Powers wins shoot off to claim city trap title

Powers wins shoot off to claim city trap title

Mark Powers won a five-way shoot off Wednesday night wo win the Butte City Shoot at the Butte Trap Club.

Powers broke 97 out of 100 targets to tie him with Jake Taverna, Al Petersen, Jayson Kress and Timm Cassidy. After two rounds of overtime, Powers eventually outlasted Taverna for the title.

Peterson won the League Champion trophy whit his 97 out of 100. Dean Vesco bested Chad Fellows in a shot off to win the League B trophy.

Results follow:

Champion                   –           Mark Powers               97×100  24,24 s.o.

Class AA                      –           Tim Cassidy                 97×100 23 s.o.

Class A                        –           Jake Taverna               97×100 24, 23 s.o.

Class B                         –           Kevin Zimpel               94×100

Class C                         –           Jayson Kress                97×100 22 s.o.

Class D                         –           Sherri Snyder              84×100

Lady                            –           Kim McClafferty          80×100

Veteran                       –           Dana Miller                 92×100


League Champion      –           Al Petersen                 97×100 21 s.o.

League A                     –           Justin Lerum               96×100

League B                     –           Dean Vesco                 96×100 22 s.o.

over Chad Fellows              96×100  20 s.o.

League C                     –           Scott Ruark                 90×100

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