NFL dumbing down again

NFL dumbing down again

By Bill Foley

As Troy Aikman pulled out his hair calling yet another meltdown by his beloved Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, word broke on the internet about possible simplification on coin tosses for the 2020 season.

Yes, the NFL feels that flipping a coin is too complicated for the players and, more importantly, the officials.

The coin toss basically comes down to camps. There’s my dad’s “what kind of a dumb (SOB) would call tales?” faction, and then there are those who agree that tails never fails.

Note: My dad really did say that.

The Cowboys and the officials messed that up in Week 15 before Dallas beat the Rams.

When legendary Montana Tech coach Bob Green would see an NFL player mess something up, he would wonder what they are doing with their time. His players never made such mistakes, and they also had to deal with physics and calculous classes and chemistry labs.

In the NFL, they just have to worry about football.

In defense of Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott — who seems like the smartest Cowboy, which is akin to being the best team in the NFC East — he did not mess up “heads” or “tails.”

He just accidentally elected to kick off after winning the toss instead of deferring the team’s choice until the second half.

Prescott tried to correct himself, but the officials did not hear him. Dallas, it was ruled, would kick off to begin both halves of the game.

Fortunately, the NFL noticed the goof in the league offices, and the officials fixed the goof before the start of the second half, and the Cowboys received the ball.

In John Madden football, you only have two choices: receive or kickoff. If you choose to kick, you get the ball at the start of the second half.

The NFL might dumb down their rules to offer the same two choices because the “defer” option is too confusing to some, including the doctors, lawyers and dentists who serve as officials for the league.

And you wonder why these guys can’t go through one game without at least five blatantly obvious bad calls.

This confusion on the kickoff would also seem explain how every once in a while you will see a story about a surgeon who amputates the wrong foot. That doctor was probably also an NFL referee.

The incident is also NFL problem solving 101. Instead of getting rid of the incompetent boob who messed up the coin toss, they are looking at dumbing down the coin toss.

Speaking of dumbing down, the Cowboys can still win their division at 8-8 with a win a win Sunday at home against the pathetic team from Washington coupled with an Eagles loss at the Giants.

Meanwhile, Bears coach Matt Nagy chose to keep his team out of the playoffs for some reason. Nagy works in mysterious ways.

That means my interest in the NFL this season is no more, and this will be my last picks column until next September.

Baring a disastrous final week, I will close out a fairly strong season. Last week’s 9-7 performance — straight up and against the spread — brought me to 151-89 on the season. I am two games below .500 at 119-121 against Vegas.

Following are my Week 17 picks. The lines are from ESPN, the dumbed-down leader in sports. All games are on Sunday this week.

Chicago (plus 1) at Minnesota
And so the 20-game winning streak that will culminate with a victory in Super Bowl LV begins.

Bears by 10

New York Jets (plus 1.5) at Buffalo
Win or lose, the Williams are heading back to the playoffs.

Jets by 3

Cleveland (plus 3) at Cincinnati
With the first pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select …

Browns by 15

Green Bay (minus 12.5) at Detroit
The Lions enter this game at 3-11-1. How did they ever get three?

Packers by 29

Los Angeles Chargers (plus 9.5) at Kansas City
Kansas City can get a bye if the they win and the Patriots lose to the Dolphins.

In other news, Kansas City will host a playoff game next week.

Chefs by 11

Miami (plus 15.5) at New England
There has never been a more sure thing in the NFL.

Patriots by 300

Atlanta (plus 1.5) at Tampa Bay
The Jameis Winston era in Tampa ends with a whimper.

Falcons by 7

New Orleans (plus 13) at Carolina
One more game until Mike McCarthy finally hang his pictures in the Carolina head coach’s office.

Saints by 20

Philadelphia (plus 4.5) at New York Giants
The legend of Daniel Jones became the first rookie in NFL history to pass for 350-plus yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions in last week’s win at Washington.

Granted, it was at Washington, but the Eagles are still in trouble.

Giants by 1

Washington (plus 11) at Dallas
Look who will be dumbing down the playoffs.

Cowboys by 2

Arizona (no line) at Los Angeles Rams
Soon-to-be free agent Cardinals running back Kenyan Drake is looking to get paid after another huge game last week.

Hate the Drake!

Cards by 2

Oakland (plus 3.5) at Denver
The Raiders can make the playoffs at 8-8 with a win and wins by the Colts, Ravens and Texans.

How fun would a Dallas-Oakland Super Bowl be?

Raiders by 4

Indianapolis (minus 4) at Jacksonville
Step 2 for the Raiders …

Colts by 10

Pittsburgh (minus 1.5) at Baltimore
Step 3 …

Ravens by 10

Tennessee (plus 3.5) at Houston
And the Raiders are in …

Texans by 7

San Francisco (minus 3.5) at Seattle
Beast Mode returning to the Seahawks is kind of like Jake Taylor returning to Cleveland.

“I wish we had him two years ago.”

“We did.”

“Well four years ago, then.”

49ers by 3

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