Little Guy Football Jamboree Roundup

Little Guy Football Jamboree

6th Grade

Lisac’s Tire Raiders

Game 1 –

The Lisacs Tire Raiders VS The Rams

“Redemption” is what the Raiders titled this game. The first time these two teams met, the Rams physical playing style and disciplined offense had the Raiders on their heels. This game the Raiders were out to prove they could bang around with anyone. They started fast last week, but this week’s team was a blitzkrieg!

Huddy “Ice” commanded his troops like General Patton. Managing the game from the quarterback position, he methodically moved the ball down the field handing the ball off to “Wheels” for 2 touchdowns. Showing his selflessness and what a leader he is,  as “Wheels” made a cutback on his second touchdown run, Huddy “Ice” made the block of the year sacrificing himself to spring “Wheels loose in the open field. He is also credited for piling up tackles from the outside linebacker spot on defense.

“Fast-Lane” again locked down the back-end and flew all over the field on defense making his presence known from the safety position. He is also credited for adding 2 catches for big gains on the offensive side of the ball, including one to open the Jamboree and get the offense moving.

Fast-Lane’s counterpart “The Mad Scientist” proved to be a force again with big hits – including a touchdown saving hit and his best tackle of the season on the tough QB O’Conner! He fully secured his side of the field.

The Raiders offensive and Defensive lines consist of “Machine Gun”, “The Kung Fu Panda”, “The Gila Monster”, “Tombstone”, “Tank”, “Rowdy”, “Capitan America”, and last but not least “The Hammer”. This is easily the most improved area for the Raiders this year. They have come tenfold from where they started the season, and we are all very, VERY proud of the hard work they have put in. Representing -the big guys- in the backfield for a series “The Hammer” through hard running added another touchdown for the Raiders. This being his first of the year, and “Rowdy” kicked in an extra point also his first this year.

Call them ”The Little Lion”, “Hollywood”, and “Hit Stick” islands as they were one on one with receivers all night breaking up passes and keeping them locked down from the corner and safety spots. Holding the receivers to little or no gains all night.

“El Camino” got the nod for the last of couple plays from the QB position, and after failing to get a touchdown pass completed, he used his legs to add one last score adding to the “list of firsts” for the Raiders this season. He is also credited for kicking 2 extra points in during the game. “The Little Lion” through a valiant effort was just short of adding another field goal. The Raiders looked great opening up their Jamboree night. They were able to fully utilize the bigger field, and scored 30 points, allowing them to secure a record night of scoring the most points in one game all year.

Game 2 –

The Lisacs Tire Raiders VS The Falcons

“Go for the Gusto” was this games theme! The Raiders set out to do what hadn’t been done yet, beat the West Elementary Juggernaut Falcons.  The Falcons, according to the kids had yet to be defeated in Little Guy Football. The first time these teams met, the Falcons established their presence, and were able to m coast to victory. The Raiders were determined this game would be different.

Huddy “Ice” back in the QB position was on the run most of the night due to the Falcons tenacious pass rush. He held his composure and tried to move his team down the field. However, the Falcons defense was just too tight and fast. He played tough defense and made a 15 yard catch in the last 10 plays, setting the Raiders up for their only touchdown.

“Fast-Lane” playing lock down defense on the back end was able to make his share of tackles and establish his presence from the safety position.

Fast-Lane’s counterpart, “The Mad Scientist” demonstrated to be a strong force again on the field with big hits, but was shaken up halfway through the period. He showed his team spirit from the sidelines the remainder of the game with unwavering support of his teammates.

The Raiders offensive and defensive lines had their hands full this game with tireless efforts from “Machine Gun”, “The Kung Fu Panda”, “The Gila Monster”, “Tombstone”, “Tank”, “Rowdy”, “Capitan America”, and last but not least “The Hammer”. They all worked hard as a unit to give “Ice”, “Wheels”, and “El Camino” as much time as possible.

