Week 4 Little Guy Roundup

Week 4 Round-up

4th Grade

Thriftway Cardinals vs. Universal Athletic Bengals

The Cardinals came ready to play this week on both sides of the ball. They are proving to be a defensive powerhouse with a line that breaks through to the backfield at will and a secondary that lets little get by them. Jens “Lightening” Nikolaisen had another stellar game on defense, finishing with multiple impressive tackles. Pierce “The Punisher” Collins made several Bengals suffer the consequences of trying to run the ball past him. He showed his speed and quick hands with an interception on defense, a catch on offense, and a nice run for positive yards. He is a truly versatile player and is proving invaluable in each position he plays. Offensively, the Cards are really starting to click. In at QB, Mason “Missile” Ferko lived up to his name, throwing bombs downfield as well as breaking out for multiple runs. His fleet feet kept him from the clutches of the defensive line and allowed him to create plays both in the air and on the ground. He was able to hook up with Reese “King of the Jungle” Lyndes who caught several passes and also gained yards on the ground. Blake “The Real Deal” Christians also made his presence known with several catches and a couple of runs. Overall, the offense continues to come together showing improvement in every aspect of the game at every position. The Cards finished the game with a defensive shut out and a 6-0 win.

It was another perfect Tuesday night for a football game, and the Bengals and Cardinals had another great battle. This week Sean was at center snapping the ball to Sawyer whom had a chance to play QB in the first half and played strong completing a pass to Luke for a first down and taking off for a few hard runs. In the backfield showing off their running back skills were Killian and Ryman behind a stout offensive line including Trae, Hunter, Bolton, and Hudson. In the second half, things were mixed up again putting Cooper in the center position to snap the ball back to Landon in the QB position.  Cayson and Sage were in the backfield with him and both Landon and Sage showed some nifty moves trying to get the ball down the field and Cayson did a great job lead blocking for both.  Landon also threw a beautiful pass to Hunter on the sideline that was just short of the first down. On Defense is where the Bengals shined again only allowing 1 score. The defensive line that included Bolton, Hudson, Hunter, and Killian were causing problems for the backfield the entire game and both Reid and Koda did a great job in the cornerback positions denying passes thrown to the receivers.  The rest of the defense did a great job following the play and making tackles all over the field. The bengals came up short again, but they played hard the entire game and showed a ton of positives in all aspects of the game. 

Harrington Pepsi Patriots vs. Casagranda’s Seahawks

A Hard-Fought Battle: 4th Grade Little Guy Football Patriots vs. Seahawks

In a thrilling matchup between the 4th grade Little Guy Football Patriots and the Seahawks, both teams left everything on the field, resulting in a nail-biting contest that ended with a 12-0 victory for the Seahawks. The game, which was locked in a scoreless tie at halftime, showcased the determination and sportsmanship of these young athletes.

Kendyn Dobb, the Patriots’ receiver, and cornerback, emerged as a standout player in this game. Dobb displayed exceptional blocking skills, creating opportunities for his teammates on offense. On defense, he showcased his prowess as a cornerback, making key plays to disrupt the Seahawks’ passing game.

Will Pesanti, a versatile player for the Patriots, proved his mettle on both sides of the ball. As a receiver, Pesanti executed tough blocks that opened up running lanes and gave his quarterback time to make plays. Defensively, he displayed his agility and tenacity, contributing not only as a cornerback but also on the defensive line.

Jett LeProwse, the quarterback for the Patriots, had a standout performance, showing his leadership and playmaking abilities. LeProwse delivered precise passes and executed impressive runs, putting the Patriots in scoring positions. His presence on defense at inside linebacker was equally impactful, as he made big tackles that left a mark on the Seahawks’ offense.

Roper Henke, the running back and linebacker for the Patriots, brought his A-game to the field. Henke’s tough and determined running style made him a force to be reckoned with on offense. On the defensive side, he played a crucial role as a linebacker, making several tackles that disrupted the Seahawks’ offensive rhythm.

Caedan Lacey, another dynamic player for the Patriots, showcased his versatility and determination. Lacey ran hard as a running back and displayed impressive receiving skills as a wide receiver, including a memorable catch that energized the Patriots’ offense. His contributions extended to the defensive side, where he played a vital role as a safety, making a touchdown-saving tackle that demonstrated his commitment to the team’s success.

