Mining City wrestlers shine at Cyclops & Middle School tourney

The wrestling season may have concluded for the high schools, but that doesn’t mean wrestling season is over. Not by a long shot. This past weekend, Mining City hosted two major wrestling tournaments for the younger kids and high schoolers who wanted additional mat time.

The annual Cyclops tournament and the Mining City Middle School wrestling tournaments took place on February 17th, with the Cyclops continuing into the 18th for the older participants. Kids who wrestled in the middle school tournament on Saturday got to wrestle in the Cyclops meet on Sunday.

Mining City Middle School Tournament

Forty-four junior high programs and 510 participants converged to the one place in Montana where all significant roads meet. East Middle School and Butte Central were the two schools to represent Butte in the tournament, with both schools having two kids walk away with 1st place victories.

Crew O’Connor and Bealy Norris represented East Middle School as the two Bullpup champions. Remington Grunhuvd and Paxton McEwens repped the Maroons as the two Central Middle School champions.

Crew O’Connor finished the event with four wins in the 84-88 pound division. His first two matches were sub-one-minute pinfall victories. Crew won his semifinal match by a score of 8-4, and a score of 2-0 was enough to win his championship match after getting the lone takedown in the first period. 

Bealy Norris finished 1st in the Girls 136-146 division after three victories. With her first match being won by pinfall and her second match being won by forfeit, Norris took the top spot after a decisive 10-0 major decision win in the championship round.

East Middle School also saw Zachary McLarnon, Beckham Kinsey, and Adalie Hazlett finish 2nd place in their respective weight classes. McLarnon finished 2-1 in the 61-67 pound division, with all wins coming from pinfalls. Kinsey finished 3-1 in the 88-94 pound division after starting his day with a barn-burning 3-2 victory. Hazlett, sister of All-State freshman Bode Hazlett, stormed into the finals with three wins by pinfalls in under a minute. She would lose 1-0 in her championship match, which could have gone either way.

Keeleigh Doherty finished in 3rd place in the 114-122 pound class after a revenge overtime win in the consolation finals against the girl who beat her in the quarterfinals.

Hunter Lapier, Blaise Perez, Lariah LeDeau, Tazlyn Huffman, and Sage Queer all took 4th place to round out the Bullpup podium placers.

Paxton McEwen, brother of State champion Maverick McEwen, donned the maroon singlet at the 70-76 pound division as he cruised through the first two rounds by pinfall and a 6-3 victory in the semifinals. Pax faced Kaden Aguayo, brother of 2x state champ Makael Aguayo, of Billings/Team CHAMPS in the championship match. Pax would get a clutch reversal in the third period to seal a 2-0 win for McEwen.

Remington Grunhuvd, brother of State placers Sophie and Nevaeh Grunhuvd, fired off his first two rounds with pinfall victories in the 94-97 pound division. Rem was able to rely on defense in a 2-1 victory in the semifinals. Rem won his championship match by a score of 4-2 thanks to his tenacity and overall technique.

Brennan Lester placed 2nd in the 113-123 pound division for the Maroons after going 3-1 for the day with two pinfalls in the first two rounds, followed by a 7-5 nailbiter to send him to the championship round, where he would lose via pinfall.

According to results, East Middle School finished 2nd place with 75 points, behind Team Champs of Billings, who scored 97 points. Butte Central placed 19th with 29 points.

The best part about this event was that it was a one-day event that allowed the wrestlers to participate in the Cyclops tournament the next day, which is what most young wrestlers did.


The 19th annual Cyclops wrestling tournament feels a little extra special this year. The tournament is named after Don Tamietti, a legendary coach and mentor for young kids who participated in wrestling. The Cyclops wrestling tournament is honored as a tribute to the Butte icon, who was selected as one of the newest members of the coveted Butte Sports Hall of Fame.

1,157 young participants filled the Civic Center for the two-day Cyclops wrestling tournament. The first day of competition was for the Tots, Bantams, and Midget age groups, followed by the Novice, Schoolboy, Cadet, and Elite on day two.

The Two wrestling clubs representing the Mining City were the Butte Wrestling Club (BWC) and the Mine Yard Dogs (MYD). Ten Butte wrestlers could strike gold and finish in first place; 17 kids took home the silver, and 14 left with the bronze.

