Week 2 Little Guy Football roundup

Week 2 Round-up

4th grade

Thriftway Cardinals vs. Casagranda’s Seahawks

The resilient Seahawks were once again let by Tucker T Train McIntyre with 2 touchdown.  Tristan “downtown” Brown was huge in trenches and steady with snapping the football.   Chris “Big Game ” Costello was critical to the Seahawks scrappy defense.    Lucas “Hendo” Henderson played well on the defensive line and Dalton “No Flaws” Daws had some great runs at running back.

The second Cardinal’s game was a low scoring defensive battle. The boys in red opened on defense, with Grant “Terminator” Basnett, Avi “Ace” Masters and Brentlee “The Beast” Richards joining the Defensive line in causing a sack for a safety in the first drive of the game. They followed that up with a second sack in the second defensive series making the Hawk’s O-Line look like cheesecloth, seeming to break through to the backfield at will. At every turn the opponent’s offensive line was broken down and there was a pile of our boys in red ending plays in the backfield. On offense, our light-of-foot though small-of-stature QB had a Seawall made of these same players in front of him halting the incoming Seahawk’s defense. At the end of the first half he danced down the sideline behind the blocks of his offensive linemen staying inbounds for a first down to keep the drive alive, finishing the drive with a spectacular run to the endzone for the Cardinal’s only score of the game. Basnett, Masters, and Richards helped provide a well protected pocket where our QB had time to find four different receivers for 7 completions. With an O-Line providing this level of protection, our QB was able to both run the ball and throw bombs. During the second half, Blake “The Real Deal” Christians and Mason “The Missile” Ferko began to get open and the chemistry between the receivers and QB came alive for multiple completions. These two players became the anchors of the receiving core and show huge promise in catching the ball and turning upfield for gains. Unfortunately, the Cards were not able to put it together for another score and the Hawks pulled ahead with a touchdown at the end of the game after a fantastic goal line stand by our defense the series before. This was a hard-fought battle and these boys get more exciting to watch each week.

Harrington Pepsi Patriots vs. Universal Athletic Bengals

In a thrilling showdown on the gridiron, the 4th grade Mining City Little Guy Patriots delivered a spectacular performance, sealing a commanding 22-0 victory over the Bengals that left their fans cheering for more. Even though the final score was 22-0, the Bengals continued to battle and were a formidable opponent.

Here are the key highlights from this unforgettable game:

**Jett LeProwse: The Scoring Sensation**

Jett LeProwse emerged as the star of the day, showcasing his incredible skills both on offense and defense. With three electrifying touchdowns, he left defenders in awe as he weaved and powered his way to the end zone. Jetts T.D’s allowed Knox Markovich to show his kicking skills, knocking in two huge P.A.T’s. Jett’s contributions didn’t stop there; he was a defensive dynamo, making big hits, recovering a crucial fumble, and leaving his mark on nearly every tackle. The young phenom truly flew all over the field, stealing the spotlight.

**Azzy Staber: The Unstoppable Force**

Azzy Staber made his presence felt on both sides of the ball. On the offensive line, he delivered key blocks that paved the way for Jett’s touchdown runs, while on defense, he was a relentless force, contributing to multiple tackles. Azzy’s tenacity and determination were evident throughout the game.

**Noah Thennis: The Never-Stop Blocker**

Noah Thennis was a linchpin on the offensive line, displaying his commitment to blocking until the whistle blew. His solid blocking efforts not only protected the quarterback but also created opportunities for the team. Defensively, Noah showcased his skills by getting in on numerous tackles, proving his versatility on the field.

**David D’Amico: Clutch Performer**

David D’Amico’s moment in the spotlight came with a massive solo tackle for a loss at a crucial juncture in the game. His defensive prowess was matched by his offensive contributions, where he made pivotal blocks that set up the team’s touchdown runs. David’s clutch performance was pivotal to the Patriots’ success.

**Kayson Aguilar: “Butte Tough” Warrior**

Playing through an ankle sprain, Kayson Aguilar embodied the spirit of being “Butte Tough.” He provided critical blocks on the offensive line, showcasing his unwavering dedication to the team. On the defensive line, Kayson delivered a bone-crushing hit on a receiver, leaving no doubt about his resilience and commitment.

