Week 3 Little Guy Roundup

4th Grade

Harrington Pepsi Patriots Vs. Thriftway Cardinals

Patriots 4th Grade Little Guy Football Triumphs in Thrilling Battle Against Cardinals

In a riveting showdown on Tuesday, September 19th, the Patriots 4th grade Little Guy Football team faced off against the formidable Cardinals, ultimately emerging victorious with a score of 18-12. This hard-fought battle showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, with the Patriots demonstrating exceptional teamwork and standout performances.

**James Lockyer’s Offensive Prowess:**

James Lockyer emerged as a key player for the Patriots, making his presence felt on both sides of the ball. His crucial blocks paved the way for Jett LeProwse’s two impressive touchdown runs and Caedan Lacey’s clutch touchdown catch. Lockyer wasn’t just an offensive standout; he was a force on defense, contributing to several key tackles throughout the game. His versatility and commitment to both sides of the ball were instrumental in the Patriots’ victory.

**Ryken Kuchtyn’s Defensive Dominance:**

On the defensive side of the ball, Ryken Kuchtyn proved to be a force to be reckoned with. His ability to disrupt the Cardinals’ passing game was evident as he knocked down a critical pass and forced a crucial fumble that swung the momentum in the Patriots’ favor. Kuchtyn’s relentless pursuit and tackling prowess made him a standout performer in this contest.

**Ben Cunningham’s Game-Changing Play:**

Ben Cunningham made a game-changing play with a huge fumble recovery, showcasing his awareness and quick thinking on the field. His contributions extended beyond this pivotal moment, as he played solid defense throughout the game and laid down key blocks to aid the Patriots’ offensive efforts.

**Caliber Foster and Sam Todorovich Shine:**

Caliber Foster and Sam Todorovich, playing as wide receivers and cornerbacks, displayed exceptional skills on both offense and defense. Foster’s ability to provide crucial blocks for the offense highlighted his selflessness and dedication to the team’s success. Meanwhile, Todorovich’s contributions mirrored Foster’s, as he too laid down critical blocks and provided steadfast coverage as a cornerback. Their combined efforts ensured that the Patriots maintained control of the game.

In a contest where every play mattered, the Patriots’ 4th grade Little Guy Football team demonstrated their mettle against a formidable Cardinals squad. With standout performances from James Lockyer, Ryken Kuchtyn, Ben Cunningham, Caliber Foster, and Sam Todorovich, the Patriots secured a well-deserved victory. This thrilling game will be remembered as a testament to the young athletes’ dedication, teamwork, and determination on the football field. The Patriots continue to march forward, ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead in their promising season.

This weeks Cardinal’s game was another demonstration of defensive prowess. The line continues to impress with JayD “Da Tank” Tinsley upfront taking part in the constant disruption of the Patriot’s offensive rhythm. The Patriot’s QB was unable to get any passing game going due to the constant pressure he was under in the backfield. Lying in wait for any play that made it past our gladiator linemen was Jens “Lightening” Nikolaisen at linebacker. If a Patriot did make it downfield, he was swarmed with boys in red who are wrapping up and halting plays like they’ve been at it for years. At corner, Ryder “Cali” Knoedler and Adelynn “Catch Me If You Can” Bumgarner kept their receivers tied down so that, even if they could get free of our corners, the Patriots QB had no target. Indeed, the three scores by the Patriots were each on a break out run. With the improvement week after week by our defense, this writer is confident that those opportunities will become less with time. The Cardinal’s offense had a more challenging day. Our Offensive Line continues to provide great protection and blocking with two scores on long runs. At receiver, Reese “King of the Jungle” Lyndes was able to get open and was targeted by our QB. His routes are crisp and his feet are fleet, he shows great promise to develop into an integral part of the Card’s offense. It was another loss for the Cardinal’s, again by only one score. This remains a team who makes their opponent earn every yard and an exciting team to watch.

