Miners open stadium with crowd-pleasing win

By Bill Foley

There was no way the Butte boys were going to lose that game.

Playing in front of a crowd of 400 plus on Miners Field at 3 Legends Stadium Friday night, the Butte Miners erupted for nine runs over their last two at bats to open their new ballpark with a 12-5 nonconference win over the Dillon Cubs. Scorecard

The victory capped a night of pageantry in Butte’s first American Legion home night game in five years.

“It was awesome to get the win, especially with all the people coming around,” said Butte infielder Braxton “Ax” Henningsen, who with 4 for 4 with two doubles and three RBIs in the win. “That was really fun. It was the first tine under the lights in Butte. It’s been a while.”

The game was played in front of two of the “3 Legends,” Jack Whelan and Jim “Fonz” Hanley. The stadium was named in honor of Whelan, Hanley and the late Jack Cavanaugh for their years of service to the Legion program in Butte.

Family of Cavanaugh also took in the game.

“It was pretty important that we won that game,” Miners coach Jeff LeProwse said. “It was just a great night.”

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LeProwse used 12 players on the opening night, which started with a strike on the first pitch by Quin Summers.

Kash Kelly scored the first two runs of the game. He gave the Miners a 1-0 lead by scoring on a throwing error in the first. He singled and scored on a Ryan Moodry ground out in the third.

The Cubs cut the lead in half in the fifth inning when Nick Huber walked and scored on a Jace Fitzgerald ground out.

Justin Summers, who went 4 for 4 with a double and three runs scored, singled and scored on a Henningsen double as the Miners got the run back in the bottom of the inning.

“He is on fire,” LeProwse said of Henningsen.

Dillon, which was missing a few players because of track, college and illness, rallied for three runs to take a 4-3 lead in the seventh.

After R.J. Fitzgerald was plunked to load the bases, Jace Fitzgerald hit a two-run single to tie the game at 3. Ben Jones followed with a single to score R.J. Fitzgerald.

Quin Summers, who pitched into the seventh inning, delivered in the bottom of the seventh. He singled in Justin Summers to tie the game. Moodry also scored on the play, putting Butte on top for good at 5-4 by crossing on a throwing error.

The Miners put the game away with a seven spot in the eighth.

“We were resilient,” LeProwse said. “We hit the ball hard a lot, but right at people. If you keep doing that — hitting the ball on the screws — eventually they’ll fall, and they did.”

The Miners used 14 hits, with more than half coming from Henningsen and Justin Summers. Kelly smacked two, while Quin Summers, Monk Bugni, Renzy Doherty and Bryson Henningsen each hit one.

Austin Gerry, Cameron Johnson, Liam Sommer and Brayden Klobucar also played for the Miners.

Quin Summers struck out four and walked five while surrendering just three hits over 6.1 innings of work. He gave up four runs.

Doherty picked up the win in relief, pitching 2.2 innings. He struck out three and walked two, giving up two hits and one unearned run.

“That was probably our two best pitchers out there,” LeProwse said. “They both did well.”

The Miners are home again Tuesday night when they take on Bozeman in a nine-inning nonconference game.

“It’s awesome to have an actual home for once,” Braxton Henningsen said. “It was very important to open the stadium with a win. Hopefully we’ll get some momentum off of this.”

DILLON CUBS          AB  R  H BI  BUTTE MINERS         AB  R  H BI
Nick Huber            4  2  1  0  Kash Kelly            5  3  2  2  
Pete Gibson           2  1  1  0  Justin Summers        4  3  4  0  
RJ Fitzgerald         3  1  0  0  Ryan Moodry           3  2  0  1  
Jace Fitzgerald       5  0  1  3  Quin Summers          3  1  1  2  
Ben Jones             2  1  1  1  Braxton Henningsen    5  1  4  3  
Preston Hales         4  0  0  0  Monk Bugni            5  1  1  1  
Cole Johnston         5  0  0  0  Renzy Doherty         3  1  1  0  
Cole Pulliam          4  0  1  0  Liam Sommer           2  0  0  0  
Teron Morrison        5  0  0  0   Bryson Henningsen    2  0  1  0  
                                  Austin Gerry          2  0  0  0  
                                   Cameron Johnson      2  0  0  0  
                                   Brayden Klobucar     1  0  0  0  
TOTALS               34  5  5  4  TOTALS               37 12 14  9
DILLON CUBS                   000 010 301 -- 5  
BUTTE MINERS                  101 010 27x -- 12 
Fitzgerald, Ben Jones, Renzy Doherty, Ryan Moodry. 2B--Nick
Huber, Braxton "Ax" Henningsen (2), Justin Summers. HBP--RJ
Fitzgerald, Ben Jones (2), Cole Pulliam, Pete Gibson, Kash
Kelly, Renzy Doherty, Justin Summers, Ryan Moodry. SB--Kash
 DILLON CUBS                     IP    H    R   ER   BB   SO   HR
Nick Huber                     2.00    1    1    1    0    1    0
Ben Jones                      5.33   12   10    8    4    2    0
RJ Fitzgerald                  0.67    1    1    1    1    0    0
 BUTTE MINERS               
Quin Summers                   6.33    3    4    4    5    4    0
Renzy Doherty                  2.67    2    1    0    2    3    0
PB--Justin Summers (3). WP--RJ Fitzgerald. SO--Nick Huber
(2), Cole Johnston (4), Cole Pulliam, Monk Bugni (2), Bryson
Henningsen. BB--Nick Huber (2), RJ Fitzgerald, Ben Jones,
Pete Gibson (2), Preston Hales, Renzy Doherty, Bryson
Henningsen, Quin Summers (2), Ryan Moodry.