Montana Set to Kick off Shot Clock Era

Montana Set to Kick off Shot Clock Era

35-second shot clock will be required for all high school basketball games in Montana. Although some exceptions will be made for the upcoming season, all gyms must be equipped with the technology by 2023-24.

Whether fans, coaches, players, and others may like or dislike the change, it’s happening, gone are the days of milking the clock with leads in important high school games for several minutes before shooting at the buzzer.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not discrediting any prior teams or coaches for stalling the ball to get W’s. It’s a strategy and some used it to their advantage, and it worked great for many, but let’s face it.

It’s boring.

The shot clock was first introduced to the Association in the 1954-1955 season because a lot of teams were getting a small lead and then stalling the basketball for the rest of the game. The only way the trailing team could get the basketball back was to foul repeatedly until the offensive team went to the free-throw line. Which led to low attendance and boring matchups, so something was done about it.

The high school shot clock is simple, impactful, and is the perfect amount of time to run a fluent offense if your team is playing smart, fundamental basketball; while also removing the opportunity for teams to milk the clock and hold the basketball for several minutes at a time.

Change in life is inevitable, this is going to be great for the game. Onward and upward Montana.


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