TDS Fiber breaks ground in the Mining City

Pictured Left to Right is Butte Silver Bow Chief Executive J.P Gallagher, Tom Cronnelly of TDS, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Stephanie Sorini, and Chamber  president Mark Johnston. 

The Mining City will soon see a new internet, TV, and phone provider before the years end, in fact you may have seen some company vehicles in your neighborhood already as they construct and prepare their fiber networks for customers of Butte both residential and business.

TDS Fiber held their groundbreaking for their new warehouse location today at 3888 Wynne Ave in Butte Montana. The warehouse will soon be filled with the latest in technology and bring the state of the art 8 Gig internet to the Mining City, it will provide Internet, Digital TV, and phone services to Butte.

TDS Rep and Associate Manager of Field Marketing Tom Cronnelly spoke to those in attendance, “We want to thank everyone who came today we are very excited to be a part of the Butte Community and will soon be able give access and connect 15,000 residents and businesses in Butte to our fiber network.”

TDS Fiber Rep and Manager of Field Marketing Tom Cronnelly speaks to Butte about the TDS plans for Butte. (Photo by Butte Sports)

Construction began in March for TDS Fiber, “In Butte we expect to launch our first customer neighborhoods by November of this year,” said Cronnelly.

TDS plans to service 156,000 homes and businesses throughout Montana, and they employee about 85 Montanans and are hiring locally, they have about 15 positions available throughout the state, 3 of them are here in Butte, in the sales and networking department. You can visit their website to view those postings and punch in your address to see when your neighborhood will become available for their services.

TDS plans to have the networking in Butte completed by 2025 and are currently looking for a retail space to operate. In addition, TDS offers the ACP (affordable connectivity program) which for those who qualify can receive internet speeds of up to 200 MBPS at no cost.

“We all know that the internet is a necessity now days as much needed as electricity, gas and utilities we can’t do without,” said Butte Chief Executive J.P Gallagher.

TDS and Tom Cronnelly also donated a check for $2500 for Action INC CEO Margie Seccomb and CFO Don Foley and the rest of the Action INC program in Butte and had plans of revealing a surprise to one of our local Elementary schools later today.

TDS has been an active member of the Butte Community as they have been sponsors for many things Butte in their short time here, from our high schools Butte Central and Butte High, college sports such as the Montana Griz and Montana Tech Athletics, to helping programs like Action INC, being a platinum member of the Butte Chamber of Commerce, they supported Mariahs Challenge, Butte Minors Legion Baseball, Montana Grizzly and Tech Athletics, World Museum of Mining, Butte Parks an Recs and more.

If you are interested in learning more about TDS Fiber, you can visit their website site here at this link to their website. TDS Fiber