The 4th grade Patriots’ 22-0 victory was a testament to their teamwork, dedication, and individual excellence. With stars like Jett LeProwse, Knox Markovich, Azzy Staber, Noah Thennis, David D’Amico, and Kayson Aguilar leading the way, this young team is undoubtedly one to watch in the seasons to come. Their future on the football field looks bright, and their fans can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.

Thursday evening was a great day for football and the Bengals were ready to roll for their second game of the season. The first half offense was led by Trae at the helm and Keaton and Hunter in the back field. Things started off slow with a couple turnovers but the Bengals would push the ball down the field on their 3rd drive with great protection from their offensive line whom included Bolton, Luke, Ryman, Hudson and Sean. The Bengals had to end up punting after coming up short on a 4th and short but played great defense to end the half. The Bengals had a couple great drives in the second half led by great passing from Koda to Keaton and Trae and also good hard runs by Landon and Luke out of the back field. Cooper was back in at center to snap the ball and Killian, Hudson, Sawyer and Hunter did a great job of holding off the defense. The Bengals defense also played hard making it extremely difficult for receptions thanks to a solid secondary including Keaton, Cayson, Reid, and Sage. The Bengals would not be able to score in this one but played their buts off and left the field with smiles and heads held high.

5th grade

Bank of Butte Cowboys vs. Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers

Cowboys: 22   Steelers: 12

It was another great night for football at Copper Mountain. This week the Cowboys overcame a lot of adversity between injuries and illness to put up another great performance. The offense was able to gain huge chunks of yards both on the ground and through the air due to great offensive line work. The offensive line consists of Lucas Wilson, Lincoln Christian, Brayden Opsel, Ryan Ferriter, and Koton Knutson. These kids provided time and running lanes for both the passing and the running game. A successful offense does not happen without a great line.

The defense was stingy all game long. The two-headed monster in the middle of the line, Kruz Cotton and Lincoln Christian, made running up the middle almost impossible. Kyler Clark was absolutely everywhere on the defensive side of the ball. He made running to his side almost impossible, and  also had 3 pass break-ups and some big tackles. Maverick White was a shut-down cornerback for the Cowboys giving the opponent very few options on where to go with the ball.

A much improved Steelers team took the field Thursday against a very tough Cowboys squad. Defensive end Vincent Savino was all over the backfield slowing down the cowboys potent passing game. D-tackle Will Davis had multiple tackles and showed great hustle against the run.

On the offensive side of the ball QB Luke Benjamin showed off some great speed and and shiftiness that just wasn’t fair to the tackler. QB Coy Carpenter led the team in passing. With great vision and accuracy, he was able to hook up with multiple receivers. Out of the backfield Lincoln West was a force. Lincoln not only had a reception but ran the ball extremely hard breaking multiple tackles and leading the way with great blocking for other backs.

In the end the Steelers took a loss, but their hard work is really starting to show. They will be a force to be reckoned with in no time.

First Citizens Eagles vs. Newland and Company Bears

Bears – 16            Eagles -13

Perfect weather – not too hot, not too cold for just the right atmosphere for two amazing teams to battle it out. The Eagles started with the ball and on the first play, JJ Hardy scampered down the sideline for a 45 yard touch down run and then proceeded to pick up the extra point to put the Eagles up 7-0. On the second possession for the Eagles, the offense connected with Brody Pierce for a beautiful 12 yards pass and behind JJ Hardy’s 94 yards rushing the Eagles looked like a team to be reckoned with. The Eagles scored again early in the second half with the blistering speed of Quarterback Hunter Snyder on a 15 yard touchdown run but failed the extra point attempt due to a very aggressive and tough Bears defense, The Eagles went up 13-0.  The Eagles Defense was led by Defensive End, Bridger Smyth who racked up 7 tackles, including 3 for loss with 2 quarterback sacks and forced the offense to change direction a lot. Landon Wrampe totaled 5 tackles, 2 for loss with 1 sack and was super aggressive up front making any run play his direction difficult for the opposing team. The secondary defensive effort was led by Andrew Abraham who seemed to be everywhere and tallied 5 hard-hitting tackles. Shamus Sullivan also had a great knockdown forcing a turnover on downs in the middle of the second half, preventing the Bears from getting to the end zone.

