State handball tournament begins Friday at Elks

State handball tournament begins Friday at Elks

The Montana State Singles Handball Championship takes place at the Elks in Butte this weekend. The tournament starts Friday and goes through Sunday.

Butte’s Brett Badovinac and Mike Hitchcock are defending champions in their division, Badovinac in the Open and Hitchcock in the Golden Masters. Jay Spooner of Fargo, North Dakota is the defending champion in the Super Golden Masters.

There will be a new a new champion in the Diamond Masters, as defending champion Dan Scilley of Luther is missing the tournament due to illness.

Opening Round Matches:

Open Division

Friday, 6 p.m. — Dylan Urbani, Bozeman vs. Jared Wierson, Missoula; Les Seago, Emigrant vs. Conor Salo, Glendive

Friday, 7 p.m. — Marcus Madrazo, Butte vs. Scottie Moler, Bozeman; Jay Spooner, Fargo, ND vs. Randy Jolliffe, Lolo

Saturday, 9 p.m. — Don Foley, Butte vs. Madrazo/Moler winner; Moe Johnson, Missoula vs. Spooner/Jolliffe winner

Saturday, 10:15 p.m. — Brett Badovinac, Butte vs. Urbani/Wierson winner; Sean Sandau vs. Seago/Salo winner

Golden Masters (50+)

Friday, 8 p.m. — Mike Hitchcock, Butte vs. Joseph Lison, Rock Springs, WY; Kenny Scott, Lander, WY vs. Don Schmidt, Missoula

Friday, 7 p.m. — Jay Stender, Sheridan, WY vs. Nick White, Bozeman; Wayne Moller, Billings vs. Rick Edwards, Livingston

Super Golden Masters (60+)

Friday, 5 p.m. — Jay Spooner, Fargo, ND vs. Tom Madrazo, Butte, MT; Mike Meyer, Billings vs. Rich Hawe, Butte

Friday, 6 p.m. — Mike Hitchcock, Butte vs. Craig Canfield, Billings; Scott Salo, Butte vs. John Larson, East Helena

Diamond Masters (70+) (round robin)

Friday, 5 p.m. — Tom Morris, Billings vs. Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman; Monk Semansky, Highwood vs. Wally Page, Florence

Saturday, 9 p.m. — Jim Lambert, Big Fork vs. Monk Semansky, Highwood

B Division (pool round robin)

Friday, 8 p.m. — Eric Schmidt, Missoula vs. Kale Guldseth, Butte; Marcus Madrazo, Butte vs. Dawson Huff, Butte

Saturday, 10:15 p.m. — Skyler Criscuolo, Butte vs. Kale Guldseth, Butte; Joseph Lison, Rock Springs, WY vs. Dawson Huff, Butte

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