

Week 6 Little Guy Round-up

4th Grade

Universal Athletic Bengals VS Casagranda’s Seahawks

The Seahawks got back to their winning ways this week with an outstanding defensive performance.   Tucker “T-Train” McIntyre got the party started with a pick 6 for the first touchdown of the game.    The defensive effort was led by the defensive line of McCaul “TJ Watt” Wiley, Lucas “The 3rd Bosa brother” Henderson, Cashton “Cash Money” Schneider, Kaden “the crusher” Johnson, Brantley “Bulldozer” LeCoure, and Aiden “No Poser” Moser.     Carter “C-Bone” Kelly, and Tristan “T” Brown played great at Safety.    On offense Wiley had a big TD run,  Dalton “No Flaws” Dawes had some great runs, and Reddic “The Riot” Hiatt had a highlight diving 2 point conversation catch.    Overall it was an outstanding team effort for the Seahawks, and the entire team continues to improve every week with great attitude and effort.



Thriftway Cardinals VS Harrington Pepsi Patriots

Cardinals 14 Patriots 6

In the Cardinals week 6 game against the Patriots, the fans were the real winners, getting to experience such a stellar game played by both teams. This week the Cardinals came to show the Patriots that they put in work since the last match up between these two powerhouses when the Patriots came out victorious. The Cards came out of this battle triumphant under the guidance of this weeks QB1 Cooper “Sniper” Coffing. When given the opportunity, Sniper made sure the ball was on target with each completed pass. Where Cooper really stood out was his fancy footwork. On a failed pass play, Coffing kept the ball and made a mad dash that found him in the endzone for a touchdown. A pivotal block from Adelynn “Big Things come in Small Packages” Bumgarner is what cleared the last defender out of the way for Coffing to make the turn and cut up field for the score. Pierce “Prime Time” Collins had an awesome reception with about a 25-yard jog into the endzone for his touchdown of the game. Prime Time also went on to kick the P.A.T. through the uprights for the extra points. Also on offense with great catches were Michael “The Assassin” Halverson, Jay “The Jet” Perry, Avi “Ace” Masters, and Blake “The Real Deal” Christieans. The Cardinal’s Defense is what kept the Patriots in check. Only a few assignments were missed during the Cardinals time on defense to allow the Patriots any positive yardage. Lucas “Nightmare” Rankin tacked on another QB sack for the season and left his mark on anyone that had the pleasure the take a hit by him. Anthony “CUJO” Moreno morphed into a junkyard dog and started to eat up the Patriots offensive line until he chewed his way through and got a piece of the QB for a big sack that stopped the Patriots momentum on their way down field. Jay D “Da Tank” Tinsley came up big for the D-Line by blasting open a hole big enough for his line backer to bust through and take down the QB in a critical 4th down play by the Patriots. Grant “Terminator” Basnett also chocked up a nice tackle that ended up in a loss of yards for the Pat.


In a heart-pounding match, the 4th-grade Little Guy Football Patriots showcased their unwavering spirit and potential, even though they came up short in a 14-6 loss. Let’s dive into the game’s highlights and celebrate the budding talents that made it a memorable contest.

Jett LeProwse emerged as a true all-around player, contributing on both sides of the ball with his exceptional skills. Whether at defensive end or linebacker, Jett was a constant presence in making key tackles, and his game-changing moment came when he recovered a fumble and converted it into a critical touchdown. Jett didn’t stop there; he also demonstrated his offensive prowess while playing quarterback, with several remarkable runs leading to crucial first downs.

Roper Henke proved himself as a force to be reckoned with on the defensive front. Playing both linebacker and defensive end, he was a thorn in the side of the opposition, making several important tackles. On the offensive side of the ball, Roper showcased his speed and agility while playing running back, contributing to the Patriots’ offensive efforts.

The Patriots’ defense received a significant boost from Sam Todorovich, whose exceptional tackle forced a fumble while he was holding down the cornerback position. Such plays can quickly swing the momentum in favor of the team and are a testament to the Patriots’ defensive resilience.

