Mining City Little Guy Football Week 1 round up

Week 1 Little Guy Round-up

4th Grade

Casagranda’s Seahawks 12 vs. Harington Pepsi Patriots 7

The Patriots Put Up a Valiant Fight Against the Seahawks.

On Tuesday, September 5, the Mining City Little Guy Football team known as the Patriots took to the field against the Seahawks in a thrilling showdown that had spectators on the edge of their seats. While the final score read 12-7 in favor of the Seahawks, the Patriots displayed unwavering determination and remarkable individual performances that deserve recognition.

Caedan Lacey, a standout receiver for the Patriots, was a force to be reckoned with. His sure hands and agility made several catches, and his highlight reel moment came with a spectacular touchdown run that left the crowd in awe.

Knox Markovich, holding down the center position, not only provided critical snaps but also proved his mettle on the defensive end with numerous tackles, including a memorable big hit that resonated through the game as well as a key interception.

Roper Henke, a key member of the offensive line, showcased his versatility by contributing on both sides of the ball. His impressive blocks on offense created openings, and on defense, he played the linebacker position with intensity, tallying several tackles.

Colin Kahtani, another linchpin of the offensive line, displayed his dominance on the defensive front. He was a force to be reckoned with, consistently disrupting the Seahawks’ plays and contributing to several tackles.

Brody Evenson, with two fantastic catches at receiver, demonstrated his reliability in crucial moments. He was equally impactful on defense, where he displayed versatility and a relentless pursuit of the ball, making tackles all over the field.

Little Guy Football started last week, teams 4-6th grade play at Copper Mountain Park. (Photo by Danny Fosness for Butte Sports.)

Despite the final score, it’s clear that the Patriots left their hearts on the field, showcasing teamwork, dedication, and a passion for the game that will serve them well in future matchups. While this game may not have ended in their favor, the Patriots’ relentless spirit and individual heroics are a testament to the exciting future that lies ahead for these young athletes. With their continued hard work and determination, the Mining City Little Guy Football Patriots are bound to achieve great things on the gridiron.

The Seahawks were led by Tucker (T-Train) McIntyre who scored 2 touchdowns.   Micaul (the coyote) Wiley rushed for a 2-point conversion and ran the ball hard all game long.    Dalton (no Flaws) Dawes came up huge as well with a long run to set up the go-ahead touchdown and had a critical pass break-up to seal the win.   Reddic (The Riot) Hiatt had a big game at receiver, and Cashton (Cash Money) Schneider was a force in the trenches.

Universal Athletic Bengals vs. Thriftway Cardinals


The Bengals played their first game of the season tonight and it was one to remember. The defense struggled to stop the Cardinals on the first possession of the game giving up a touchdown and the offense was not much better dropping a pass and fumbling on their first drive which led to yet another Touchdown and extra point by the Cardinals. After that the Bengals were ready to roll. Luke Connors brought the offense alive completing a couple passes and taking off for a couple big runs. One of those passes was caught by Keaton Cunningham who reached out and snagged the ball to keep the drive alive on 4th down. Landon Cullen and Sawyer Hunt both had a couple hard runs and the Bengals ended the half with a touchdown pass from Luke to Trae Hansen. The second half started pretty similar to the first with another fumble by the Bengals, but Trae would make up for it a couple plays later by making an interception. Reid Hoffman was at the helm in the second half and had a few great passes and took off for a couple good runs.  With a combination of a great snap of the ball by Cooper Petersen, who played incredible at center in all the first half and some of the second, and great blocking by all the offensive line, led by Hudson Bennett and Killian O’Connell, Trae made some shifty moves and was able to scramble down and score another touchdown. Defense came up huge to force a 4 and out with help from a potent secondary including Sage Tomsheck, Cayson Durkin, Dakota Sternod and Ryman McCarthy which included a huge sack by Hunter Summers who was unstoppable at the defensive end position. The Bengals had a chance to get the ball back with just a few plays left to try and win the game. Sean Tomsheck and Bolton Hettick both had a great run to the middle of the field to pick up one first down, but the Bengals came up short at the end as time ran out. All and all it was a great effort and the Bengals look like a team to look out for this season as they showed they have no quit.

Scoring the first touchdown of the Cardinals 2023 season opener, Pierce “The Punisher” Collins made the gridiron look like a ballroom the way he danced up field and in to the end zone, his footwork made him unstoppable anytime the ball was in his possession. Kooper ” Freight Train” Conway, stopped the Bengals dead in their tracks anytime they tried to move the ball in his direction, his quickness and keen eye got him his fair share of great tackles that led to lost yards for the Bengals. Anthony “Wrecking Ball” Moreno came up big with a nice QB sack after narrowly missing a sack the play prior. Also coming up big on the defensive side of things was Cooper “Sniper” Coffing. His ability to track anything in the air and get a hand on it was critical to the Cardinals defense in keeping the Bengals pass game to a minimum. Lucas ” Raging Bull” Rankin was unable to be contained. He annihilated anyone that got in his way on both sides of the ball, he is a true powerhouse and will prove to be crucial to the offensive and defensive lines for the Cardinals this season.

5th Grade

Bank of Butte Cowboys vs. Newland and Company Bears

Cowboys: 32  – Bears: 16

It was a fantastic start of the season for the Bank of Butte Cowboys. The offense was led by a two touchdown performance by Bridger Grant. Bridger was on the receiving end of two off quarterback, Cole O’Connor’s, 3 touchdown passes. Cameron Johnston also found pay dirt with a long touchdown catch. O’Connor added a rushing touchdown and added 4 successful PATs.

