Mile High Pitts Horseshoes Final Results

Mile High Pitts Horseshoes Final Results

These are the year-end results for the 2022 Mile High Pitts horseshoes season.  Congratulations go out to the league winner, Dan’s Big Boy Delivery (team members are Ed Robbins, Mariah Wise, Dan Bailey, Mike  Schulte).

The end-of-the-year party will take place on Saturday, September 10 and Stodden Park, beginning at 10am.  All players, families and friends are welcome to attend.  A blind draw tournament will take place beginning at 1pm, registration closes at 11am.  Anyone interested in playing is more than welcome, even if you weren’t in the league.  Also, anyone interested in joining the league next year is welcome to swing by to see what it’s all about.  Come see Dani and Rich Root and they will give you all the information you need.  You can also find Dani weekdays at Heidi’s Casino in Butte.Mile High Pitts week 15 results 

(Max points possible is 126, which is 21 pts X 6 games; each team is compromised of 4 players that play 3 games per week)

Heidi’s Casino 126,  Broken Shoes 45Huber N Company 126, OMG 44LRS 121, The Dinosaurs 87Dan’s Big Boy Delivery 121, Uncalled Four 53East Side AC 117, Metal Shop Radio Ringers 81Rue’s Ringers 94, Pair-A-Dice Ringers 96Pekin 105, Hit the Pit 107Lee’s McQueen 107, SBAC Fourshoes 76Final League Standings after week 15 (of 15)Dan’s Big Boy Delivery            1739  *league champion*Huber & Company                   1731Heidi’s Casino                           1725LRS                                             1690East Side Athletic Club           1619Lee’s McQueen                         1587Hit the Pit                                  1557Rue’s Ringers                            1553The Dinosaurs                          1498Pekin                                           1338OMG                                           1295Pair-A-Dice Ringers                1279Metal Shop Radio Ringers     1089Uncalled Four                            1050SBAC Four Shoes.                     1041Broken Shoes                             808

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