RMMA students move up in rank

Rocky Mountain Martial Arts tested 26 students for color belt promotion Saturday.

The test was conducted at the RMMA facility by Master Jim Miller and was judged by black belts Sara Senst, Ashlee Rex, Heather Hood, Mike Denny, Jeff Beckett, Scott Beckworth, Chad Armstrong, Jaker Berger and Bob Chambers.

The students tested from beginner 8th gup white belt to 2nd gup red belt. The four that tested for second gup, Brok Martin and Clint, Cheyanne and Savannah Parks, are now only one more belt rank from becoming eligible to test for their World Taekwondo Federation black belt.

The test lasted about two hours and consisted of technique, knowledge, stamina, poomse, forms and sparring. A little fun twist this time was a few rounds of Rhondori with an anything goes format excluding punching and choking. Most takedowns were swift but pins took a little longer.

The students performed very well and all were very competitive and helpful. They are the best of friends until it is time for competition. Some matches were as good as you see at a tournament. The family and friends got into the act with cheers and yells of encouragement.

Receiving promotions were:

8th gup yellow belt: Blair Hamry, Colton Johnson, Marcus McMullen, Brianne Rauch, Owen Storer and Hannah Thorsen.

7th gup yellow belt with green stripe: Amari Cox, Glen Gifford, Ethan McGillen and Kaden Mcgillen.

6th gup green belt: Damon Thurston, Fahad Alhuzaim and Tadi Alhzaim.

5th gup green belt with blue stripe: Neela Grinolds, Montana Parker, Ezekial Piper, Lauren Powers, and Aryana Rowe-Holland.

4th Gup blue belt: Ryan Cardwell

3rd gup blue belt with red stripe: Sam Byrnes.

2nd gup red belt: Brok Martin, Clint Parks, Cheyanne Parks and Savannah Parks

Next on the RMMA agenda will be the Paradise Valley Taekwondo Championships April 12 in Livingston.

RMMA teaches martial arts Monday through Saturday at 3233 Kennedy. Call 434-2754 or check them out at rmma-butte.com or on Facebook.

Photos courtesy Diva Digital Design.