Little League report

Coach Pitch Minor
Fitness Courts vs. Fairmont Hot Springs

Xander Mattson, Bekka Dillman, and Henry Harrington all hit the ball hard for the Fitness Courts team. Monica Held and Beau Henderson played great defense.  Keltan Keane, Shane Schulk, and Liam Kindt all had three hits for Fairmont.  Kira Sullivan hit well, and GiGi Fantani played great defense.

Mountain West Holding vs. Fairmont Hot Springs
Korin Mattson had a great hit for Mountain West Holding, and Brilee Hettick played great defense.  Caden Phillips, Kaser O’Keefe, Jaelyn Zeren, Emily Raymond, and Layne Pentecost all hit the ball hard and played great defense for Fairmont.

Fairmont Hot Springs vs. First Citizens Bank
Henry Harrington, Emily Raymond, Peyton Johnson, Beau Henderson, and Layne Pentecost all had great hits for Fairmont.  Howie Pearston had a great hit and catch for First Citizens.  Chase Choquette smashed a hit.  Olivia Thurmond and Zeke Thatcher both added nice hits.  Will McGree also had two hits.

Coach Pitch Major
Mile High CJD vs. Silver Bow Pizza

Mile High CJD had good hits by Leiza McIntyre, Kyler Stenson, Jake Bailey, Andrew Hall, and Nathan Stodden.  Silver Bow’s Nate Heibert, Colt Hassler, and Coy Campbell all had great hits.

 Major 9/10 Softball
Planet Beach 18, Wendy’s 6

Maggie Fogarty played a great game at catcher for Wendy’s.  Taylor Liva played good defense, and Irelynn Summers had an all-around good game.  Planet Beach’s Maci Reopelle and MacKenzie Tutty were the “perfect duo” on the mound and behind the plate.  Marissa Anderson singled and played great defense.

Minor Softball
Granite Mountain Bank 8, Sylvan Learning Center 6

Aunika LeProwse, Cloe Stillwagon, and Mullanie McElroy all played well in the field for the Granite Mountain Bank squad.  Izabella Carpenter pitched a great game.  Sylvan’s Mia Keeley and Cami Kautzman hit a single and a double apiece.  Oliva Spear, Bryn Godbout, and Brady Gilliland also singled.

Granite Mountain Bank 7, Casagranda’s 0
Allie Russell pitched a solid game for Granite Mountain Bank.  Allie Stajcar, Kiera Case, and Kamryn Kingston were all credited with good defense.  The whole team had a good night in the batter’s box.  On Casagranda’s side, Ashlinn Mullaney pitched a great game, and Gianna Liva added good catching to the effort.  Ashby Lee had a great hit.

Casagranda’s 12, Granite Mountain Bank 12
The teams battled to a tie with Morgan Immel and Autumn Silk running the bases well for Casagranda’s.  Harlee Muffich did a great job on the mound.  Kierra Case, Izabella Carpenter, Allie Stajcar, and Ali Russell all played hard for Granite Mountain Bank.

Sylvan Learning Center 12, Casagranda’s 1
Harlee Muffich had a great hit for Casagranda’s.  Gianna Liva played great defense at third base.   Bryn Godbout and Olivia Spear both roped singles for Sylvan.  Pitchers Mia Keeley, Cami Kautzman, and Genevieve Gasser combined to get the win.

Major 11/12 Baseball
Baker Auto 6, Universal Athletic Service 3

Reece Cox had a hit for Universal.  Kian O’Neill hit well and came in strong in relief.  Brian Ogolin pitched three strong innings, and Andrew Kober was stellar behind the plate.  Baker Auto’s Shane Miller pitched a great game.  Marty Hanley and Kolby Raiha both doubled, and Jake Vetter singled.

Royse’s 15, Taco Johns 13
Peyten Hettick and Rylan Richards both had two hits for Royse’s.  Chase St. Pierre played great defense.  Tyler Duhame and Dawson Klobucar added two hits apiece for Taco Johns.  Hunter Bugni played good defense, and Stephan Cantwell added a hit.  Kooper Klobucar and Ryan Burt both hit out of the park homers.

