Moline claims trap title with shootout victory

Moline claims trap title with shootout victory

Mark Moline topped Dana Miller by one shot in a shootout to claim the championship at the Butte Trap Club’s City Shoot Wednesday night.

The shootout came after Moline and Miller each broke 99 out of 100 target to tie for the top spot. Moline broke all 25 targets in the shootout. Miller broke 24.

In all, 37 shooters competed on the rainy, windy night.

Miller won the Class A title with the 99. Rich Long won the AA category with a 92 out of 100, and Kevin Zimpel won the Class C trophy with a 95.

Dave Vicevich won the League champion trophy by breaking 98 out of 100 targets, and Scott White won the League A trophy with his 95 score.  Colleen Fink laid claim to the Lady’s trophy and Brandon Lyons won the Junior category.

John Wombold won the first Annie Oakley. Jason Cartin took second, and Robert Edwards placed third.

John Wombold and Mike Hinman tied in the second Annie Oakley. Jake Taverna took third.


Champion          Mark Moline                          99×100 25 s.o.

Class AA            Rich Long                              93×100

Class A               Dana Miller                            99×100 24 s.o.

Class B               Jeff Ault                                 94×100

Class C               Kevin Zimpel                         95×100

Class D               Roger Terry                           92×100

Lady                    Colleen Fink                         85×100

Junior                 Brandon Lyons                     93×100

Vet                       Mel Kieninger                       89×100

League Shooters

League Champ Dave Vicevich          98×100

Class A               Scott White               95×100

Class B               John Wombold         95×100

Class C               Hannah Anderson   82×100



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