Our coaches cannot be Nancy boys

Our coaches cannot be Nancy boys

Over the last few months, the name Karen has been unfairly tarnished.

Every time some ornery middle-aged white woman with an “I want to speak to your manager” hair style has a public meltdown, people say, “What a Karen.”

I am not sure why the name Karen was picked because most of the women I know by that name are very nice, kindhearted people.

It must have something to do with the way Ray Liotta says “Karen” on the movie “Goodfellas.” Whatever the origin, it has shot up the offensive words chart with a bullet.

If you do not believe that, try calling your wife a Karen some time.

Well, Karen is not the first woman to have her name smeared. Just ask Nancy. Wimpy guys spoiled her name years ago.

“Oh, he’s a Nancy boy,” we would say of a guy who was being what Sam Malone would call a wussy little fraidy cat.

I tried to stop using that term when one of my Nancy friends complained about me calling a guy a Nancy boy in print.

Today, however, I have to use it because there is no other way to describe Butte High football coach Arie Grey’s refusal to sit in the dunking booth during next month’s cornhole tournament to raise money for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Spokane.

Grey is being a great big Nancy boy.

The tournament will be held July 18 at Copper Mountain Park. It was started by and is being run by the Butte High and Butte Central players and cheerleaders who were selected for the 2020 Montana East-West Shrine Game.

Since the game was wiped out by the coronavirus, the players decided to do something to make sure the hospital does not go completely empty handed this summer.

A dunking booth will be included in the fun to help raise a few more bucks.

Grey, a former Deer Lodge Warden and Montana State Bobcat, however, is refusing to take a seat in the dunking booth.

Not only is the coach giving a black eye to his alma matters by being a wussy little fraidy cat, he is depriving the hospital patients of a few needed bucks.

As soon as I saw a dunking booth would be included at the tournament, I messaged Grey.

“You gonna be in the dunking booth at the cornhole tournament?” I texted.

“Nope,” Grey responded.

“Sissy,” I said.

“Yep,” Grey admitted.

“My mission is to get you in that booth,” I said.

Then, Grey responded with a text that is hard not to take as a dare.

“Good luck with that.”

Big mistake. Huge.

Imagine how many moms and dads who know how to better utilize the talent pool at Butte High than Grey would spend to dunk the cocky coach with a $70 haircut. I know a couple of referees who will pay big bucks to the best American Legion pitchers in town to sink Grey.

Not only should Grey take a seat in the booth to raise some money, all high school coaches in town should.

Longtime Butte Central coach Don Peoples Jr. would draw quite a few dollars to the Shriners in the dunking booth.

They could probably get away with charging $10 per throw at Coach Peoples.

His brother Doug could raise enough to wipe out the national debt.

We would have every player who graduated from Butte Central over the last 30 years lined up to get a throw in to sink Doug. Billings Central, too.

Of course, to be fair, we should let Doug get in a few throws, as well. There has to be some referees, coaches, doctors and parents, and maybe even a sportswriter, he would like to dunk.

Think about all the players who would like to get back at Maury Cook, Matt Luedtke, Brodie Kelly and Meg Murphy for all those line drills. Or Guy Wadas and Bob Johnson for all those 10-mile runs at 7 a.m. in the summer.

Ryan Stosich and Eric Mankins could use a few dunks from their players, too. Same for Cody Carpenter, Jacob Steilman, Dan McGree, Becky Hancock and Dorothy Joyce.

We would probably have to let Mankins and Cook wear swimming caps to cover their pretty hair.

Lynn Shrader would definitely take a seat, but who wants to dunk the swimming coach?

Montana Tech coaches Kyle Samson, Sean Ryan, Carly Sanon and especially Adam Hiatt would raise some bucks in the dunking booth.

Butte Miners coach Jeff LeProwse will be in Three Forks with his team that day. That is too bad because we know we have at least one mom who would pay big bucks to throw things at him.

Butte High wrestling coach Cory Johnston would for sure take a seat in the booth. So would Robin Moodry because wrestling coaches would never be accused of being Nancy boys.

I bet even Bulldog cheerleading coach Holly Carpenter would take one for the team.

High school coaches are not paid enough to pay to try sink every parent who gave them a bad time over the years. But it sure would be fun to see some of those problem parents volunteer for a short spell.

They know who they are. Oh, they will not admit it, but they know.

The one I really want, though, is Grey. I have been pitching a ton of batting practice to little leaguers and collecting cans for more than a month to get ready for him.

I have publicly stated that when it comes to his coaching and teaching, Grey is the best hire Butte High has made in the last 40 years.

All the Butte High players selected to the Shrine Game this year think the world of Grey, and they should. He is a great coach and a great leader, but he is banking too much on that on keeping him dry.

Grey figures guys like Kobe and Kameron Moreno and Konor McClafferty are not willing to use their muscle to get him in the tank.

“Aaron Richards has no loyalties to you,” I texted Grey, referring to the monster former Butte Central lineman who is heading to Montana State with former Bulldog quarterback Tommy Mellott.

“I think he will take care of me,” Grey said.

“Not if the price is right,” I responded.

“I can pay as well,” Grey said.

As it turns out, Grey does not have enough money to buy his way out of this one. The Moreno brothers, McClafferty and Richards all agreed that they will make sure Grey makes a dunking booth appearance.

They will likely also drop a few bucks to try to sink him.

Mellott organized the event, and he says Grey will definitely take a seat in the booth, whether the coach likes it or not.

There is no way Grey can say no to Mellott, one of the greatest Bulldogs of all time, on and off the field. There is no way he can stop the Moreno brothers or McClafferty.

There is no way he can say no to all those cute little kids in the Shriners commercials.

He would have to be a real Karen to be that big of a Nancy boy.

— Bill Foley, who has been called a wussy little fraidy cat a time or two, writes a column that usually appears Tuesdays on ButteSports.com. He is writing more frequently during the coronavirus lockdown. Email him at foleya@buttesports.com. Follow him at twitter.com/Foles74. 1 comment

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  • Rick Anderson
    June 27, 2020, 7:30 am

    Great article Foles!


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