Margaret Leary remembers Bullock with walk/run

Margaret Leary remembers Bullock with walk/run

Students and faculty of Margaret Leary Elementary School will remember Jeremy Bullock by walking or running for kindness on Friday.

The Jeremy Bullock Memorial Fun run will be held at 10 a.m., ending on the Jeremy Bullock soccer fields next to the school. Runners will run 1 mile or 5 kilometers.

This inaugural event will mark 25 years since Bullock was shot and killed by a fellow student on the playground at Margaret Leary. Bullock and the shooter were both 10 years old. Another 10-year-old boy, not Bullock, was the intended target of the 1994 shooting.

After the tragedy, the shooter said, “He’s mean to me, and I don’t like him, and so I decided to shoot him.”

“After 25 years, we never want to forget that a child lost his life because one child was men to another,” Margaret Leary Principal Jennifer Luoma said.  “We want to spread respect, kindness, and acceptance of others. At Margaret Leary, we want everyone to follow the golden rule, treating others the way they want to be treated.”

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