• Little Guy Football Week 3

    Little Guy Football Week 30

     4th Grade Week 3 Thriftway Colts VS Universal Athletic/Game-one Commanders Commanders 12 Colts 0 The Commanders shut out the Colts with a suffocating defense, including tackles for a loss by Brayden Regan, Jake Janecke, Wyatt Edelman, Knox Cramer, and Traysen Jensen.  Ridge Bauer and Jake Janecke both ran for touchdowns in the first half. Kelton

  • Little Guy Football Week 2

    Little Guy Football Week 20

    4th Grade Week 2 Thriftway Colts VS. Glacier Bank/CCCS Falcons Colts 0 Falcons 12   It was a rainy Tuesday night in the Mining City and the Thriftway Colts came back to earth after a stellar week 1 performance. The Falcons gave the Colts everything they could handle both offensively and defensively Tuesday night. The


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