Casagranda’s Seahawks vs. Universal Athletic Bengals

The scrappy Seahawks battle tough conditions all game long but showed a ton of resiliency and grit.   The Seahawks were led by McCaul “don’t fall” Wiley at running back with a long TD run and tough runs all game long.   Tucker “T- Train” McIntyre made a ton of tackles at line-backer, had a huge strip fumble recovery in OT and played gritty at QB.  Cashton “Cash $$” Schneider and Aiden “No Poser” Moser were tough on the trenches.    Reddic “the riot” Hiatt had a big catch and blocked extremely well at receiver.

Fall was in the air Thursday evening bringing some rain and wind but that didn’t keep the Bengals from playing their 3rd game of the season against the Seahawks. The bengals would start out on offense with Keaton at the QB position showing his athleticism by both completing a pass down the sideline to Cooper and taking off for big runs behind solid blocking by Trae, Hunter, Cayson, Sawyer, and Bolton. Sean also was able to get some good gains out of the running back position behind Reid who was plowing the way as the lead blocker. The second half began with Hunter showing his ability to get to the outside and make the defense miss tackles as he scored the Bengals only touchdown of the game. The Seahawks would try to answer with a long drive of their own but would be denied at the goal line as Landon and Trae caused a fumble ending their drive with a touchback. The defensive play was the huge today at all positions. Keaton and Hunter both did a great job of containing the outside runs as Bolton and Killian were causing havoc in the backfield.  Trae, Luke, and Sawyer all did an incredible job of reading the back field and flowing to the ball and the secondary including Reid, Cooper, Sage, and Koda did a great job of limiting the Seahawks passing game. Landon and Sean both were roaming free out of the safety position putting big hits in the ball carriers every chance they could. This one would end in a Tie but both teams played great and showed a lot of improvement over the first 3 weeks.

5th Grade

McQueen Athletic Club Giants vs. First Citizens Eagles

McQueen Athletic Giants 32 Eagles 6

The Giants had some fresh legs coming off their bye last week, Benny “The Jet” Donaldson led the Giants admirably under center , he connected with Colt “The Wrecking Ball” Horsley two different time finding him on a tight end screen for 20 yards, then another 15 yard dot  from Donaldson to Horsley to put the Giants up 6-0 after a failed 1 point conversion.

Kale “Sweetfeet” Alexander scored on the ground twice once as a running back and once on the quarterback keeper to the house. Gavin “His Way” Norris found first downs every time asked of him and brought one to the house on a 30 yard scamper to pay dirts.

The Giants defense made 4 stops on 4th down to get the ball back to their red hot offense, again led by Horsley who had 10 tackles and a sack, accompanied by, Ryder “The Foundation” Robinson and Andrew “so many colors” White who were relentless in pushing the offensive line backwards and stopping the Run.

The Giants look to continue their stellar play next week as the take on the Bears in a week 4 matchup.

The eagles had a great game but came up short 21-6

JJ “the Jet”  Hardy had a great game at RB,QB and LB! He had the teams only touchdown

Andrew  Abraham had a great game with 3 tackles and Landon  Wrampe had 3 Defensive pressures along with 2 TFL

QB Brodie Pierce had a good game as well but on Defense Cooper Kahtani had an amazing turnover stripping the ball from the RB

Newland and Company Bears vs. Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers

Week three saw the Steelers finally jump into the win column.  The offense played hard in very cold and tough conditions, and the defense was lights out!

The offensive line, led by Caliber Hart and Johnny Maldonado, paved the way for two different backs to make their way to the end zone. Back Lincoln West had one of those touchdowns. His running was absolutely punishing up the middle. Once he got outside he was able to turn on the jets and burn up the sideline for a long touchdown.

On Defense the Steel Curtain really came to play. Defensive back Collin Jepson had his side of the field locked down tighter than 2020. Gavin Schonsberg was all over the field for the Steelers making multiple tackles and was instrumental in the defensive success.


It was all defense for the Bears, on a soggy field, in a loss to the Steelers.

The Bears forced 4 turnovers. Wyatt Edelen collected an interception. Branlyn Renz, Braden Regan, and Rayden Wonnacott all forced and recovers fumbles.

