RMMA students pass belt test

Color belt testing was held Saturday at Rocky Mountain Martial Arts, 3233 Kennedy St., with 23 athletes testing for advancement. Mike Denny, Jeff Beckett, Scott Beckworth, Moriah Kelso, Sara Senst, Bob Chambers, Jake Berger, Mackenzie Rosenleaf, and Heather Hood made up the nine black belt judging panel and Lauren Powers taking care of assistant duties. The two-plus hour test consisted technique, stamina, forms and self-defense.

Eric Loos is a new student that transferred from another and took the test to earn his status from his prior school. Learning a different curriculum can be difficult, but Eric learned quickly and will now advance at his new school. Good job Eric.

Frank Pelzman tested for the highest belt level earning promotion to 1st Gup red belt with black stripe and will now begin the long training for his Kukkiwon certified black belt. Following not too far back is Chase Nelson who tested successfully for his 3rd Gup blue belt with a red stripe. Chase will probably earn the right to begin black belt training within a year or less.

Also earning promotions were:

5th Gup green belt with blue stripe – Connor Chelini, Erin McLaughlin, Emma Milasevich and Garrett Sharp.

6th Gup green belt – Lillian Bressette, Delaney Foley, Ericka Johnson and Lauren Sharp.

7th Gup yellow belt with green stripe – Fahad and sister Tadi Alhuzaim, Gradey Foley, Kaiden Gardner, Avery Piper and brother and sister Mike and Tiona Schmidt.

8th Gup yellow belt – Eric Loos, Arieonna Navarro, Marcus Page, Cora Rauch and Xiaoyan Wang.

Once again the crowd and the students enjoyed each other as everyone were on a fun and positive high. Some of the testing panel got into the action with Mister Beckworth getting taken apart by some eager Tiny Tigers.

Next on the RMMA agenda will be Feb. 2 at the Zootown Kickdown in Missoula. The next RMMA color belt test will be in early March 2014.

— Submitted by Master Jim Miller

Avery Piper, left, battles Tadi Alhuzaim.

Xiaoyan Wang, right, spares with Cora Rauch.

Connor Chelini.

Erin McLaughlin.

Fahad Alhuzaim.

Frank Pelzman.

Garrett Sharp, green belt, and Chase Nelson demonstrate their poomse.

Lauren “Blondie” Sharp, left, spares with Grady Foley.

Marcus Page.

Tiona Schmidt, right, goes on the offensive against Kaiden Gardner.

Master Jim Miller congratulates Tadi Alhuzaim on her new belt.


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