Little Guy roundup

Little Guy roundup

Following is the Mining City Little Guy Football round up for weeks four and five. The season concludes with the jamboree, which is Monday through Wednesday at Montana Tech.

Week 4
Sixth Grade
Newland and Company Bears 48, Pioneer Technical Packers 20
Matt Marsenich did is best Gale Sayers impersonation, scoring six touchdowns in the win. He also played great defense. Tegan Duffy made six extra points and excelled on defense.  Maxwell Lynch had a great game on both sides of the ball.  Gaige Cline made several great catches. Xavier Jory had some great hits on defense and ran the ball well on offense.

Treigh Hollow and Mason Johnson manned the wide side of the field compiling a heap of tackles to lead the Packers. Sakken Vail forced and recovered a fumble to end a scoring drive. Trea Chopper worked hard fighting through the defensive line to keep pressure on the Quarterback.

Fifth Grade
McQueen Athletic Club Vikings 24, First Citizens Cowboys 0

Noah Sutton connected with Chase Nasheim on a long TD pass and Fabian Thompson also found the end zone with some hard running efforts to lead the Vikings. Miles Choquette starred in kick and punt returns and receiver. Hunter Stepan was a force on both sides of the ball. Jeager Larson ran well from the running back position, and McKoy Bigley had several tackles.

Zach Gustafson stood out as a team leader helping encourage teammates to lead the Cowboys.  Zyler Petersen played a great game on defense with several big tackles. Carson Ralph ran hard and helped pushed the offense down field as fullback. Kaden Evans also had an outstanding game at running as well as a few big hits on defense. Jett Nichols was driving for fore the offense with amazing blocks and impressive routes as receiver.

Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 38, Steele’s Chiefs 0
Cooper Carter was force to be reckoned with to lead the Steelers in the win. He was all over the field on offense, defense and special teams. He was constantly making tackles in the backfield and on offense he couldn’t find enough people to block. Calvin Salmonsen was a shutdown corner and when he got moved to linebacker he was making plays all over the field. He also had a couple of nice runs. Brayden Olsen was making great blocks from his center position all game. He was constantly in on tackles from his linebacker position. Carson Hanson had a good game all along the offensive and defensive line. He was also jumping in on a few tackles and booted through an extra point.

The Chiefs displayed grit and mental toughness in the loss. The entire team didn’t quit and competed until that last whistle.  The Chiefs were led offensively by running backs Landon Day-Purcell and Brock Kelly. Kobe Dagen and Landon Thomas did a great job at wide-receivers and keeping a positive attitude in the huddle. The offensive line was anchored by Dylan Fellows, Jack Pesanti, Teddy Mayne, Cameron Brietzman, Ethan Marshall and Jeremiah Gleason. Defensively, the Chiefs were led by Kadin Liva, Lakota Collins and Walker Frevert. Jack Pesanti had some great punts for the Chiefs to change field position.

Fourth Grade
Thriftway Colts 20, Universal Athletic Dolphins 7

The Colts stampeded their way for three rushing touchdowns and the defense was stifling. They were lead by the “Bash Brothers” Charlie and Chaz Montoya on both sides of the ball.  Kaden “One Man Wrecking Crew” Nichols played lights out at linebacker and fullback. Ty “T-Bone” Stepan was a nightmare for however was crossed his path in the trenches. Drayk “Mic Dropper” Dallaserra played lockdown defense in the secondary.  Alexander “The Great” Sherrill had an outstanding game at Safety and wideout.

Highlights for the Dolphins were not submitted.

Week 5
Sixth grade
Lisac’s Tire Raiders 40, Pioneer Technical Packers 22
Highlights for the Raiders were not submitted.

David Honer scored on the first play from scrimmage by catching the edge and running the length of the field to give the Pioneer Technical Packers an early lead. From the point forward it was Treigh Hollow fighting like a bull to get every yard possible, adding a score late in the game and tackling anything his direction on defense. Landon Shields, Cyric Grunhuvd, Hudson Steele, Trea Chopper and Corwin Hallsted played their best defensive games of the season against a very good running offense making them earn every yard.

Newland and Company Bears 24, Glacier Bank Rams 8
Da Bears were led by Gaige Cline at his new role as quarterback. Maxwell Lynch was a beast at fullback, running a carry in for six. Dylan Moore made tackle after tackle from his OLB position. Edjuan Schoonmaker played receiver and cornerback as big as the name on his jersey. Tegan Duffy converted all three extra points with booming kicks.

Highlights for the Rams were not submitted.

