RMMA students pass belt tests

Nineteen Rocky Mountain Martial Arts students participated in color belt testing at the RMMA facility Saturday.

The hour and a half test was conducted by school owner Master Jim Miller with a test panel consisting of Mike Denny, Sara Senst, Jeff Beckett, Teri McGee, Ashlee Rex, Heather Hood, Shaunee Lamping, and assisted by Catelyn Stone, Frank Pelzman, Clint, Savannah and Cheyanne Parks.

Testing consisted of technique skills, Poomsae, stamina and self-defense sparring. The atmosphere was great with friends and family watching and cheering the contestants on and cheering for good reason. Best efforts were put forth by the young contestants who excelled in all aspects of their required skills. No one complained or backed off during the ordeal as sweat and red faces worked their hearts out.

Receiving their first promotion to 8th gup yellow belt were:

Brother and Sister Mike and Tiona Schmidt, Kaiden Gardner and Amari Cox.

Promoted to 7th gup yellow belt with green stripe: Evan Andrews, Lillian Bressette, Neela Grinolds, Ericka Johnson, Brothers Amitav and Pranav Kumar, Keyenna McGee, Montana Parker, Lauren Powers and Aryana Rowe-Holland.

Three students promoted to 6th gup green belt: Sisters Lindsey and Teresa Springer and Artasia Castona.

Chase Nelson and Derek Jollie  topped the belt list with Chase receiving his 4th gup blue belt with red stripe and Derek promoting to 5th gup blue belt.

RMMA teaches classes six days a week at the 3233 Kennedy St facility. Stop in or call 494-2754 or 491-2015. Check it out on Facebook or www.rmma-butte.com

RMMA has started its summer program with weekly Friday trips to fun and educational places around Montana. June trips are: Missoula Water Park and Taekwondo with the students of the Montana Taekwondo Academy, Virginia City including the Virginia City Players show, the Lady of the Rockies and the Mining Museum.

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