True Sportsmanship, more than just a game Athlete of the Week

True Sportsmanship, more than just a game Athlete of the Week
Natalie Stalker and Kaylee Willard Cheer with Butte Centrals Joelis Horton.

By John Robbins

This week Athlete of the week is sure a special one, Butte Sports and the Butte community want to recognize what happened at the Butte High VS Central basketball game last Tuesday!

Although there were many worthy athletes this week what took place off the court was what sealed the deal. Butte Central has one cheerleader, her name is Joelisa Horton and I see her at all the Central games I attend, what she does is truly amazing and takes so much courage, especially cheering alone in front of a huge crowd when it’s one of the biggest events in the city, The Cross-Town Rivalry.

What’s even more amazing? Butte High cheerleaders, Natalie Stalker and Kaylee Willard both offered to go over and cheer with Joelisa during the big game, so she did not feel alone, they did not know Joe before the game but saw a fellow cheerleader cheering alone and it bothered them, so they stepped up.

The Central Student section was very gracious and welcomed the support with open arms. It takes a lot of courage and character to go cheer with a rival team when you see a fellow cheerleader alone.

We are excited to award these three girls Athlete of the Week!

Butte High School Cheerleaders Natalie Stalker, and Kaylee Willard are seen cheering Tuesday at the Butte High Butte Central game at the Civic Center. (Photo provided by Holly Jordan for Butte Sports.)

Great job girls this is what true sportsmanship is all about we are so proud! Butte Strong!

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