RMMA brings home hardware from Livingston

Nine Rocky Mountain Martial Arts athletes traveled to Livingston Saturday to compete in the Paradise Valley Taekwondo Championships hosted by Master Dan Williams owner of the Livingston Taekwondo Academy.

The Paradise Valley tournament is one of the oldest tournaments in Montana and is always run very professional with a smooth and efficient event. The event is sanctioned by the Montana Taekwondo Association. The tournament provided good strong competition with fun matches all day long.

Once again 10 year-old 7th gup Ethan McGillen won the first-place trophy in sparring, while 10th gup white belt Camryn Smith and 8th gup yellow belt Hannah Thorsen competed for the first time. Smith won took second place in poomse and third place in sparring. Thorsen took third in poomse and second in sparring in a boys division.

Erin McLaughlan, a 5th gup green belt with blue stripe, also had to spar in the boys division being both outsized and out ranked she fought to a respectable third-place finish.

Master Miller, Sara Senst and Mackenzie Rosenleaf worked together to coach the RMMA students to the following finishes:

Neela Grinolds – 5th gup green belt with blue stripe – 3rd in poomse and 2nd sparring.

Erin McLaughlan – 5th gup green belt with blue stripe – 2nd poomse and 3rd sparring

Ethan McGillen – 7th gup yellow belt with green stripe – 3rd poomse and 1st sparring

Emma Milasevich – 5th gup green belt with blue stripe – 2nd poomse and 3rd sparring

Marcus Page – 8th gup yellow belt – 2nd poomse and 3rd sparring

Montana Parker – 5th gup green belt with blue stripe – 2nd poomse and 3rd sparring

Frank Pelzman – 1st gup red belt with black stripe – 2nd poomse and 2nd sparring

Camryn Smith – 10th gup white belt – 2nd poomse and 3rd sparring

Hannah Thorsen – 8th gup yellow belt – 3rd poomse and 2nd sparring

Next on the RMMA agenda will be the Montana State Championships May 17th in Great Falls, actual champions are declared in each division.

RMMA teaches classes six days a week. For more information go to www.rmma-butte.com, visit their Facebook page, call 494-2754 or stop by at 3233 Kennedy St.

Frank Pelzman

Marcus Page

Neela Grinolds, left, and Emma Milasevich

Hannah Thorsen

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