“Hollywood” and “Hit Stick” kept the back end in check all night from corner and safety spots filling in for “The Mad Scientist” in his absence.

“El Camino” manned the ship’s helm for the last 10 plays on the run by hitting Huddy “Ice” on a 15 yard slant for a big time first down. The very next play, “The Little Lion” slipped behind the defense for a 25-yard pass and the Raiders lone touchdown. He also contributed a ton of tackles from his spot at corner and notched a pick in the defensive slugfest. This was soon followed by “Fast-Lane” attempting the field goal, and although very close, was disrupted as he hit the post.

Although the Raiders we unsuccessful in defeating the Falcons, they were victorious in holding them to 12 points the majority of the game. This demonstrates their resilience, determination, and heart as they fought brilliantly through a tough game.

Reflecting on the season, the Raiders played as a united team resulting in their collective effort of coming together in establishing a strong foundation as they progress to the next step. This group of boys invested the necessary hard-work, commitment, and dedication representing winners and deserve to be proud in how they represented Hillcrest Elementary School. Overall, the entire team played tough!

The highlight plays from the season include:

Huddy “Ice” threw 2 touchdowns and had an interception.

“Wheels” scored multiple times through passes and runs.

“The Little Lion” scored multiple times through passes and runs and made multiple interceptions.

“El Camino” scored once and converted multiple extra points, had an interception and a fumble.

“Captain America” added a fumble.

“Rowdy” had an extra point.

“The Hammer” scored once.

“Fastlane” had an interception.

A total of 8 players made game changing plays not including the big tackles for loss, tough runs, and catches on offense. Please know that individual teammates not mentioned also played instrumental roles in the team’s success through remaining vigilant in completing their positions’ duties and trusting one another. All the players should be proud of the work they invested in their final year of LGF, and I look forward to see their personal growth, both personally and collectively in their future endeavors.

Pioneer Technical Packers

The Packers enjoyed a successful season capped off with great effort in the jamboree. Kale LeCoure, Roman Terry, Jace Rauch, and Axston Sparks had a great night playing defensive back and receiver.

Carson Ray had a great catch on a screen pass and was one of the leading tacklers on the season.

Jampel Hanley had a fantastic night at running back and receiver, proving to be one of the most elusive backs in the class.

Joe Rich topped off the season with another touchdown catch, this one on 4th down to take the lead.

Keaton Hislop had a great night at running back and receiver. Keaton got in the endzone once again. He also played well at outside linebacker.

Mason McIntyre led the team at quarterback, both throwing and passing for touchdowns on the night.

Kaden Riddle, Kyler Hoar, and Braden Martin excelled this year, rotating at offensive tackle and defensive line. Braden also filled in at tight end, doing a great job blocking.

Liam Foutz, Trey Cabrera, and Remington Corn were also anchors along the line.  They bullied quarterbacks all year long  and helped lead a balanced running attack.

Brendon Rohan controlled the most thankless job on the team with grace.  In the jamboree, he never had a fumbled snap or a false start.

Boston Lakkala and Charlie Gillespie controlled the line of scrimmage all year. The two of them were excellent defensive ends and were among the best offensive linemen in the league.

Tayten Lester had an unfortunate injury mid-year, but was there to cheer his team on! Great year Packers!

5518 Designs Rams

Jamboree game one Titans versus the Rams Titans on first play running an amazing touchdown from about 40 yards out. Treyton spider-man rostad runs for first down crew the flash O’Connor  with a 20 yard run for a touchdown 6-6 tie game Treyton spider-man rostad with an interception turnover crew the flash O’Connor with a 15 yard run Carter the joker Fulton with a 10 yard run for a first down crew the flash O’Connor  with a dashing half yard run for a touchdown.. Lane the hulk Battermann with a big hit for loss of yards Crew big stop and turnover on downs Crew 15-yard run Rams defensive line played amazing final score game 1 18-6 Rams thank you Titans for a great game.

