Maroons have fun, improve on Bozeman courts

Maroons have fun, improve on Bozeman courts

BOZEMAN — Butte Central’s tennis teams mixed things up against the Bozeman junior varsity team Saturday.

All but two of the Maroons’ 18 matches against the Class AA Hawks were doubles, and BC posted 11 victories in a day that was about getting better and enjoying the game.

“The boys side got in a couple matches, with our younger ones getting in three or four, which was good for them,” Hancock said. “Overall, it was a good day to pair everyone up, have some fun & improve our game.”

BC senior David Granell was the only Maroon to play singles, and he went 2-0.

Guido Ossello and Aidan Petritz teamed to go 2-0 in doubles play. Drew Badovinac and Gage Guldseth went 2-1, as did Luke Heaphy and Bryson Sestrich.

On the girls’ side, the teams of Shea Davis/Prestynn Weldon, Delaney Hasquet/Avery Kelly, and Tess Riordan/Marissa Anderson each picked up a win.

Next up for the Maroons is a trip to Stevensville for a Southwestern A battle next Saturday.

Last names for Bozeman players are not available.


David Granell, BC, def. Evan 8-1
Granell, BC, def. T.J. 8-4
Guido Ossello/Aidan Petritz, BC, def. Ban/Graham 8-2
Drew Badovinac/Gage Guldseth, BC, def. Peter/Noah 8-6
Graves/Alec, Bozeman, def. Max Drew/John Fisher 8-4
Jackson/Ben, Bozeman, def. Luke Heaphy/Bryson Sestrich 8-4
Heaphy/Sestrich, BC, def. Peter/Noah 8-5
Badovinac/Guldseth, BC, def. Evan/Gus 8-6
Ossello/Petritz, BC, def. T.J./Alec 8-4
Jackson/Ben, Bozeman, def. Max Drew/John Fisher 8-1
Graves/Graham, Bozeman, def. Badovinac/Guldseth 8-2
Heaphy/Sestrch, BC, def. Ben/Gus 8-7


Addie/Lauren, Bozeman, def. Tricia Joyce/Mati McGree 8-5
Michelle/Kayla, Bozeman, def. Tess Riordan/Sage Wall 8-2
Shea Davis/Prestynn Weldon, BC, def. Michelle/Kayla 8-5
Delaney Hasquet/Avery Kelly, BC, def. Annisten/Bella 8-1
Tess Riordan/Marissa Anderson, BC, def. Sophie/Makayla 8-1
Anna/Bella, Bozeman, def. Sydnie Byrnes/Payton Hartwick 8-0

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