School is officially back in session, enjoy every moment

Ah, the bittersweet feeling of summer coming to an end and the anticipation of starting a new school year.

As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible memories that are made during summertime.

As the first day of school is fast approaching it’s time to begin meeting new classmates, reuniting with old friends, and discovering what this year has in store.

The importance of living in the present, cherishing every moment, and embracing new experiences. Summer may be over, but the memories made and the growth experienced will always remain.

I can remember summers as a kid like they were just yesterday, eagerly waiting for those last days of school as the weather would begin to turn and the ice capped Highlands would melt away, this meant we could wear shorts to school.

Evenings that you could begin to feel the warmth stay in the Montana big sky and the sun keeping it brighter and longer as each day passed.

Those long nights at the baseball fields of Mile High or Northwest knowing summer days were just around the corner. Those were the days, and now our kids are doing these very same things.

Now for most of us another school year is here already or has already started, it’s hard to believe especially with the way the weather was this year, it was hard on us all and it flew by because we try to fit so much fun into such a tiny window and we can sometimes end up getting lost in the mix of it all.

I can remember my mom telling me the older I get the faster time flies, of course I didn’t believe her at the time but I really wish I would have.

It’s funny when we get older and look back on those times and think to ourselves if we could have just lived in the moment or savored them a little bit more or how we would have done it differently if given a second go at it but that’s just life and sometimes we just have to have more life experiences to appreciate it more, because we all know time slows for no one.

I didn’t believe a lot of of what mom and dad said until I was much older of course and really got to experience those pot holes in life for what they really were for the first time.

Now with children of  my own I can’t help but understand what I put my parents through while they were raising me, only I never knew it because I hadn’t had those experiences yet.

Each year brings something new and something exciting and with good is bound to have some bad it’s just part of the deal.

So as your little ones head back or have already headed back, look at the year and how much not only they have grown but you have as well as a person, embrace the future and get ready to make new memories, set new goals, and to go out and be the absolute best version of ourselves we can be.
We wish you all the best on your new school years beginning and look forward to the sports and memories to come with it.