While the Patriots may have fallen short in this matchup, their hard work, dedication, and resilience were evident throughout the game. These young athletes can be proud of their performance and use this experience as a stepping stone for future success on the football field. The 4th grade Little Guy Football Patriots are a team to watch, with a bright future ahead as they continue to grow and develop their skills.

The gritty Seahawks had another great performance from their usual suspects with touchdowns from Tucker “T- train” McIntyre and Dalton “no flaws” Dawes, but the story of the game was all 11 players on the field I’m played outstanding in the Seahawks win.   Jaxson “the mailman” Malone delivered at Center, Carter “C-Bone” Kelly had a pass breakup, Luke “Coondog” Cooney made a great tackle and Chris “CC” Costello had a huge 4th down catch to break up the no score game and lead to the first touchdown.    Lucas “Harry” Henderson played huge all game long too.

5th Grade

First Citizens Eagles vs. Bank of Butte Cowboys

Eagles -20            Cowboys -8

Fly Eagles Nation! This looked like a whole different team this week! The Eagles demonstrated pure dominance on the Offensive and Defensive lines. Offensively, Jaxson Hensen, Bentley Craddock, and Otto Thennis were a force to be reckoned with. They opened up huge holes for running back JJ Hardy, which allowed him to scamper for 119 yards from the line of scrimmage for the game. Jack Panisko also rushed for 15 yards on the day.

The Eagles were flying all over the field on defensive with takeaways coming from the stellar play of Cooper Kahtani, Shaemus Sullivan and JJ Hardy who each recorded an interception. Brody Peirce also did a great job locking up receivers and tackling in the open field. Jaxson Hensen got into the back field numerous times and got a huge sack on the Quarterback.

Controlling the line was the difference maker in this one. The Eagles came to play, and their toughness and focus led them to victory.

It was a beautiful night at Copper Mountain Complex for football. The Cowboys started off hot with a huge touchdown run by Cole O’Connor, but this would be the only time the Cowboys would find pay dirt due to a relentless defense by the Eagles. Bridger Grant was able to find some space to break a couple of really nice runs, and Cameron Johnston made a long-distance reception. Ryan Ferriter continues to impress when he gets behind center at quarterback.

The Cowboy’s defense was led by Kyler Clark who was involved in several big tackles and an interception. Lincoln Christian is always a huge force in the middle of the line and provides no space to run on his side of the defensive line. Maverick White, Pacee Klimple and Arlo Limmer all played great on the defensive side of the ball providing no room for the opposing receivers to get open.

Newland and Company Bears vs. McQueen Athletic Club Giants

Bears 8 Giants 6

The Bears held off the Giants in a defensive battle Thursday night at Copper Mountain.

Braden Regan and Carter Schlichenmayer both forced fumbles. Ridge Bauer had multiple tackles for a loss, Knox Cramer, Branlyn Renz, Paxton McEwen, and Braden Regan all counted a sack.

Wyatt Edelen, Mason Lowney, Gavin Wadas and Weston Richter contributed on defense with tackles.

The Bears offensive line was outstanding, including Cameron Klapan, Rayden Wonnacott, Braden Regan, Traysen Jensen, Mason Lowney, and Kyler Lean at center. Paxton McEwen carried 40 yards for a touchdown in the second half, with Gavin Wadas kicking the go-ahead PAT.

McQueen Athletic Club Giants 6 VS Bears 8

The Giants suffered their first loss of the season last week at the hands of the Bears, in what was a defensive battle most of the night, the difference maker was a great extra point try to give the Bears a 2-point advantage.

Benny “The Jet” Donaldson found Colt “The Wrecking Ball” Horsley on an 8-yard pass to take the early lead. On the next possession Donaldson found Brysen “Fuzz” Fosness on a wide receiver hitch for a catch and run of 6 yards.

The defense played great, including some pass break ups from Lucas “Got a Little Change in My Pocket” Coyne and Bentley “The Machine” DeTonancour. Andrew “The Wall” White played great on the defensive and offensive side of the ball making tackles left and right and protecting his quarterback.

After the Bears scored to go up two points the Defense held strong and with 8 plays left Jigme “Jiggz” Hanley intercepted the ball to give the Giants one last shot at it, but the Bears defense held strong and came away victorious.