Universal Athletic 12, Taco Johns 7
Brooks Wann was fantastic on the mound for Universal Athletic.  Josh Mohr made the game ending catch.  Wyatt Samples was tough in the field, and Brian Ogolin went 3 for 4 in the effort.  Taco Johns had four hits from Dawson Klobucar, three from Tucker Winston, and Dale Reynolds added a hit as well.  Hunter Bugni played great defense.

Major 9/10 Baseball
Newland & Co. 9, Bentley Construction 4
Quinn Keary of Bentley went 3 for 3 hitting two singles and a double.  Noah Williamson added a single.  Austin Harrington and Aidan Lee each added two hits to the Newland effort.  Max Demarias hit a couple of doubles.  Grant Smith and Dawson Roesti both had singles.

Bentley Construction 14, Duggan Dolan 1
Bentley’s Carrick O’Leary hit a triple and a double and had a double play in the field.  Noah Williamson added a triple, Mike McGivern a double, and Dye Doherty a single.  Konner (no last name provided) cranked a homer for Duggan Dolan.

Newland & Co 10, Bentley Construction 9
Aidan Lee and Dawson Roesti each hit a double and single for the Newland crew.  Austin Harrington hustled hard.  Brayden Keane was credited with good defense, and John Fisher played well at catcher.  Bentley’s Carrick O’Leary hit two singles.  Mike McGivern and Rye Doherty both added singles.

Bentley Construction 12, Yates Body Shop 4
Bentley Construction’s offensive effort was led by Cameron Brodie’s triple.  Quinn Keary, Rye Doherty, and Craig Zimple all added doubles.  Braydon Cetraro pitched two great innings for Yates.  Hayden Allen also pitched well.  Eric Hart had a couple of doubles.  Jeff Stanton hit a hard single, and Kenley Leary hammered a homerun.

Pepsi 20, Duggan Dolan 2
Gian Reynolds and Drew Badovinac both singled and scored a run for Duggan Dolan.  Pepsi’s Dominik Scown hit a single and an RBI double.  Christian Sherman hit two RBI singles and a triple.  Cade LaDouceur added an RBI double.  Colr Shutte recorded twelve strikeouts and allowed only two hits.  Gabe Lucero stroked a homerun.

Newland & Co. 14, Duggan Dolan 3
Konner Liva hit a homerun for Duggan Dolan, and Gian Reynolds doubled.  On the Newland side, Brayden Keane and Austin Harrington both hit singles.  Dawson Roesti added a couple of singles.  John Fisher homered, and Jacob Chebul hustled hard.

Bentley Construction 14, Rocky Mountain Martial Arts 4
Kory Robinson got on base twice for RMMA, and Kaden Hennessey scored a run.  Cyrus Romey played good defense.  Logan McMahon played solid in left field, and Jager Trunell pitched well.  Rye Doherty was 4 for 4 for Bentley with 3 doubles and a homerun.  Tucker West was 4 for 5.  Cameron Brodie hit 2 for 4 with a double and homerun.  Quinn Keary was 1 for 4 with a homerun.  Michael McGivern added a 1 for 2 night at the plate with a double.

Minor Baseball
Front Street Station 1, Butte Police 0

Konnor Pochervina and Dougie Peoples both pitched well for Butte Police.  Tyler Stodden and Kaleb Garner both looked sharp in the field.  Kevin Nyberg had a great at-bat.  Front Street Station’s Greyson Gillis had the game winning hit.  Max Fantini had a hit and pitched two scoreless innings.  Bo Demarias added three shut-out innings.  Jack Keeley scored the winning run, and Liam Kindt played great defense.

Front Street Station 11, Toyota of Butte 7
Max Kluck pitched two strong innings for Toyota of Butte.  Gary Rubusch scored a couple of runs.  Brett Booth and Will Silk both hit singles, and Tyler Duffy had a good night behind the plate.  Andrew Shoenen scored three runs for Front Street Station.  Mike Buffa got on base twice.  Zane Moodry also got on base twice and pitched well.  Max Fantini hit a double, and Greyson Gillis added a single.

— Compiled by Dawn Petritz

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