Maroon Wrestlers stand firm in the MAC Mixer


The Maroon Activity Center played host to a mixer which included the Havre Blue Ponies, Corvallis Blue Devils, and the spirited Butte Central Maroons.


Compared to the mixer that was held last year, the Maroons saw the team grow from one lone wrestler to six wrestlers. James Holmes, a returning state-qualifier from last year, is followed by a young team of kids whose main goal is to get better and have fun


“The best way to coach a young team like this is to make sure they have fun” Head Coach Robin Moodry stated. “When I wrestled, it was more about winning than having fun. With a group like this, it’s more about having fun and getting mat time. The more you have fun, the better you will become.”


Conan Holmes (103 pounds) and Jack Holmes (113 pounds) are the only eighth graders on the team. Each of them split 1-1 in the evening.


Conan opened the night going up against freshman Chase Davis of Corvallis. Chase was able to utilize the cradle and take down Conan 11-1. Conan then went on to face junior Addy Williams of Corvallis. The score was tied 2-2 in the beginning of the third period with Conan on the bottom. Conan was able to get a reversal with less than a minute to go and hold off Addy for a 4-3 victory.


Jack Holmes faced off against freshman Teegan Soloman of Havre in round one. Jack found himself ahead 2-1 at the end of the first period, but Teegan showed his strength in the second period and got Jack on his back for a three-point near fall. Jack started on top in the third period, but Teegan was able to escape. With a stalling call issued to Jack late in the third period, Teegan was able to secure a 5-2 victory. In round two, Jack bounced back to defeat freshman Kaelynn Vanderpool of Corvallis by way of pinfall.


Butte Central also saw action from freshmen Marcus Shutey (138 pounds) and Kourt Donaldson (152 pounds). Both wrestlers went 0-2 but showed improvement from their first match.


Marcus faced off against Havre senior Justin Awtrey in round one. Justin was able to get a quick takedown and finish with a pinfall. Marcus finished his night against Jack Gillen of Havre. Marcus was taken down early but showed resilience as he fought to his feet before being swept back down. Jack then got Marcus with a quick half-nelson to secure a pinfall victory.


Kourt Donaldson sought action against senior Nate Davis of Corvallis. Nate was able to take Kourt down and come away with two separate near-falls in the first period. Kourt showed his toughness and was determined not to get pinned. Kourt started the second period on bottom and battled his way through the period, but Nate was able to use Kourts momentum against him and flip him on his back for a late pinfall. In the second round, Kourt faced off against junior and returning state-placer Reinhard Bold. Kourt battled his way throughout the first period and was able to get a couple of escapes, but Reinhard prevailed at the end to come away with a pinfall with just two seconds left in the first period.


“The first time I faced him, I didn’t get any points. This time I got two points” Kourt said with a smile on his face


The two old-timers for the Maroons, James Holmes (132 pounds) and Mose Moulton (152 pounds), are the sophomores who lead the young guns into battle.


Mose Moulton,who went 0-2, faced off against Nate Davis and Reinhard Bold, the same kids Kourt Donaldson had to face. Mose faced Reinhard in the first round. Reinhard proved too experienced as he was able to take Mose down and hold him on his back for a pinfall. Mose then faced Nate Davis in the second round and showed his resilience as he was able to take Nate into the third period before getting pinned by a head and arm takedown.


James Holmes showed that he can hang with the best of them as he finished 2-0 on the day. James faced off against Havre junior Carson Harris. Carson, who placed 5th at the state tournament last year, was outdueled by the scrappy sophomore. James was winning 4-1 after the first period and was able to keep Carson down for the entire second period. After a reversal in the third round, James came out on top with a 6-1 victory. James then faced Corvallis sophomore Rogan Sutherland in the second round and dominated the entire bout for a 12-1 victory.


“James showed a lot of good stuff tonight,” Moodry said. “There’s still a lot that can be done to get better. As a coach we’re never satisfied. There is no sense in coaching if what you’re coaching has already been perfected.”


At the end of the night, the team finished with a 4-8 record. For this group of young kids whose main goal is to have fun and get as much mat time as possible, the records don’t seem to necessarily matter.





Chase Davis (Corvallis) maj dec. Conan Holmes (Butte Central), 11-1

Teegan Soloman (Havre) dec. Jack Holmes (Butte Central), 5-2

James Holmes (Butte Central) dec. Carson Harris (Havre), 6-1

Justin Awtrey (Havre) pinned Marcus Shutey (Butte Central), 0:28

Nate Davis (Corvallis) pinned Kourt Donaldson (Butte Central), 2:55

Reinhard Bold (Havre) pinned Mose Moulton (Butte Central), 1:40



Conan Holmes (Butte Central) dec. Addy Williams (Corvallis), 4-3

Jack Holmes (Butte Central) pinned Kaelynn Vanderpool (Corvallis), 2:58

James Holmes (Butte Central) maj dec. Rogan Sutherland (Corvallis), 12-1

Jack Gillen (Havre) pinned Marcus Shutey (Butte Central), 1:05

Reinhard Bold (Havre) pinned Kourt Donaldson (Butte Central), 1:58

Nate Davis (Corvallis) pinned Mose Moulton (Butte Central), 3:55


By Guest Writer: Logan Parvinen







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