Clayton Hoffman (MYD) stood atop the Tot 55 class after finishing with three wins. All three wins came by way of pinfall, including a quick 26-second pin in the championship round.

Brooklyn Giacoletto (MYD) finished 3-0 in the Girls Tot 50 class with a sub-one-minute pinfall, a 9-3 decision win, a forfeit victory, and a gold medal to add to her young collection.

Reid LeProwse (MYD) continues to impress after finishing a perfect 5-0 in the Bantam 55 class. LeProwse began his journey with a 15-4 major decision victory in the first round, followed by a 33-second pinfall in the second round. Two ten-point deficit wins in the quarter and semifinals led him into the championship round, where he won on a 10-6 decision victory.

Aria Giacoletto (MYD) also brought home a gold medal after two impressive wins in the Bantam Girls 70-75. Arias’ first win was a 14-4 major decision, followed by a 33-second pinfall for her second win.

Adalie Hazlett followed her 2nd place finish at the Middle School tourney with a gold medal in the Girls Novice 109 class. Two pinfall victories led her to a tech fall win in the championship round. That wasn’t all for Hazlett; she also finished 5th in the Novice 105 class that saw boys wrestling. Hazlett finished 4-2 in the class, with all four wins being pinfall victories. When it was all said and done for Hazlett, she finished 3-1 on Saturday and 7-2 on Sunday. Overall, it was a busy weekend for a bright up-and-comer.

Two-time all-state Bulldog Keegan Hunt finished undefeated in the Cadet 120 class with four wins over neighboring opponents. Hunt pinned all four of his opponents, which included Bulldog teammate Bladen Horne of the Butte Wrestling Club, Cale Hoover from Whitehall, Roddy Wyant from Anaconda, and teammate Conner Espelin.

One-half of the All-State sisters,  Sophie Grunhuvd (MYD), topped the Girls Cadet 132-138 class with two convincing pinfall victories. Colter Espelin (MYD) conquered the Elite 119 class with a pinfall win and a 12-10 decision victory. Kaiden Dolan (MYD), who represents the Mine Yard Dogs out of Deer Lodge, finished with two pinfall wins for his gold medal. The other half of the All-State sisters, Nevaeh Grunhuvd, took home the gold in the Elite 145 class after three pinfall victories, including one over fellow MYD and Anaconda Copperhead Ryleigh Warner.

Ciaran Gallagher (BWC) finished 2nd in the Tot 40 class after a 5-1 finish. Four of his five pins were all done in under one minute. Owen Hollamon (MYD) finished 4-1, with his only loss being to a kid from Sturgis, South Dakota. Owen’s hand was raised with three pinfalls and a tech-fall victory.

Samson Rauch (MYD) had his hand raised SEVEN times at the Bantam 50 class. His sole loss came in the quarterfinals. Rauch battled in a grueling 9-6 victory over fellow Butte Wrestling Club’s Vincent Schwartzer in round four of the consolations. Two pinfalls and two decision wins later meant Rauch clawed his way to a hard-fought silver medal.

Beau Benski (BWC) notched a 2nd place finish in the Bantam 70 class after finishing 2-1 on the day. Blaine Murphy finished second in the Girls Bantam 70-75 class behind Aria Giacoletto. Her tech-fall victory sealed the silver medal in the three-girl class.

“Mad Dog” Maddison Brown (MYD) took home the silver in the Girls Midget 60 class. Brown finished 4-1 on the day in a challenging class. A tech-fall victory followed by a loss in the semis meant she could battle her way back through the consolations. A pinfall victory and two decision victories later means the silver medal was hers.

Like her brother, Samson, Eme Rauch (MYD) left with the silver medal in the Girls Midget 70-75 class. Eme picked up three wins and one loss. Two wins by pinfall and her last one by tech fall.

Paxton McEwen (MYD) continued his impressive performance into Sunday, finishing 2nd with a record of 3-1 on the day. Pax, who took first place in the Middle School tournament, lost 5-0 in the championship match. Pax had two pinfalls and an 11-0 major decision to get to the championship round.

