Montana Handball results

By Don Foley

Sam Sottosanti III captured the Open Singles Championship in the 38th Annual Bill Ryan and Al Bersanti Memorial Handball Tournament at the Elks on Sunday. Sottosanti, of Butte, defeated Pocatello’s Carson Taysom 21-12, 12-21, 11-9 in a thrilling final. Sottosanti defeated Sand Point’s Chris Tico in one semifinal. Taysom defeated ten-time tournament champion Brett Badovinac in the other semifinal. It is Sottosanti’s first Ryan/Bersanti title.

Billings’ Mike Meyer captured the Super Golden Masters for players 60 and over. He defeated East Helena’s John Larson in the final 21-11, 21-12

Pocatello’s Carson Taysom and Manny Mendoza defeated Mike Meyer and Don Foley 21-8, 21-20 to capture the first ever doubles title in the Ryan/Bersanti tournament.

Complete Results:


First Round – Don Foley, Butte d. Sam Sottosanti II, Ohio; Austin Meyers, Bozeman d. Dawson Huff, Butte

Quarterfinals – Brett Badovinac, Butte d. Don Foley 21-10, 21-6; Carson Taysom, Pocatello d. Marcus Madrazo, Butte 21-20, 21-8; Chris Tico, Sand Point d. Manny Mendoza, Pocatello 21-10, 21-6; Sam Sottosanti III, Butte d. Austin Meyers 21-5, 21-9

Semifinals – Taysom d. Badovinac 21-13, 21-20; Sottosanti d. Tico 21-19-21-9

Final – Sottosanti d. Taysom 21-12, 12-21, 11-9

Super Golden Masters (60+)

Pool 1 – Scott Salo, Butte d. Tom Madrazo, Butte 21-12, 21-13; John Larson, East Helena d. Scott Salo 21-13, 21-9; Larson d. Madrazo

Pool 2 – Mike Hitchcock, Butte d. Eric Howe, Divide 21-10, 21-16; Mike Meyer, Billings d. Eric Howe 21-8, 21-18; Meyer d. Hitchcock 21-14, 21-14

5th – Madrazo d. Howe 8-21, 21-19, 11-2

3rd – Hitchcock d. Salo 21-20, 21-12

1st – Meyer d. Larson 21-11, 21-12


Pool 1 – Carson Taysom and Manny Mendozo, Pocatello d. Austin Meyers, Bozeman and John Larson, East Helena 21-10, 4-21, 11-6; Taysom and Mendoza d. Marcus Madrazo and Dawson Huff, Butte; Meyers and Larson d. Madrazo and Huff

Pool 2 – Mike Meyer, Billings and Don Foley, Butte d. Sam Sottosanti II, Ohio and Sam Sottosanti III, Butte 14-21, 21-18, 11-8; Sottosanti and Sottosanti d. Cody Schumacher and Nick Piazzola, Butte; Meyer and Foley d. Schumacher and Piazzola

5th – Madrazo and Huff d. Schumacher and Piazzola

3rd – Sottosanti and Sottosanti d. Meyers and Larson 21-19, 21-12

1st – Taysom and Mendoza d. Meyer and Foley 21-8, 21-20

A Consolation

Semifinals – Marcus Madrazo d. Don Foley 16-21, 21-13, 11-5; Austin Meyers d. Manny Mendoza

Final – Madrazo d. Meyers 21-13, 15-21, 11-8

B Consolation

Semifinals – Sam Sottosanti II d. Cody Schumacher; Dawson Huff d. Nick Piazzola

Third – Piazzola d. Schumacher

Final – Sottosanti d. Huff 21-10, 21-16



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