The Bears offense however came alive in the second half and scored two unanswered touchdowns with two extra point kicks being converted to win the game 16-13. The game was a blast to watch as both teams never gave up and showed some amazing effort and talent. One thing is for sure, whoever gets to play these two teams coming up will sure be in for a great game.

The Bears started out slow on defense and gave up a quick touchdown on the first play from scrimmage.

The defense recovered quickly pressuring the Eagles, Knox Cramer and Wyatt Edelen both sacked the QB. Cameron Klapan and Branlyn Renz both made tackles for a loss.

Gavin Wadas passed to Branlyn Renz for a TD to open the half and recorded an interception. On the next drive, Gavin Morgan found Paxton McEwen over the middle for the final TD. The win was sealed with another point after by Wadas, who was 2/2 on the day.

The Bears blocking up front was outstanding, including effort by Rayden Wonnacott, Brayden Regan, Cameron Klapan, and Traysen Jensen.

6th grade

5518 Designs Rams vs. Glacier Bank/CCCS Titians

Rams started off with an awesome 10-yard run by Carter Fulton, second down Crew O’Connor with a 20-yard run for a first down and one more run by Crew O’Connor for a touchdown. Kohlter Pennell kicks a beautiful field goal to make the score 8 to 0. Defense was rocking out with Carter Fulton and Lane Battermann and Peyton Rees holding back the Titans offense for loss of yards. William Stockwell big hit on defense to cause a turnover. Keygen Christensen catches a ten-yard pass by quarterback, Crew O’Connor. Lane Batterman recovers a fumble with one play left in the half. Crew O’Connor with a 30-yard run and again Crew O’Connor with another 25-yard run for a touchdown. Kohlter Pennell with another awesome field goal. Levi Martineau for the 10 yards sack, 10-yard pass to Kaylor Smith for 2nd down. Crew O’Connor with a 25-yard run for a first down, then again quarterback, Crew O’Connor throws a 25-yard pass to Keygan Christensen for a touchdown which was unfortunately called back due to holding on the offense. And again, Crew O’Connor with yet another run for a touchdown from 30 yards out, Kohlter Pennell again with an awesome kick and three plays left, and Libbie Ferko makes a big hit on the Titans quarterback, to force a turnover and loss of downs.

Steele’s Falcons vs. Pioneer Technical Packers

Falcons 24 – Packers 0

The game started off with a bang as the Falcons’ defense set the tone for the entire match. The Packers’ offense couldn’t find any holes in their solid defense, constantly being shut down by the fierce linebackers. Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd led the charge, delivering bone-crushing tackles that sent shockwaves through the stadium.

Drayk “Dynamite” Dallaserra, Oliver “Ollie” Mayne, and Zayden “Zippy” Lavenger were like a wall, preventing the Packers from gaining any significant yardage. Their tackles were key in stopping their opponents’ momentum and forcing turnovers. Bentley “Belinda” Blando’s interception was a game-changer, giving the Falcons an opportunity to extend their lead.

The Falcons’ offense, led by their unstoppable offensive line, dominated the game. Gabe “Beast Mode” Hergott, Ty “T-Bone” Stepan, and Justin “Mini Tank” Garcia created impenetrable walls, giving the quarterback ample time to make his throws. Their strength and coordination were unmatched, allowing the Falcons’ running backs to find gaps and make big gains.

Bridger “Bob” Stearns, the star of the game, showcased his versatility and skills. He scored three touchdowns, each one more impressive than the last. His extra point kick and safety added extra points to their already impressive lead. Bridger’s stellar performance was complemented by his outstanding tackles, proving that he was a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball.

Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd wasn’t just a defensive powerhouse; he also displayed his kicking abilities by nailing a booming extra point. His versatility and determination were an inspiration to his teammates.

“Easy” Ryder Cunneen, the wide receiver, was a sight to behold. His lightning-fast speed and precise route-running made him a nightmare for the Packers’ defense.

The Falcons’ victory was a result of their exceptional teamwork, determination, and skill. Every player contributed to the win, with their friendly and supportive attitude shining through on and off the field. Their little guy football game against the Packers was one for the books, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed their incredible performance.