McCarthy, Foley guide blind runner today

Mariah’s Challenge founder Leo McCarthy and writer Bill Foley will guide blind runner David Kuhn this morning on the Blacktail Creek Trail.

The 62-year-old Kuhn, who lost his vision after a wreck that involved a drunk driver when he was 29, is on an 11,000-mile run around the United States to raise money for the fight against cystic fibrosis. Kuhn’s 12-year-old granddaughter is battling the disease.

The three will run along the trail starting at Father Sheehan Park shortly after 10:30 a.m., and any and all runners, bikers or walkers are invited to join them.

Kuhn, who will be in the Mining City throughout the week, is looking for guide runners while he aims to run 20 miles.

Runners interested in guiding Kuhn are asked to email or contact Kuhn on his Facebook page.