game-2 Rams versus Raiders Raiders played an  extremely hard team. great offense, great defense, all round players  Put up a very tough tough loss for 30-8 raider win

game-3  Rams versus Packers very well played game by both teams Packers came out strong with some great plays. The Rams defense was super super strong, most likely due to all their nicknames like Tim the groot Shurmway, Noah Mr. magneto Babineaux, Lane the Hulk Battermann, Levi the falcon Martineau, Libbie the ghost Ferko and Peyton Hurcules Rees all standing strong on the line with multiple stops. Crew the flash  O’Connor showed some great QB skills against the Packers .Keygen quick silver Christiansen showed some awesome tackling skills and Kohlter Iron Man Pennell Send a beautiful extra point kick in  overtime to win the game Kaylor Thor smith with some amazing running skills along with Ryker thanos lyndes Would have not been possible without the help of all the Rams players and coaches.

thank you to the Packers for an amazing played game. The Packers have one of the most respected players all year. One player stands out on both games we played with them I’d like to thank Kale LeCoure , he showed such respect and professionalism and gratefulness thank you …

one last note thanks to the board members of the Mining City Little Guy Football for all they do and have to deal with thank you from all of us 5518 design Rams 2023. Thank you.

Steele’s Falcons

In a thrilling encounter at the legendary Naranche Stadium, the Falcons soared to a resounding victory over the Packers in a scoreline that read 27-0. The atmosphere was electric as the Falcons kicked off the Jamboree with an explosive performance that left the crowd in awe.

Right from the start, the Falcons’ offensive line, consisting of Gabe “Beast Mode” Hergott, Ty “T-Bone” Stepan, Bentley “Belinda” Blando, Kadyn “K-Dog” Ballensky and Justin “The Tank” Garcia, showcased their incredible skills. Their solid play laid the foundation for the team’s success throughout the game.

The star of the show, Bridger “Bob” Stearns, delivered a standout performance, displaying his exceptional agility and evasiveness. With a remarkable run, he cut across the field, leaving defenders in his wake with a series of jukes, spins, and stiff arms before finding the end zone. It was a moment of brilliance that set the tone for the Falcons’ dominance.

The Falcons’ defense also played a pivotal role in the victory. Led by the formidable “Bash Brothers,” Charlie and Chaz Montoya, the defense swarmed the Packers’ offense, making it difficult for them to gain any momentum. Bridger and Gabe wreaked havoc in the backfield, consistently disrupting the Packers’ plays. The linebackers, Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd, Kaden “Lethal Weapon” Nichols, and Bentley, were nothing short of amazing, making crucial tackles and preventing the Packers from finding their rhythm.

The Falcons’ precision in the passing game was another highlight of the match. Quarterback Jayke “Big Bird” Leprowse displayed his accuracy and vision by delivering a perfect over-the-shoulder pass to Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd, who made an impressive catch in the end zone for a touchdown. Nick “TNT” D’Amico added the extra point with a powerful surge into the end zone.

Bridger, continuing his remarkable performance, scored another long touchdown, showcasing his ability to find open spaces and capitalize on them. Drayk “D-Money” Dallaserra contributed to the scoring spree by making a great catch for the point after.

The grand finale came in the form of a monstrous deep pass from Rider “Dory” Cunneen to Bridger, who completed the play with a touchdown. Kaden “Lethal Weapon” Nichols bulldozed his way into the end zone for an additional point, sealing the Falcons’ victory.

While the Packers put up a solid fight throughout the game, they were plagued by significant penalties that hindered their progress. Nevertheless, hats off to their resilience and determination.

The Falcons’ triumph not only showcased their offensive firepower but also their defensive prowess. With an incredible display of teamwork, creativity, and skill, they left an indelible mark on the Jamboree, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead. The Falcons have laid down the gauntlet, and it will be fascinating to see how they continue to dominate their opponents in the games to come.

