Maroons defense stings Yellowjackets

Story and Photo By: Logan Parvinen

Butte Central Maroons – 74

Stevensville Yellowjackets – 19

The Stevensville Yellowjackets found themselves in hot water when they trekked into the lair of the MAC to face an angry and relentless Butte Central Maroons team. The Maroons have moved on from last year’s (I mean that literally, not seasonally) defeat against the crosstown rival Bulldogs and have started the year like nothing ever happened. Outmatched on all fronts were the Yellowjackets, who found no rhythm offensively and struggled to keep up with the Maroon’s offensive intensity.

The Maroons played a near-perfect first period. Offensively, the Maroons scored 23 straight points and only missed one field goal in the stretch. The Maroons finished with 26 points to end the first period while only allowing five total points to the Yellowjackets. Defensively, the Maroons smothered Stevensville and would not let them inside the perimeter. Freshman guard Joshua Sutton had a complete game, but his defensive effort shut down any effort Stevensville had to create plays.

The second period saw the Maroons enter a cool-down phase offensively. With the score being 31-10 with four minutes left in the half, the Maroons decided to use up what fuel they had left before refueling at halftime. The Maroons added 13 more points in the game’s final four minutes while allowing a 2-point field to end the first half with a 44-12 lead.

The third period saw the Maroon’s defense put a defensive stranglehold on the Yellowjackets. Stevensville scored just two points in the third period, while the Maroons capitalized offensively with numerous fast-break opportunities. Mother Mercy found her way into the game at the five-minute mark when the score reached a 40-point margin of 52-12—the third period ended with a score of 62-14.

Even with the fourth period lasting 12 literal minutes, the Maroons subbed in the first- and second-year students to get some fast-paced play experience. The fourth period showed just how deep the Maroon’s roster is and how this team will be an issue for future opponents. When the final horn blew, the contest ended in a 74-19 blowout.

The Maroons saw a well-balanced offensive performance, with sophomore guard Ryan Peoples leading the charge with 18 points. Freshman guard Joshua Sutton matched his stellar defensive play with 14 points. Junior guard Owen McPartland notched 13 points, nine from beyond the arc. Junior guard Patrick Stimatz and senior big man Jack Keeley each added nine points to the board. Future Oredigger Zane Moodry added eight points while also leading the team in rebounds. Freshman guard Parker Robinson added a three-point bucket to round out the scoring for Butte Central.

Stevensville’s squad did not see play from any senior classmen. The same group that played today will all return next year. Junior guard Angus Trangmoe led the scoring effort with 7 points, followed by junior forward Jake Gavlak, who had 5 points. Kolten Kauffman, Kaeden Gum, and Easton Hollis each scored two-pointers, while Gage Bierer scored a lone free throw.

Butte Central, Frenchtown, Hamilton, and Dillon are four of the best teams in Class A. They also play in the Southwest division, meaning all teams have to play each other twice in the regular season. The Maroons shift gears on January 9th by traveling to Frenchtown to play the 7-1 Broncs at 7:30 pm.