The offense struggled all game, but finished the game with Gavin Wadas rushing for a touchdown, with Knox Cramer kicking the PAT. Wyatt Edelen completed a 15yard pass to Paxton McEwen. Carter Schlichenmayer, Branlyn Renz, and Paxton McEwen all carried for first downs.

6th Grade

Lisac’s Tire Raiders vs. 5518 Designs Rams

The Lisacs tire Raiders were without a few players this week for a big test against the Rams. Blake “Wheels” Connors scored the Raiders only touchdown off the hip of Clay “The Hammer” Christiaens anchoring the line at left tackle. Both also flew around on defense making a pile of tackles. The Raiders spent majority of the night on defense working against a fast Rams team. Drew “Captain America” Kachmarik, Jake “Tombstone” Regan and Owen “Hit Stick” LaRue played sideline to sideline the whole game and never gave up. Popping up after each tackle and looking for another one.

Rams versus the Raiders Raiders opt to take defense after winning the coin toss first play Treyton Spider-Man rostad for a 5 yard run second down Carter the Joker Fulton for a 10 yard run to a first down Treyton Spider-Man Rostad with another big 10 yard gain followed up by Crew the flash O’Connor with a 10 yard run for a first down Kohlter Iron Man Pennell catches a 10 yard pass from quarterback Crew, the flash O’Connor next play quarterback, Crew, the flash runs for a touchdown kohlter Iron Man Pennell, with a dead on kick to take the score 8-0 Rams. Strong defense by lane Hulk Batterman and Peyton Hercules Rees… Crew, the flash O’Connor with a big hit to stop the Raiders offensive line 2nd half Raiders ball on their 25 yard line.. crew the flash O’Connor with a big sack for loss of 10 yards. libbie, the ghost Ferko with an outstanding big hit on fourth down ,minh Hawkeye Sarachi with an awesome awesomebig tackle on the Raiders wide receiver for loss of down. Kaylor, Thor Smith coming in with a big stop on third down Tim, the Groot Shurmway with a massive tackle to stop the Raiders on fourth down crew the flash O’Connor taking an 8 yard run to set up second down to take a second run with eight more yards to set up a 30 yard run for a touchdown by Crew the flash O’Connor.  Kohlter, Iron Man Pennell with his second kick to make it 16 to 6 Rams Tim the groot Shurmway with four more awesome tackles on defense. Crew, the flash O’Connor with an awesome run for another touchdown. Awesome Awesomeblocking by Noah magneto Babineaux William daredevil Stockwell and Levi the falcon Martineau and once again, Kohlter Iron Man Pennell with yet another perfect kick to make it 24-6 Rams with four plays left in the game The raiders where a strong team to beat and played very well Thank you Head coach Mike

Glacier Bank/CCCS Titians vs. Pioneer Technical Packers

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

This week the Titans improved big time. Moving the ball well and ate a lot of ice-cream. Brody “the destroyer” Fitzpatrick keeping the o-line and D-line blocking and tackling. Will “the trill” Hoar making it rain on both sides of the ball. “Mack Truck” Matteo Johnson stepping up blocking and tackling along with Kayoni “The Killer” Kinard throwing down tackles. Ty “The Tyrant” Antonioli making it happen and let’s not forget the Matthew “Bossin” Rawson knocking teams on their cheeks. Hayden “The Hammer” Barry and Kayden “Iron Maiden” Barry blocked and tackling. Go Titans

Late in the first half, quarterback Mason McIntyre lofted a pass up the seam to a leaping Joe Rich.  Rich made a juggling catch in the back of the endzone, extending the Packers lead to 12-0.  Keaton Hislop also scored on a short run in the first behind an excellent offensive line lead by Brendon Rohan at center.

The Packers played great team defense, not allowing the score and clenching their first shutout.  Charlie Gillespe was a force, having one turnover, a sack, and several great stops.  JampelHanley and Carson Ray were lockdown corners, not allowing their receivers to get any big gains all night.