Mile High Pitts Week 14

Mile High Pitts Week 14
Mile High Pitts Week 14 Results

Mile High Pitts Horseshoe League week 14 results 

(Max points possible is 126, which is 21 pts X 6 games; each team is compromised of 4 players that play 3 games per week)

Heidi’s Casino 126,  Metal Shop Radio Ringers 46Huber N Company 126, Broken Shoes 26LRS 111, Hit the Pit 70Dan’s Big Boy Delivery 126, The Dinosaurs 52East Side AC 121, Uncalled Four 58Rue’s Ringers 96, OMG 80Pekin 116, SBAC Fourshoes 60Lee’s McQueen 121, Pair-A-Dice Ringers 81*make upPair-A-Dice Ringers 126, Broken Shoes 74League Standings after week 14 (of 15)Dan’s Big Boy Delivery            1618Huber & Company                   1605Heidi’s Casino                          1599LRS                                             1569East Side Athletic Club           1502Lee’s McQueen                         1480Rue’s Ringers                            1459Hit the Pit                                  1450The Dinosaurs                          1411OMG                                           1251Pekin                                          1233Pair-A-Dice Ringers                1183Metal Shop Radio Ringers    1038Uncalled Four                           997SBAC Four Shoes.                   965Broken Shoes                           763

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