Caedan Lacey, in the safety position, displayed his tenacity and game intelligence. He made a great solo tackle and continually disrupted the opponent’s passing game, making life difficult for the opposing quarterback. On the offensive side, Caedan showcased his running skills, providing an additional offensive dimension to the Patriots’ arsenal.

Ryken Kuchtyn, Brody Evenson, Caliber Foster, Kendyn Dobb, Ben Cunningham, David D’Amico, James Lockyer, and Will Pesanti formed a rock-solid defensive back and wide receiver corps. Their stellar performance on the field added to the team’s defensive stability and provided valuable options for the offense. David D’Amico, in particular, displayed his running back abilities with an impressive run, highlighting the Patriots’ offensive depth. Meanwhile, Brody Evenson stepped up on the offensive line, delivering effective blocks that facilitated the team’s offensive plays.

Though the final score may not have been in favor of the Patriots, the determination and talent on display were nothing short of remarkable. The 4th-grade Little Guy Football Patriots may have lost the game, but they certainly won the hearts of their fans and earned the respect of their opponents. With every game, these young athletes continue to grow in strength and skill, leaving no doubt that they are the future stars of the football world. Their journey promises to be one filled with excitement and promise.


5th Grade

McQueen Athletic Club Giants VS Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers

McQueen Athletic Club Giants 26 VS Steelers 12

The Giants took to Copper Mountain one last time as 5th graders together last Thursday. They began hot with great quarterback play and decision making by their fearless leader Benny “The Jet” Donaldson as he navigated the offense through a tough and stout Steelers defense, going through his progressions he rolled left and found no one open he rushed right for the score and put his team up 6-0 early on, but the Steelers would answer right back with a huge rushing play two plays into their first drive.

On the Giants next possession Gavin “Chuck” Norris sliced his way through the Steelers defense for a first down setting up one of Kale “The Zen Master” Alexander’s two touchdowns as he stretched for the goal line like Mike Jordan in Space Jam as the Montars held him back. 12-6 Giants.

The Steelers would again find pay dirt and knot the game up after stopping the Giants on 4th down. The Giants defense found a spark and were knocking fumbles out left and right causing havoc for the Steelers and getting the ball back to their offense with 6 plays left in the half.

The Giants marched right down field and on the last play of the half Donaldson found Colt “The Diesel” Horsley on a 12-yard touchdown pass.

The defense would force a fumble in the second half right at the goal line to tie the game, stripped by Donaldson and recovered by Brysen “Fuzz” Fosness to give his team the ball back. The Giants would then turn to none other than Bentley “Marathon” DeTonancour on a zone read to the left as he escaped to the edge breaking two tackles and jetting to the sideline and up the field for another score leading the way to a 1-point conversion pass to Lucas “money” Coyne on a wide-open tight end out.

Andrew “the captain White was all over the field blocking for his team and making tackles on defense. He was joined by Frankie “Stuart” Little, Jigme “Jiggz” Hanley, Bentley “the professor” Williams, Ryder “The Foundation” Robinson, and and Tucker “Cheese” Cunneen all made tackles and plays all night for the defense while Grayson “Baby Gronk” Glenn disrupted the defense and guided the line with Center Colin “the shots” McHugh and getting the ball to the QB fast and consistent.

Week six of Little Guy action saw the Steelers matched up once again with a big physical Giants team. The Steelers were short on man power due to injury and illness, but ten of the boys stepped up and played some iron man football.

The offense had a great rushing attack behind the blocking of Caliber Hart and Will Davis. Multiple backs were able to rack up yards and find the end zone.

Defensively the Steelers were met by a potent passing attack but held their own with great coverage and tackling from safety Luke Benjamin. He was helped out by linebacker/d-tackle Lincoln West putting the pressure on the QB all day long. The presence of corner/safety Coy Carpenter was missed and it showed. He suffered a season ending freak trampoline accident that ended his season early, but his leadership on the sideline helped the rest of the boys persevere. He’ll heal up and be a force to be reckoned with once again next year.

With the loss the Steelers head into the jamboree hungrier than ever for a win and look forward to the challenge!