Braydon Regan (BWC) won a silver medal after finishing with a 2-1 record in the Novice 120 class. Regan won by tech fall in his first match and got a 32-second pinfall win to lead him into the finals, where he would lose by pinfall.

Rebekah Henke (BWC) finished her day with a 3-1 record in the Girls Novice 100 class. Henke’s sole loss came against Quinn Lindsley, the sister of All-American Kylie Lindsley, who is out of Belgrade. Two pinfalls and a major decision victory were enough for Henke to finish with the silver.

Remington Grunhuvd (MYD) finished similarly to his teammate Paxton McEwen by taking the silver medal in the Cadet 98 class. Rem finished 3-1, with a one-point loss in the quarterfinals. Rem would battle back with a forfeit win, a 10-1 major decision, and a pinfall to redeem himself.

In Cadet 120, Conner Espelin (MYD) and Reveles McEwen (MYD) would take home the silver and bronze, with Espelin defeating McEwen in the semis.

Ryder McEwen (MYD) would come off his all-state performance and take second in the Cyclops tournament after a 3-1 performance in the Cadet 145 class. All three of Ryder’s wins were by pinfall.

Ryleigh Warner (MYD) stormed back with two quick pins en route to a 2nd place finish behind Nevaeh Grunhuvd.

Will Stepan (BWC) would finish 2nd place with two sub-one-minute pinfalls. Stepans only loss came from Nikola Coles of Combat School. Coles won the Class AA state championship earlier this month.

The Mine Yard Dogs finished in 2nd place with a score of 145 points. Team Champs of Billings took home the 1st place team trophy with a score of 153. The Butte Wrestling Club took the 10th spot on the team scores.

The list of all place winners:

1st Place: Adalie Hazlett (BWC), Clayton Hoffman (MYD), Brooklyn Giacoletto (MYD), Reid LeProwse (MYD), Aria Giacoletto (MYD), Sophie Grunhuvd, (MYD), Keegan Hunt (MYD), Colter Espelin (MYD), Nevaeh Grunhuvd (MYD), Kaiden Dolan (MYD)

2nd Place: Ciaran Gallagher (BWC), Owen Hollamon (MYD), Samson Rauch (MYD), Beau Benski (BWC), Blaine Murphy (BWC), Zayna Gustafson (BWC), Maddison Brown (MYD), Eme Rauch (MYD), Paxton McEwen (MYD), Rebekah Henke (BWC), Braydon Regan (BWC), Remington Grunhuvd (MYD), Easton Dawes (BWC), Conner Espelin (MYD), Ryder McEwen (MYD), Ryleigh Warner (MYD), Will Stepan (BWC)

3rd Place: Ledger Tracy (BWC), Zelina Gustafson (BWC), Huck Sholey (MYD), Addyson Hicks (MYD), Elias McEwen (MYD), Rhett Dunne (BWC), Jayd Tinsley (BWC), Brystol Richards (BWC), Jonathan Dryden (MYD), Shawn Durham (BWC), Felicity Stevens (MYD), Crew O’Connor (BWC), Reveles McEwen (MYD), Jake Bailey (BWC)

4th Place: Pedro Guajardo (MYD), Greyson Robinson (MYD), Jonathan Halvosen (BWC), Hudson Clary (BWC), Mark Johnston III (BWC), Bearick McEwen (MYD), Odin Dixon (MYD), Cooper Phillips (BWC), Blake Ellingson (MYD), Brentlee Richards (BWC), Aria Sherrill (BWC)

5th Place: Talon Blunt (BWC),  Kashto Griffin (BWC), Avery Costello (BWC), Tysen Bennetts (MYD), Azlyn Cox (MYD), Oliver Rivers (BWC), Tynlee Cooper (BWC), Cash O’Connors (BWC), James Lockyer (BWC), Adalie Hazlett (BWC), Elle Eckerson (BWC), Sage Queer (BWC)

6th Place: Witten Hettick (BWC), Travis Loomis (BWC), Lily Podgorski (BWC), Tripp Johnston (BWC), Noah Hollamon (MYD), Ezekiel Phillips (BWC), Falyn Devoid (BWC), Logan Bush (BWC), Brody Hernandez (MYD), Aiden Maesar (BWC), Bladen Horne (BWC), Finn Wortham (BWC),

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