Maroons top Copperheads, Rangers

ANACONDA — It was another big day for the Butte Central boys’ tennis team.

The Maroons knocked off Anaconda and Livingston on a cold day in the Smelter City. BC beat Anaconda 6-1 and Livingston 7-1.

The Maroons swept all four singles matches against the Copperheads.

Derek Ralph, Kale Guldseth, Jack Gallagher and Jesse Reinke all won singles pro-set matches for the Maroons. Ralph and Guldseth won 8-0, while Gallagher topped his opponent 8-2 and Reinke won 8-1.

Kolton Lamiaux and Kaden Peeples won a doubles match 8-3 for BC. Patrick Kenney and Tyler Trudnowski won 8-1.

Also for BC, exchange student Chienlun Weng picked up his first career high school win in an exhibition match.

Geoff Dierenfeldt and Aaron Van Meel picked up Anaconda’s lone win, edging BC’s Jim and Frank Joyce 9-7.

Ralph gutted out an 8-6 match in the No. 1 spot to held the Maroons top the Rangers. Guldseth and Gallagher each won 8-0, while Reinke picked up an 8-1 victory.

Joyce and Joyce won 8-1 in doubles. Lamiux and Peeples and the team of Kenney and Trudnowski each won 8-0.

“The players who could find a way to persevere through the ridiculous wind gusts and the multiple white out blizzards were successful,” BC coach Bernie Carey said. “It was very difficult conditions, to say the least. With conditions like these, having the whole court to work with was definitely an advantage for our doubles matches and extremely challenging scenario for our singles players.  For everyone to play as well as they did says allot about the physical and mental toughness of our guys.”

The Maroons are back in action Thursday when they hit the road to take on the Bozeman junior varsity team.

Butte Central 6, Anaconda 1

Derek Ralph, BC, def. Eli Van Meel, Ana, 8-0; Kale Guldseth, BC, def. Ryan Leppala, Ana, 8-0; Jack Gallagher, BC, def. Carson Boynton, Ana, 8-2; Jesse Reinke, BC, def. Tre Kincaid 8-1.
Geoff Dierenfeldt / Aaron Van Meel, Ana, def. Jim Joyce / Frank Joyce, BC, 9-7; Kolton Lamiaux / Kaden Peeples, BC, def. Dennis Stanberry / Jackson Wagner, Ana, 8-3; Patrick Kenney / Tyler Trudnowski, BC, def. Gabe Blodnick / Collin Stetzner, Ana, 8-1.
Chienlun Weng, BC, def. J.J. Zenahlik 8-3.

Butte Central 7, Livingston 0

Ralph, BC, def. John Potterberg 8-6; Guldseth, BC, def. Austin Lehrer 8-0; Gallagher, BC, def. Mitch Frolich 8-0; Reinke, BC, def. Frolich 8-1.
Joyce / Joyce, BC, def. Wolfgang Gregor / Callum Gannon 8-1; Lamiux /Peeples, BC, def. Alex Swanson / David Noble 8-0; Kenney / Trudnowski, BC, def. Swanson / Noble 8-0.