RMMA students fly past tests

To test simply means to try. On Saturday, 26 Rocky Mountain Martial Arts students took that idea above and beyond. In an atmosphere of determination, focus and goodwill they endured two hours of rigorous techniques including floor drills, forms, sparring and self-defense. Parents and friends came to watch and got into the mood with cheering and encouragement.

The color belt test was held at the RMMA facility at 3233 Kennedy St and conducted by school owner Master Jim Miller. Sitting on the panel of judges were: Sara Senst, Heather Hood, Bob Chambers, Scott Beckworth, Jeff Beckett and Mike Denny.

Jake Berger was promoted to 1st Gup red belt with black stripe making him eligible to begin studying and training for his World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Kukkiwon 1st Dan black belt. Moving up to 2nd Gup red belt was Catelyn Stone leaving her with just one more test to reach the same level of preparing for her Kukkiwon studies.

Beginning their journey into the martial arts world were Tiny Tigers 3 year-old Tadi Alhuzaim and 5 year-old Grady Foley each earning their first belt of 9th Gup yellow belt.

Students promoting to 9th Gup yellow belt were: Tadi Alhuzaim, Grady Foley, Jason Giffords Jr, Neela Grinolds, brothers Ethan and Kaden McGillen, Stone Mosilac, Max Offult and Parker Montana.

Promoting to 7th Gup yellow belt with green stripe: Ginny Berryman, John Berryman, Delaney Foley, Lauren Sharp, Lindsey Springer, Teresa Springer and Ty Wyatt.

Promoting to 6th Gup green belt: Emma Milasevich and Garrett Sharp.

Promoting to 5th Gup green belt with blue stripe: Sam Byrnes, Tryston Johnson and Chase Nelson.

Promoting to 4th Gup blue belt: Clint Parks and his twin sisters Cheyanne and Savannah.

Promoting to 2nd Gup red belt: Catelyn Stone.

Promoting to 1st Gup red belt with black stripe: Jake Berger.

RMMA instructs classes 6 days a week at 3233 Kennedy St. Check the club out at rmma-butte.com or by calling 494-2754.

Next on the RMMA agenda will be April 13 at the Electric City invitational in Great Falls.

RMMA will host the Montana Taekwondo State Championships June 1st at the Montana Tech HPER.

— Submitted by Master Jim Miller

Master Mike Denny holds a board as Jake Berger prepares a demonstration Saturday.
Garrett Sharp, front, his sister Lauren “Blondy” Sharp and John Berryman demonstrate punches Saturday.
Tadi Alhuzaim, 3, spars with Grady Foley, 5, during Saturday’s test.
Heather Hood looks on as Master Jim Miller gets thank you kisses from twin sisters Cheyanne, left, and Savannah Parks.
Lauren “Blondy” Sharp takes on the tall task that is Master Scott Beckworth.