Wachholz, Svennungsen win state doubles handball title

MISSOULA — Kalispell’s Chance Wachholtz won his third consecutive Montana State Open Doubles title with his third different partner. This year he teamed with Spokane’s Pete Svennungsen to defeat Missoula’s Steve Maier and Sean Sandau in the final.

Other winners were Brett Badovinac and Don Foley in the Masters (40+), Kirk Johnson and Doug Davis in the Golden Master (50+), Dan Scilley and Mike Meyer in the Super Golden Masters (60+), Tom Morris and Russ Whitten in the Diamond Masters (70+), and Bruce Hart and Eric Schmidt in the B Division.

Foley and Badoinac claimed the Butte City Doubles title last week.


Quarterfinals – Steve Birrell, Bozeman / Mark Morrill, Bozman d. Andy White, Bozeman / Matt Gagnon, Bozeman; Steve Maier, Missoula / Sean Sandau, Missoula d. Nick White, Bozeman / Marty Gagnon, Bozeman 21-4, 21-7; Brett Badovinac, Butte / Don Foley, Butte d. Will Brooke, Bozeman / Mike Wilmer
Semifinals – Pete Svennungsen, Spokane, WA / Chance Wachholtz, Kalispell d. Birrell / Morrill; Maier / Sandau d. Badovinac / Foley 21-5, 21-15
Open Final – Svennungsen / Wachholtz d. Maier / Sandau 21-9, 21-11
Masters (40+) Final – Badovinac / Foley d. Birrell / Morrill 21-13, 21-15
Open/Masters Consolation – White / Gagnon d. Brooke / Wilmer

Golden Masters (50+)
First Round
– Jim Anderson, Butte / Scott Salo, Butte d. Tom Sullivan, Missoula / Randy (Red Death) Jollliffe, Lolo; Dave Montelius, Missoula / Don Schmidt, Missoula d. Chris Riley, Missoula d. Brad Chumrau, Missoula; Dan Bersanti, Butte / Tom Madrazo, Butte d. Eric Howe, Divide / Nick White, Bozeman; Dan Adams, Helena / Jeff Armstrong, Billings d. Marty Gagnon, Bozeman / Carl Warren, Bozeman
Quarterfinals – Dan Scilley, Luther / Mike Meyer, Red Lodge d. Anderson / Salo; Montelius / Schmidt d. Mike Hitchcock, Butte / Craig Canfield, Billings; Bersanti / Madrazo d. Robin Peters, Missoula / Steve Maier, Missoula; Kirk Johnson, Missoula / Doug Davis, Missoula d. Adams / Armstrong
Semifinals – Montelius / Schmidt d. Scilley / Meyer; Johnson / Davis d. Bersanti / Madrazo
Golden Masters Final – Johnson / Davis d. Montelius / Schmidt 10-21, 21-14, 11-7
Golden Masters Consolation – Armstrong / Adams d. White / Howe

Super Golden Masters (60+) (Round Robin)
1st – Dan Scilley, Luther / Mike Meyer, Billings
2nd – Fred Chapman, Frenchtown / Frank Cikan, Bozeman
3rd – Rick Harrington, Missoula / Dick Fox, Billings
4th – Carl Warren, Bozeman / Steve Birrell, Bozeman

Diamond Masters (70+) (Round Robin)
1st – Tom Morris, Billings / Russ Whitten, Red Lodge
Tie 2nd  – Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman / Wally Page, Florence; Paul Polzin, Missoula / Larry White, Missoula; Louie Chinske, Missoula / Billstein, Rick, Missoula

B Division (Round Robin)
1st – Bruce Hart, Missoula / Eric Schmidt, Missoula
2nd – Phil Kulbeck, Missoula / Andy White, Bozeman