Maroon tennis teams tune up in Lewistown

LEWISTOWN — Butte Central’s tennis teams got in one last busy day of work ahead of next week’s Southwestern A Divisional tournament Saturday at the Lewistown Invitational.

The Maroons, who host the tournament at Stodden Park, Father Sheehan Park and West Elementary next Thursday through Saturday, played matches against Belgrade, Lewistown and Dillon.

BC’s girls knocked off Belgrade 6-1, fell to Lewistown 5-2 and lost 7-0 to Dillon. BC’s boys lost all three matches, falling 6-1 to Belgrade, 5-2 to Lewistown and 7-0 to Dillon.

“Overall the kids showed some promising competitive play today,” BC coach Becky Hancock said. “Fergus (Lewistown) and Dillon are good tennis teams, and our kids were right there competing with them. We just need to start finishing when we’re ahead.”

On the girls’ side, Ali Guldseth and Kellsie Quinn went 2-1 at No. 1 doubles to lead the Maroons. Sierra Pica and Ryan Trudnowski went 1-2 at No. 2 doubles, as did Samantha Burton and Savannah Healy at No. 3 doubles.

Zoe Sullivan led BC’s singles players by going 2-1 at the No. 4 position. Sarah Drew picked up a singles win. So did Megan McPherson, who won a match by default.

In boys’ play, Frank Hendrickson and Sam Joyce had a big day. The BC No. 1 doubles duo went 2-1 to lead the Maroons.

Tyge Yelenich went 1-2 at the No. 3 singles position.

“I am starting to see that competitiveness and drive in my girls, and my boys are starting to unleash their inner potential, which is exciting to see going into the Divisional Tournament,” Hancock said. “I am looking forward to next weekend. Anything can happen come tournament time, and I believe some of our kids are very capable of making it happen.”

Belgrade 6, Butte Central 1

Trey Layman, Belgrade, def. Sam Sterns 4-8
Aiden Hamilton, Belgrade def. Jake McPherson 8-0
Jeffry Fournier, Belgrade, def. Tyge Yelenich 8-3
Simen Solbert, Belgrade, def. Zach Luebeck 8-0
Frank Hendrickson/Sam Joyce, BC, def. Tate Olsen/Thomas O’Leary 8-1
Jacob Stokke/Jarrett Degan, Belgrade, def. Shane Callahan/Colby Kline 8-4
Emmanuel Rodriguqes/Sawyer Degan, Belgrade, def. Bryan Arnold/Frank Dwyer 8-1

Lewistown 5, Butte Central 2

Danyon Rice, Lewistown, def. Sterns 8-2
Kody Neil, Lewistown, def. McPherson 8-1
Yelenich, BC, def. Zavier Plouffer 9-7
Dalton Jensen, Lewistown, def. Luebeck 8-0
Joyce/Hendrickson, BC, def. Bryson Behl/Johnny Raney 8-6
McKye McCarthy/Trip Crouse, Lewistown, def. Callahan/Kline 8-1
Tanner Mannin/Westtin Church, Lewistown, def. Arnold/Dwyer 8-1

Dillon 7, Butte Central 0
Mark Wadrup, Dillon, def. Sterns 8-5
Jonathan Leonardson, Dillon, def. McPherson 8-3
Isaac Koslosky, Dillon, def. Yelenich 8-1
Caleb Jones, Dillon, def. Luebeck 8-0
Logan Hall/Kyson Wilson, Dillon, def. Hendrickson/Joyce 8-2
Gunner Maisch/Todd Nordahl, Dillon, def. Callahan/Kline 8-1
Parker Jones/Luke Peterson, Dillon, def. Arnold/Dwyer 8-3

Butte Central 6, Belgrade 1

Sarah Drew, BC, def. Laura Stout 8-3
Lilly Reddick, Belgrade, def. Larysa Blavatsky 8-3
Megan McPherson, BC, won by default
Zoe Sullivan, BC, def. Nicole Anderson 8-2
Alli Guldseth/Kellsie Quinn, BC, def. Kiah Hohenstein/Hunter Bos 8-3
Sierra Pica/Ryan Trudnowski, BC, def. Lauren Adams/Grace Davis-Nicholson 8-1
Samantha Burton/Savannah Healy, BC, def. Carie Sander/Eliza McLaughlin 8-0

Lewistown 5, Butte Central 2

Abby Gates, Lewistown, def. Drew 8-6
Taylor Woods, Lewistown, def. Blavatsky 8-2
Hayden Ziolkowski, Lewistown, def. McPherson 8-4
Sullivan, BC, def. Lissy Southworth 8-0
Guldseth/Quinn, BC, def. Ciara Backer/Beth Olson 8-6
Kody Myhre/Aubrey Godbey, Lewistown, def. Pica/Trudnowski 6-8
Summer Elmore/Alexia Arndt, Lewistown, def. Burton/Healy 8-2

Dillon 7, Butte Central 0

Adrianne Southam, Dillon, def. Drew 8-1
Tessa Sawyer, Dillon, def. Blavatsky 8-0
Tea Gibson, Dillon, def. McPherson 8-0
Mariah McClure, Dillon, def. Sullivan 8-0
Kodi Ferris/Tessa Sawyer, Dillon, def. Guldseth/Quinn 8-0
Nicole Hiritsco/Mikaela Trang, Dillon, def. Pica/Trudnowski 9-7
Maggie Magee/Amber Sitz, Dillon, def. Burton/Healy 8-2



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