Wayne Estes schedule

Following is the schedule for the 29th Annual Wayne Estes basketball tournament, courtesy Sean Eamon of The Anaconda Leader.

Gyms — Memorial Gym (M), Lincoln School (L), Fred Moodry Middle School (FMMS), Anaconda Job Corps (JC).
Men’s A Division
All games at the Memorial Gym
3 p.m. — Unlimited Range, Idaho, vs. Ballislife, Billings; 4 — Yahtzee, Sidney, vs. VanÕs IGA, Dillon; 5 — Bye, Billings, vs. Holdmytrick, Helena; 6 — Dawgs, Dillon, vs. Portage Inc. Locker Room, Butte.
Men’s B

8 p.m. — 100 Racks, Butte, vs. Mining City Shake, Butte (M). 9 p.m. — Super Crew, Butte, vs. Hawe Steel, Butte (M).
8 a.m. — The Coconut Crabs, Bozeman, vs. Peace and Love, Choteau (M); Billy Goats, Butte, vs. Flathead Ballers, Columbia Falls (FMMS). 9 a.m. — Dawgs, Dillon, vs. Maids, Bozeman, (M); Joyce, Johnston and McDonald, Butte, vs. The Sponsors, Anaconda (FMMS). 10 a.m. — The Ratchets, Missoula, vs. Northwest Cougars B, Washington, (M); O.G. Koolaid, Fort Benton, vs. Scorgasms, Missoula (FMMS). Noon — OK Action, Missoula, vs. TBD (FMMS). 4 p.m. — Team Shake n Bake, Billings, vs. TBD (FMMS). 5 p.m. — DSU Problems, Wyoming, vs. TBD (M). 6 p.m. — Molly Brown, North Dakota, vs. TBD (FMMS). 7 p.m. — Hildreth, Men of Steel, Idaho, vs. TBD (M).
Men’s C

6 p.m. — Dirty Thompson and the Boys, Anaconda, vs. Red Zone, Butte (M).
5 p.m. —  Kool Aid Krew, Anaconda, vs. TBD (L).
MenÕs 6-1 and Under
7 p.m. — Tiger Lillies, Butte, vs. Thundercat, Alder (M).
9 a.m. — Sharpshooters, Billings, vs. Headframe Spirits, Butte (JC). 10 a.m. — Butte Celtics, Missoula, vs. Willow Creek Riders, Browning (JC). 11 a.m. — Indian Spring Ranch, Columbia Falls, vs. The Tribe, Wolf Point, (JC). Noon — Battlecats, Bozeman, vs. Hoop Your Pants, Missoula (JC). 1 p.m. — Sack Lunch, Butte, vs. RMF Entertainment, Missoula (JC). 2 p.m. — Off in Our Socks, Anaconda, vs. Oasis Casino Hoops, Butte (JC). 3 p.m. — Off in the Woods, Big Timber, vs. TBD (JC). 4 p.m. — Hauser Excavation/Red Tiger Drilling, Three Forks, vs. TBD (JC). 5 p.m. — Mud Lakers, Idaho, vs. TBD (JC). 6 p.m. — Rookies, Billings, vs. TBD (JC).
Women’s A

7 p.m. — BJ’s Casino, Kalispell, vs. TBD (FMMS). 8 p.m. — Classynottrashy, Havre, vs. TBD (FMMS); Old LG’s, Missoula, vs. TBD (M).
Women’s B
11 a.m. — MakeItNasty, Butte, vs. Hoop Yo Pants, Billings (M); Slapnut Magoons, Butte, vs. The Vu Villa, Butte (FMMS). Noon — Team Soph, Dillon, vs. Cereal Killers, Anaconda (M). 1 p.m. — Mo Club, Anaconda, vs. Holmlund/Classic Strings, Great Falls (M).
Boys’ High School 12-11
6 p.m. — Deer Lodge, Philipsburg, vs. Anaconda Copperheads (M). 7 p.m. — Butte High, Butte, vs. TBD (FMMS). 8 p.m. — Jerusalem Jaguars, Dillon, vs. Rose Before Hose, Clancy (FMMS). 9 p.m. — Constantly Inconsistent, Anaconda, vs. TBD (FMMS).
1 p.m. — Townsend Bulldogs, Townsend, vs. Anaconda Disposal Service, Anaconda (FMMS). 2 p.m. — Bulldogs, Choteau, vs. TBD (L); The Good Squad, Bridger, vs. TBD (M). 4 p.m. — Rambos, Misoula, vs. TBD (L).
Boys’ High School 10-9
7 p.m. — Butte Rim Runners, Butte, vs. Big Mike and the Boys, Anaconda (FMMS).
3 p.m. — T Town Ballers, Townsend, vs. The Running Rams, Missoula (L); Cat Bacon, Butte, vs. TBD (FMMS).