6th Grade

Steele’s Falcons vs. Lisac’s Tire Raiders

Falcons 26 – Raiders 0

In an exhilarating Week 3 matchup, the Falcons dominated the Raiders with a resounding score of 26-0. Right from the start, the Falcons’ defense showed their prowess by forcing a quick 3 & out from the Raiders.

The Falcons wasted no time in making their mark on the offensive end. Quarterback Jayke “Big Bird” Leprowse connected with Logan “Wolverine” on a long bomb pass, resulting in a touchdown that electrified the crowd. Logan continued to shine throughout the game, showcasing his versatility by adding another running touchdown. His performance on defense was equally impressive, as he made numerous tackles and was a force to be reckoned with.

The Falcons’ ground game was on fire, with Oliver Mayne, also known as “Attraction,” displaying his agility and speed with a couple of great runs. One of his runs even resulted in a successful extra point conversion. Bridger “Bob” Stearns was a force to be reckoned with, breaking tackles and bulldozing past defenders for a long touchdown run. Bentley “Belinda” Blando capped off the Falcons’ offensive showcase with a touchdown of his own, executing a QB option run to perfection. Blando also connected with Chaz “Crazy Hands” Montoya and “Easy” Rider Cunneen on successful pass plays.

The Falcons’ defense was the star of the show, securing a shutout against the Raiders. Zayden “Zippy” Lavenger proved to be a lockdown corner, shutting down the Raiders’ receivers with his exceptional coverage skills. Jayke “Big Bird” showcased his extraordinary athleticism with an incredible juggling interception that left fans in awe. The dynamic duo of Gabe “Beast Mode” Hergott and Bridger “Bob” wreaked havoc on the Raiders’ offense, consistently making tackles for losses and sacking the opposing quarterback.

The Falcons’ impressive performance was a testament to the outstanding coaching by Cal “Coach” Berryman, who motivated and pumped up the team to give their best on the field. With this victory, the Falcons have established themselves as a formidable force in the league and have set the bar high for future matchups.

The Lisacs Tire Raiders faced a tough test against the Falcons of West. Even though the Raiders didn’t score it wasn’t for lack of effort. Kason “The Little Lion” Liston was the offensive highlight of the night for the boys when he made a deep catch to set the Raiders up for a scoring opportunity. Platooning in the trenches was Clay “The Hammer” Christiaens, Leland “Kung Fu Panda” Ballensky, William “Tank” Salle, Drew “Captain America” Kachmarik, Jake “Tombstone” Ragen, Rody “Rowdy” Johnson, and last but certainly not least anchoring the line at center was Kendric “The Gila Monster” McCarthy, these boys worked their butts off defending against and fighting through a tough Falcons front line. They worked until the last snap doing what the could to keep the score close.

Coach Cal giving a half-time speech.

5518 Designs Rams vs. Pioneer Technical Packers

Pioneer technical Packers versus the 5518 design Rams Packers win the coin toss and opt receive the ball on their 20 yard line packers played very strong game on offense and defense and showed well planned out plays to overcome a win 12 to 6..libbie the ghost Ferko with four awesome, hard tackles and two quarterback tackles, Tim the groot Shurmway with two QB sacks, and one big tackle ,Crew the flash  O’Connor, excellent quarter back running and passing skills 60+ yards running ,Carter the Joker Fulton with a 20 yard run Ryker Thanos Lyndes with a big tackle on defense ,Kaylor Thor smith  big hustle on defense to stop the Packers big run Treyton Spider-Man Rostad got a big interception, Kolter Iron Man Pennell big tackle on defense for a turnover and a 20 yard pass from crew the flash O’Connor ,Levi the falcon Martineau big Hit on defense…thank you Packers for a well-played game very strong team. Well-deserved win 12 to 6 Packers.

Keaton Hislop jumped up and grabbed his first interception of the season with one play left in the game, clenching the victory in a close fought contest. Keaton had a great first half on offense as well, scoring the first touchdown of the day.

The packers played great team defense, with Roman Terry leading the secondary at free safety and Remington Corn anchoring the D-Line.

Mason McIntyre played a great game at quarterback. He scored his first rushing touchdown of the season. Joe Rich and Braden Martin played well at tight end.





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