Bank of Butte Cowboys VS Newland and Company Bears

It was a chilly and wet evening at Copper Mountain for football. The weather made it difficult for both offenses. The cowboys were led by Bridger Grant and Cole O’Connor on offense, both scoring touchdowns.

Brayden Opsel had a great game on the defensive line, making some big tackles on two separate goal-line stances by the defense. Lincoln Christian, as usual, was also a force in the middle. Pacee Klimple had a 4th down pass break-up.

Bears 16   Cowboys 14

Another close game and another win for the Bears. Blocking up front from Cameron Klapan, Braden Regan, Rayden Wonnacott, Mason Lowney and Traysen Jensen was outstanding. Gavin Morgan started under center with Ridge Bauer and Paxton McEwen and Knox Cramer running all over the Cowboys, with McEwen getting into the endzone for the opening score. Just before half Wyatt Edelen was under center, Kyler Lean, and took a busted play 40 yards for a touchdown. Knox Cramer and Gavin Wadas both made extra points for 2.

The Bears defense was all over the field.  Kelton Dennehy and Weston Richter sealed up their corners forcing the Cowboy’s mobile QB in to the  middle. Branlyn Renz, Knox Cramer, Ridge Bauer, and Braden Regan all recorded a sack. Carter Schlichenmayer made a third down tackle saving a first. Traysen Jensen had several big open field tackles.

6th Grade

Steele’s Falcons VS Glacier Bank/CCCS Titans

In a thrilling display of talent and teamwork, the Falcons dominated the Titans with a resounding 39-0 victory in the final week of the regular season in 6th grade Little Guy Football. From the very start of the game, the Falcons established their dominance by scoring on their opening drive.

Leading the charge was the exceptional Kaden “Lethal Weapon” Nichols, who truly shone as the team’s running back. Kaden’s agility and determination were evident as he scored two incredible touchdowns and fought relentlessly for every yard gained. Not content with his offensive prowess, Kaden also displayed his defensive skills with a bone-crushing sack that left the Titans in disarray.

Another standout performer on the field was Bridger “Bob” Stearns, whose remarkable skills were showcased throughout the match. With a series of impressive runs, Bridger notched not one, but two astonishing touchdown runs that ignited the team’s momentum. His contributions were not limited to offense, as he also displayed his defensive prowess by leading the team with double-digit tackles. Bridger’s all-around performance proved to be invaluable for the Falcons.

But the Falcons’ defensive strength extended beyond the offensives impressive play. Logan “Wolverine” delivered a jaw-dropping moment with a show-stopping interception pick-six. His incredible athleticism and instinct left both teams and spectators in awe as he sprinted towards the end zone. Logan’s impact was not limited to defense, as he made fantastic plays on offense, including a remarkable long bomb catch that solidified the Falcons’ dominance.

The Falcons’ success was further bolstered by the outstanding performances of Ryder “Dori” Cunneen, who excelled at the quarterback position. With accurate throws to multiple targets, Ryder showcased his skills and saved the best for last with a dart to the versatile Bentley “Belinda” Blando. Bentley, in addition to his offensive contributions, also displayed his defensive prowess with an amazing interception that led the team for the year in interceptions.

Jayke “Big Bird” Leprowse also made his mark on the game with an interception of his own, matching the defensive excellence displayed by Bentley and Logan. Jayke’s duali-threat abilities as a quarterback and safety were crucial to the Falcons’ success.

However, it was the extra point runs by Charlie “Fast Feet” Montoya and Zayden “Zippy” Lavenger that provided one of the most memorable moments of the game. Charlie’s amazing running effort was topped off with a moonwalk that would make Michael Jackson jealous, adding a touch of flair to the Falcons’ exceptional performance.

With such outstanding performances from Bridger, Kaden, Logan, Ryder, Bentley, Jayke, Charlie, and Zayden, it’s no surprise that the Falcons emerged victorious in this pivotal final week of the regular season. Their teamwork, determination, and skill were evident throughout the game, reflecting the hard work and dedication they put into their training. As the playoffs approach, the Falcons are primed to continue their winning ways and leave a lasting impact on the Little Guy Football league.


