RMMA students test for belts

Rocky Mountain Martial Arts color belt test was held at the RMMA facility and conducted by Master Jim Miller.

The high spirited test was judged by black belts Ashlee Rex, Vince Wriston, Mike Denny, Teri McGee, Scott Beckworth, and Bob Chambers. Assisting were Delaney Foley, Stone Mocilac, Triston and Kaitlyn Ker, Cheyanne, Savannah and Clint Parks and was headed by Heather Hood.

Sara Senst and Shaunee Lamping tested for their final color belt, 1st Gup red belt with black stripe and will now begin training for their Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation black belt. Also moving into contention was Jake Berger earning promotion to 2nd gup red belt. He will start training with Shaunee and Sara getting a jump on his own black belt.

Philip Dwyer was alone in his division promoting to 4th gup blue belt.

Six students earned promotions to rank of 6th gup green belt:

Connor Chelini, Derek Jollie, Chase Nelson, husband and wife Julene and Dave Tuesday, and Bob Tyson worked hard and impressed everyone with each individual effort. Bob Tyson was a standout testing with a broken big toe but never faltered while kicking with one foot every bout.

The newest belts were also impressive in many ways. Ranging in age from six to ten, they showed courage and courtesy as well spirit. Earning their first promotion to 8th gup yellow belt were:

Fahad Alhuzaim, Evan Andrews, Aryana Rowe-Holland, Braydn Blythe, Lillian Bressette, Jess Goodwin, Ericka Johnson, Keyenna McGee, Lauren Powers, and Damon Thurston.

The test of stamina, technique, self-defense and forms took over two hours to complete. Those testing and friends and family that came to watch were all enjoying the event with cheers and shouts of encouragement. Sara and Jake ended the test with board breaking requiring them to do breaks with hands and foot techniques. Shaunee Lamping did not break as we do not encourage hand breaks at the age of ten.

Next on the RMMA agenda is our Christmas party and the delivery of our mining city Christmas family presents. December 31st is our kids’ New Year Party. Feb. 9 will be our Sister School – the Missoula Taekwondo Academys first Taekwondo tournament – RMMA will be there with our support.

Chase Nelson, foreground, and Bob Chambers, background.
Derek Jollie
Shaunee Lamping
Dave Tuesday, foreground, and Shaunee Lamping, right, Sara Senst, middle, and Jake Berger in the background.