The Cowboy’s defense was stingy all game long. Kolton Knutson was all over the field making it tough on the opposition the entire game. Ryan Ferriter also wreaked havoc on the backfield from his defensive end position. Dustin Watts had 1 pass break-up and 1 interception adding a huge spark to a great defensive effort.

The Bears had a great debut with several notable players. Braden Regan had a sack and interception, Knox Cramer also contributed with a sack and several tackles. We also saw outstanding defensive play by Traysen Jensen and Wyatt Edelen.

On offense Paxton McEwen ran for two touchdowns. He was helped out by big receptions from Gavin Morgan to Mason Lowney.

Gavin Wadas was 2/2 on PATs.

Go Bears!!!

Little Guy Football Copper Mountain Park. (Photo Danny Fosness for Butte Sports file photo.)

Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers vs. McQueen Athletic Club Giants

McQueen Athletic Club Giants 32, Steelers 12

Little Guy Football in the Mining City is back, the McQueen Athletic Club Giants had their first game of the season against the Steelers Thursday night at Copper Mountain. The Giants were led by the two headed monster of a backfield led by Kale “sweet feet” Alexander and Gavin “the steam roller” Norris. Kale ran for 3 scores and caught a pass on a two-point conversion, while Norris scored two touchdowns.

Benny “the jet” Donaldson led his team admirably under center as he conducted and orchestrated the offense to the tune of his own drum making good decision after good decision, he also intercepted a ball on defense. After a false start Donaldson found Colt “The wrecking ball” Horsley on a 15-yard seam for a 1-point conversion. All the scoring was made possible by the lead men up front Greyson “baby Gronk” Glenn, Ryder “the foundation” Robinson, and Andrew “the Sledgehammer” White.

Brysen “Sweet Lou” Fosness helped anchor the defense and made some big tackles and plays for his team, while Bentley “the zen master” Williams, Frankie “Stuart” Little played great at defensive back, Little made a great tackle short of the sticks to force a 4th down.

Tucker “Cheese” Cunneen filled in great and tight and made some key blocks, he also got to run the ball to ice the game for his team late in the second half. Colt “the Missle” Dinius flew around making tackles all night. Jigme “the workhorse” Hanley also made some great plays on defenses and key blocks on the offensive side of the ball.

Colin “the shots” McHugh played great at center and also on the defensive side of the ball. Lucas “the utility” Coyne played everywhere asked of him and did an exceptional job on the defensive front and forcing the run to the inside.

The Steelers took a tough week 1 loss, but played hard, continued to improve, and gave the fans plenty of highlights to cheer about. Trevin Berger opened up the scoring with a long hard run on a QB scramble. Gavin Schonsberg also ran well. With great speed, elusiveness, and good old fashioned hard nose running he also found the end zone. Stand out receiver Brylure Schafer was held without a catch, but set the corner for multiple backs with his aggressive blocking.

Defensively the Steel Curtain got off to a slow start, but were tough as nails once they got settled in. They were led by defensive end Noah Bumgarner who applied relentless pressure in the backfield all day long. Linebacker Vincent Savino also played very well making the Giants earn every yard they got.

6th Grade

Steele’s Falcons vs. Glacier Bank/CCCS Titans

Falcons:46 – Titians:6

The dirty birds started the six-grade season with a bang.  Bridger “Bob” Stearns took a long TD run to the house one the first play and later added a second-long TD run.  Jayke “Big Bird” LeProwse muscled in two TD’s runs from the QB position.  Kaden “The Flash” Nichols broke a couple tackles to weave his way in for a long TD.  Bentley “Flying Spur” Blando had a pick six on defense.  Followed up by a prefect Hell Mary pass to Chaz Montoya.  Montoya made the catch of the year by driving in the endzone for the grab to end the game.

The defense was led by the Bash Brother Chaz and Charles Montoya and Nick “TNT” D’Amico.  Ty “T-Bone” Stepan, Gabe “The Hammer” Hergott, and Justin “Mini Tank” Garcia anchored the o-line.   It was a great effort by both teams and the game was much closer than the score reflected.

Kyle Gonder ripping up both sides of the ball, Evan Bobermin sack attacking the QB, H$ O’Neill throwing a touchdown pass to Kolton Johnson, Dylan Lambson with an interception and Quade LeProwse played like a mad man on both offense and defense. Go Titians.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders vs. Pioneer Technical Packers

Raiders: 12-Packers:12

Lisac’s Tire Raiders started slow in the first half but only allowed 12 points to the Packers. The Second half was a different story Leland “The Kung Fu Panda” Ballensky and William “Tank” Salle shored up the offensive and defensive lines allowing minimal momentum for the Packers. Hudson “Ice” Summers with minimal plays left showed he has ice water in his veins and threw a pair of TD passes to Blake “Wheels” Connors and Kason “The Little Lion” Liston to tie the game up. The Raiders as a team showed a lot of heart and grit to fight to a tie 12-12.

The Pioneer Technical Packers opened the season with a solid performance led offensively by Keaton Hislop and Brendon Rohan.  Keaton ran the ball well, scoring 2 rushing touchdowns on the night.  Brendon led the offensive line playing center doing a great job getting the snaps off to the quarterback.

On defense, Boston Lakkala, Carson Ray, and Trey Cabrera led the charge.  Boston and Carson each came up with an interception during the first half.  Trey dominated on the defensive line, controlling the line of scrimmage, and coming up with some big stops on key downs.