Great efforts by all the Titans! Getting better each week and looking forward to the Jamboree at Naranchee.

If you see these great humans, please give them a high five:

Quade Leprowse, Kolton Johnson, Huck O’Neill, Kyle Gonder, Will Hoar, Evan Jegtvig, Matt Rawson, Brody Fitzpatrick, Ty Antonioli, Evan Bobermin, Matteo Johnson, Kayoni Kinard, Elijah Kite, Dylan Lambson, Hayden Barry and Kayden Barry. Also, the fantastic coaches: Dan Fitzpatrick, Bill Hanley and Franky Schwartz.

Go Titans!


Lisac’s Tire Raiders VS Pioneer Technical Packers

The Packers capped off a great regular season with an exciting victory capped off with a big time defensive stand in overtime.  Carson Ray made the last tackle of the game, stopping the Raiders on fourth down just outside the endzone.

On the first drive of the game, the Packers methodically drove down the field.  The offensive line, led by Brendon Rohan at center, Boston Lakkala and Charlie Gillespe at guards, Braden Martin and Kyler Hoar at tackles,  controlled the line of scrimmage.  Keaton Hislop capped off the drive with a short run for a touchdown to take an early lead at 6-0.

The Raiders put up a great fight, taking a 14-6 lead just before halftime.  After a defensive battle through the majority of the 2nd half, the Packers had one last chance to tie the game.  Mason McIntyre completed a deep pass across the middle to Keaton Hislop, then followed it up with a great ball to a wide open Joe Rich in the endzone.  Mason then nailed his first extra point of the year to tie the game with 2 plays left in the game.

Jampel Hanley then put the Packers ahead in overtime, running around the right end and breaking a tackle to get into the endzone.

Kaden Riddle and Liam Foutz had a great game on the defensive line, putting pressure on the quarterbacks throughout the game.  Kale LeCoure and Axten Sparks played well at safety.

The Lisacs Tire Raiders VS The Pioneer Technical Packers “The Game” if there was one! This game was everything it was billed to be, these two teams tied their first go round, the second was no different going to overtime. The Raiders started fast this week changing things up from their usual pace. after giving up a safety they sprang to life.

Huddy “Ice” navigated the first half making the same clutch throws as usual completing 4 passes and managing the game from the quarterback position, while also piling up tackles from the cornerback spot on defense. “FastLane” again locked down the back end flew all over the field on defense making his presence known from the Safety position. FastLane’s counterpart “The Mad Scientist” was a force again finding his voice with big hits to stop long runs on the defensive side of the ball helping secure his side of the field.

“Machine Gun” worked hard on the defensive line plugging holes and making running up the middle near impossible. He platooned with “The Kung Fu Panda” and “Tank” and “Capitan America” who plugged lanes and made the defense treacherous to navigate in their own right.

“Hollywood” and “Hit Stick” plagued the receivers to little or no gains all night. They both played on islands and were lockdown. Returning to action this  week is “The Gila Monster” who’s absence on the line was definitely missed along side  “Tombstone” and “Rowdy” anchoring the offensive line giving the quarterbacks all day to maneuver. “The Hammer” lead the defense from the middle linebacker position as he flew all over the field making plays behind the line of scrimmage as well as on the opposite side of the field, the future Bulldog was as good as advertised.

“El Camino” as consistent as a pacemaker made multiple tackles from the outside linebacker spot on defense, from the offensive side of the ball he “dropped one in the bucket to hit “Wheels” for his second TD of the game and then kicked and made the field goal. “Wheels” also shut down the opposite side of the field from the outside linebacker position.

When the dust settled on Copper Mountain regulation wasn’t enough time, they needed overtime to settle things. Both teams being allowed 4 plays to score in a college football overtime style. The Packers scored first but missed the field goal allowing the door to crack open for the Raiders. 4 hard fought plays by both teams and 1 yard of difference the Packers emerged victorious over the Raiders. Win, lose, or draw both teams left an imprint on copper mountain for their last little guy football game played up there, it truly was “The Game”.