Southwest Montana All-Star Basketball Classic rosters revealed

Rosters for the 2015 Southwest Montana High School Basketball Classic, which will be played Wednesday, March 18, at the Maroon Activities Center, have been selected. A committee of sport writers, broadcaster and media personnel selected the teams after receiving nominations from the coaches of participating schools.

Butte Chamber of Commerce Director Marko Lucich said the committee is excited about the caliber of players selected for the games.

“We believe we have assembled some of the best high school players in the state,” Luchich said. “We are very proud that Southwest Montana is represented by 4 state tournament teams and 4 divisional or conference champions. It’s going to be a great evening of basketball and a lot of fun for the fans.

The event will begin at 6 p.m. with a girls’ game, followed by a boys game at 7:30. Games will include three-point contests at half-time. Half-time entertainment will feature performances by the Dynamic Dance & Tumbling Co. and the Butte High School Drum- Line. The Butte High School Band will be in attendance, along with the cheer squads from Butte High School and Butte Central High School.

Tickets for the games will go on sale Wednesday, March 11, at the Butte Chamber of Commerce, 1000 George Street, and at 5 p.m. at the Maroon Activities Center on game day. The game is sponsored by the Butte Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Committee.

Rosters follow:

Big Sky Boys
Coaches: Brian Yelenich and Ryan Murphy.

Marcus Ferriter                      Butte Central              Senior
Danny Peoples                        Butte Central              Senior
Chad Peterson                         Butte Central              Senior
Dalton Sessions                      Butte Central              Senior
Brian Smith                            Butte High                  Senior
Kilian O’Leary                       Butte High                  Senior
Chanse Kremer                     Butte High                  Senior
Dylan Cook                             Butte High                  Senior
Walker McKirtrich                 Ennis                           Senior
Wylie Leo                               Ennis                           Senior
Braden Larson                        Whitehall                    Sophomore
Nolan Konen                           Twin Bridges              Senior
Tucker Thatcher                     Butte High                  Junior
Jake Knack                             Ennis                           Sophomore
Andrew Simon                        Whitehall                    Sophomore
Nathaniel Reed                       Whitehall                    Senior
Tracen Eggers                         Twin Bridges              Junior
Justin McKillop                      Lone Peak                   Senior
Trevor House                          Lone Peak                   Senior
Eddie Starz                             Lone Peak                   Sophomore
Treasure State Boys
Coaches: Mel Rice and Curtis Fox.

Jason Ferris                            Dillon                          Senior
Justin Ferris                            Dillon                          Senior
Trae Williams                        Dillon                          Senior
JD Ferris                                 Dillon                          Senior
Parker Love                            Dillon                          Senior
Braxton Hill                            Anaconda                    Freshman
Caleb Stetzner                        Anaconda                    Junior
Trase LeTexier                       Jefferson                     Junior
Danny Mannix                        Drummond                 Senior
Jacob Simpson                        Powell Co.                  Senior
Quade McQueary                   Powell Co.                  Junior
Chase Cummins                     Granite Co.                 Senior
Tyler Jory                               Dillon                          Senior
Travis Ackerson                     Dillon                          Senior
Tanner Haverfield                  Dillon                          Sophomore
Drew Conrady                        Anaconda                    Senior
Bobby Swainston                    Anaconda                    Freshman
Joseph Parke                           Drummond                 Senior
Jed Fike                                  Harrison                      Senior
Chas Buus                               Harrison                      Junior
Gavin Duke                             Lima                           Senior
Will Hoecht                            Jefferson                     Senior
Eric Bohrnson                         Granite Co.                 Senior
Bob Immenschuh                    Granite Co.                 Senior
Derek Walker                         Powell Co.                  Senior
Andrew Pierson                      Powell Co.                  Senior


Big Sky Girls
Coaches: Ted Ackerman and Jordan Kambich-McIntyre.

Emily St. John                        Butte Central              Sophomore
Mollie Peoples                       Butte Central              Sophomore
Kloie Thatcher                        Butte Central              Freshman
Sierra Pica                              Butte Central              Junior
McKaul Ori                            Butte High                  Senior
Maria Michelotti                    Butte High                  Senior
Abby Dodge                            Butte High                  Sophomore
Janessa Williams                    Jefferson                     Senior
Richelle Powers                      Jefferson                     Senior
Aubree Simon                         Whitehall                    Senior
Natalie Padovich                    Powell Co.                  Senior
Kelsie Gray                             Powell Co.                  Senior
Kassidy Caprara                     Butte High                  Senior
Ellie Hoffenbacker                 Butte High                  Senior
Lenora Campbell                    Powell Co.                  Junior
Jaicee Senecal                        Powell Co.                  Junior
Jewlz Collins                          West Yellowstone      Junior
Bailee Parker                          West Yellowstone      Junior
Amber Durich                         West Yellowstone      Senior
Audrie Parke                           Drummond                 Junior


Treasure State Girls
Coaches: Ali Hurley and Lisa Laslovich.

Tyler Baustadt                        Anaconda                    Senior
Khali Knadler                         Anaconda                    Senior
Cierra Lamey                          Dillon                          Senior
Audrey Schurg                        Dillon                          Senior
Alex Rouse                             Dillon                          Junior
Julia Cox                                 Twin Bridges              Senior
Megan Martin                         Twin Bridges              Junior
Cassidy Wetzell                     Twin Bridges              Junior
Britt Cooper                            Harrison                      Senior
Alecia Panagakis                    Harrison                      Senior
Taya DeFrance                       Harrison                      Junior
Delaney McNally                   Ennis                           Senior
Lacee Moodry                        Anaconda                    Senior
Molly Huber                           Anaconda                    Junior
Randee Jo Johnson                 Anaconda                    Junior
Katie Jorgensen                      Anaconda                    Sophomore
Rachel Nye                             Dillon                          Junior
Paige Phillips                         Twin Bridges              Junior
Addie Nesbit                           Harrison                      Junior



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