Falcons 19-Raiders 6

Once upon a time, in the thrilling final game of the jamboree at Naranche Stadium, the Falcons faced off against the Raiders in an epic battle. The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd eagerly awaiting the clash between these two talented teams.

From the very beginning, the Falcons showcased their determination and skill. Bentley “Belinda,” Blando and Kaden “Lethal Weapon,” Nichols led the Falcons with their incredible teamwork and strategic plays. With every step, they marched their team down the field, gaining ground with each play. And then, in a moment of glory, Bridger “Bob,” Stearns soared into the end zone, scoring a magnificent touchdown that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

But the Falcons’ scoring prowess didn’t end with Bridger’s touchdown. In a breathtaking display of power and agility, Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd burst through the Raiders’ defense and rushed into the end zone, securing the Falcons’ second touchdown of the game.

But the Raiders were not to be outdone. They fought back, answering the Falcons’ touchdown with a perfectly executed pass that resulted in a touchdown of their own. The game was intense and close, with both teams giving their all to secure victory.

Just when it seemed like the tide might turn in favor of the Raiders, Rider “Dory,” Cunneen came to the Falcons’ rescue. With lightning reflexes, Rider intercepted a pass, giving the Falcons a much-needed boost of momentum. In a stunning display of skill, Rider followed up with a long bomb pass to Bridger, who caught it with grace and determination, scoring another incredible touchdown for the Falcons. To top it all off, Rider himself ran in the extra point, sealing the deal and widening the Falcons’ lead.

As the final whistle blew, the Falcons celebrated their hard-fought victory. They had finished the season undefeated, a testament to their dedication and perseverance. Throughout the season, they had learned that the key to their success lay in the fundamentals of football: solid blocking and tackling. With the guidance and expertise of their beloved Coach Cal, affectionately known as “Tackles & Touchdown,” the Falcons had become a force to be reckoned with.

The Falcons and their loyal fans were filled with pride as they basked in the glory of their triumph. It was a day to remember, a tale of teamwork, determination, and the sweet taste of victory. The Falcons had proven that when you combine passion, skill, and a friendly spirit, you can achieve greatness on the field.


Glacier Bank/CCCS Titans

Game 1

Titans came out strong with Dylan Lambson scoring at touchdown on the first play of the game. Great blocking and tackling by Hayden Barry, Kayden Barry, Matteo Johnson, Evan Bobermin, Ty Antonioli and Kayoni Kinard. Also, playing great on both sides of the ball were Kyle Gonder, Will Hoar, Evan Jetvig, Matthew Rawson, Quade Leprowse and Kolton Johnson. Kayden Barry stepped up and played center as his teammate Brody Fitzpatrick was at the happiest place on earth. Also, during the game Kayden got hurt and his brother Hayden stepped in and snapped until his brother was able to come back in.

Game 2

The Titans played out of their minds against the Packers. Kyle Gonder running the ball outstanding and was also a tacking fool. Kolton Johnson had a few catches with big yardage and tackled well. Kayoni Kinard with and interception and great blocking and tackling. Will Hoar, Dylan Lambson both ran a great offense at QB both running and throwing the ball. Quade Leprowse tackled like a mad man and had a fantastic strip to get the ball back for the Titans. Evan Jetvig worked hard on both sides of the ball and got better and better each week. Matteo Johnson stepped up and played great on both offense and defense. Matthew Rawson showed again how tough he is and played all over and did a great job. Ty Antinoli did a great job on both sides of the ball as well. Evan Bobermin was big force tackling and blocking. Also, shoutout to Huck O’Neill cheering on his teammates at practice and all the games.

The Titans ended the year on a great note! Thank you to Dan Fitzpatrick and Bill Hanley for all their hard work and dedication. Very proud of all the players getting better each week. Great kids! Go Titans.