Fifth grade
McQueen Athletic Vikings 38, Steele’s Chiefs 18

The Vikings were led defensively by Brayden Donnelly, Roman Taylor, Colson Huerta and Fabian Thompson. The Vikes offense was led by quarterback play of Logan Bigley. Bigley, Chase Nasheim and Noah Sutton scored touchdowns. Sutton scored on a bomb.

Tucker Allmendinger’s interception return on the first defensive series setup the first of two Colbey Doyle touchdowns to lead the Chiefs. Doyle also completed a pass to Allmendinger who busted his way past the defense for a score. These touchdowns were assisted with down field blocking from wide-outs Kobe Dagen and Landon Thomas.  Landon Day-Purcell took on a heavier load at tailback and broke several long runs for the Chiefs.  Offensively, the holes were opened up by Teddy Mayne, Dylan Fellows and Ethan Marshall.  The defense was led by Brock Kelly, Jeremiah Gleason and Lakota Collins who were flying all over the field to collect tackles.

Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 34, First Citizens Cowboys 0
Remmy Petersen was an unstoppable force on defense, constantly making plays in the backfield and on offense he made great blocks all night to lead the Steelers. Hugh O’Brien was a tackling machine, saving two touchdown runs with great 1 on 1 tackles in the open field. On offense he had a huge touchdown run and made key blocks for others. Cooper Carter was all over the field on defense, he couldn’t find enough people to tackle. On offense he was making great blocks along the offensive line. Paxton Anderson played fantastic on defense being in on multiple tackles behind the line of scrimmage. On offense we he got his chance to run the ball he had a great touchdown. Calvin Salmonsen was a man on a mission on defense being in on numerous tackles, and when he got his chance to run the ball he had a long run breaking multiple tackles

Hayden Kuper scored the teams second touchdown of the season for the Cowboys, but it was called back. Ryder Gonzalez and Gavin Holm were an impressive duo at receiver and quarterback, with several completed passes for huge gains on offense. Paytton DeJohn had a great game blocking on the offensive line. On defense Carson Ralph and Kaidon Sullivan had an amazing game with Carson creating pressure in the backfield and Kaidon with lock-down coverage.

Fourth grade
Thriftway Colts 26, Harrington Pepsi Patriots 0

The Colt defense played lights out. It was a full team effort on stopping the run and pass.  Jayke “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s” LeProwse had multiple great runs at QB, one resulted in a touchdown.  Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd rushed for two touchdowns, and Bridger “Bob” Stearns also rushed for a TD.  Gabe “The Hammer” Hergott was unstoppable on both side of the field. Oliver “Crazy Legs” Mayne had multiple amazing long runs.  Kaden “White Shoes” Nichols was a master at linebacker and fullback.

Highlights for the Patriots were not submitted.

Casagranda’s Seahawks 48, Universal Athletic Dolphins 28
The Seahawks e only played with 10 players in the win. Crew O’Conner had five rushing touchdowns and one kick return for a TD. Carter Fullton scored a touchdown and four extra point runs. Ryker racked up 10 tackles and Kaylor picked up six. The last names of the defenders were not mentioned.

Highlights for the Dolphins were not submitted.

Week 1 makeup games
Fifth grade
Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 30, Steele’s Chiefs 6

Aaron Christinson was playing great out there on defense being in on a handful on tackles. On offense he was making great blocks from the WR spot. Grady Boyer was constantly making plays all along the defensive line. On offense he was consistently making great holes for the running back to go through. Paxton Anderson played great on defense. From the defensive line and the linebacker position. When he got his chance to carry the ball he ripped off a couple of long first down runs. Easton Dawes hauled in a nice touchdown catch, and had great vision on a long touchdown run. On defense he was making tackles all over the field from his safety spot.

Landon Day-Purcell used hard-nosed running to break free for the lone Chief’s touchdown. The offensive and defensive line was anchored by Cameron Brietzman, Dylan Fellows, Ethan Marshall and Teddy Mayne.  Defensively, the Chiefs had outstanding effort from cornerbacks Walker Frevert and Lakota Collins. Linebackers Brock Kelly, Kadin Liva, and Tucker Allmendinger had their hands in on several assists.

Fourth grade
Thriftway Colts 40, Universal Athletic Dolphins 13

The stamping Colts Defense was led by Gaige “The Goose is Lose“ Gonzales who force and recovered a multitude of fumbles.  Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd scored by, running, catching, kicking and had multiple snot bubbling tackles.  Bentley “BobCat” Blando threw for a score, catch one for a score and a had a couple amazing long runs.  Bridger “BOB” Stearns rushed for two TD’s and was a disruptive force on defense.  Minh “ Dragon Warrior” Saracki was a ball hawk safety on defense, racking up several tackles.

Highlights for the Dolphins were not provided.

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