Senior Night Sweep for Maroon Volleyball

The Butte Central Maroon Volleyball team honored their Seniors at the Maroon Activity Center and then swept the East Helena Vigilantes out of the MAC.

The BC girls won the first two sets 25-11, 25-11 and the third 25-23.

Coach Becky Hancock was smiling after the win, stating “Senior day is always emotional.  We were a little slow and I wanted more energy.”  Her team was a bit sluggish in the first two sets but still winning both by a wide margin 25-11.  The Vigilantes fought back to make an exciting third set as the Maroons had to bring more energy to pull off the win 25-23.  Coach Hancock said “I like how we’re playing, we’ll probably see these guys again.”


Aces 9 (Anderson 3, Badovinac 3, Keeley 3)

Digs 49 (Anderson 6, Mehring 5, Badovinac 3, Drew 12, Moodry 12, Keeley 11)

Assists (Mia Keeley with 21)

Kills 24 (Moodry 6, Badovinac 5, Drew 4, Berger and Kelly 3, Keeley 2, Anderson 1)

Blocks (Brooke Badovinac 5)