5th Grade

Butte Bank Cowboys

Game 1: Cowboys 26   Steelers 0

The opening game on the final night of the season started fast for the Cowboys. Overall, this was undoubtedly the best team effort of the season with everyone flying around on the defensive side of the ball, and several players contributing to the scoring on the offensive side. Cole O’Connor started off the scoring with a touchdown run. The next touchdown was a a 20 yard hook-up between O’Connor and Kyler Clark off of a beautiful play-action fake. The Cowboys next drive started from the opposing 1 yard line where Ryan Ferriter punched in the touchdown, followed by a 1-point conversion run by Dustin Watts. The final touchdown was a 25 yard touchdown catch and run reception by Cameron Johnston with the conversion being ran in by O’Connor.

On the defensive side of the ball the Cowboys played as one unit, and it showed. Kyler Clark was all over the field from his defensive end position making 5 tackles for loss recovering a fumble. Ryan Ferriter was a force of his own from the other defensive end position. Lincoln Christian and Kruz Cotton both provided no space in the middle for the opposing rushing attack, both making stops from their tackle positions. Arlo Limmer made a touchdown saving tackle on 4th down to get the ball back for offense. Overall, a great game by all of the kids.

Game 2: Cowboys 16 Giants 12

The second game of the night featured a rematch of a one-point game two weeks ago, and these teams picked up right where they left off providing another exciting game that came down to the last play. The offensive side of the ball was led by the rushing attack of Bridger Grant. Bridger was able to get open space left, right, and up the middle for the Cowboys helping the team sustain drives and control the ball. Brayden Opsel and Lincoln Christian opened big holes up the middle with controlling blocks. The scoring came from a touchdown run from Cole O’Connor and a short touchdown pass to Cameron Johnston. O’Connor was also able to make both of his 2-point kicks that made the difference in the score.

Defensively Kolton Knutson and Maverick White were an absolute huge tandem for the defense providing little to no room to run on their side of the field. Pacee Kimpel made a touchdown-saving tackle on the last drive of the game that set up a dramatic last play finish for the two teams. The final play of the game came from the 8-yard line where Knutson was able to read the play and tracked down the runner making the game-saving tackle to end the game. Both teams played with a lot of passion and heart, and was a great game to end a great season.

The season ended with a record of 5-2 for the Cowboys

Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers

The Steelers closed out their 5th grade season in style in the big Jamboree. They played extremely hard and in many cases the boys played through some bumps and bruises.

The defense was lead by defensive end Vincent Savino and tackle/end Lincoln West. Both linemen made multiple tackles in the backfield throughout the night.

Offensively the whole offensive line paved the way for some great runs and the big boys were able to give enough time to also open up the passing game. Receiving leaders were Savino who caught a long touchdown from QB Trevin Berger, and Brylur Schafer who fought for every inch on a great screen run.

The boys had a great season both offensively and defensively. They played hard, got better, and always brought a great attitude toward the game. When things didn’t go the way of the Steelers you could see them all lifted up by two way lineman Noah Bumgarner who took on the role as the team’s motivational leader.

Looking back at the season the improvement of the Steelers and all the players of the Mining City was astounding. These boys worked hard to put on a show for their city. The future of Butte football is certainly bright. The rest of the state better look out for the boys from Butte in the class of 2031!



The Bears started off on the right foot, on defense, with Knox Cramer making two tackles for a loss on back to back plays. The momentum was set. Ridge Bauer, Cameron Klapan, Traysen Jensen, and Brayden Regan all had tackles behind the line of scrimmage. The Bears defense was excellent, not allowing a score. Rayden Wonnacott, Weston Richter, Paxton McEwen and Mason Lowney all contributed with tackles and smart defensive play.

Ridge Bauer kept the offense moving with a forced fumble and recovery on a Bears intercepted pass. Gavin Morgan was 2/3 passing to Carter Schlichenmayer and to Branlyn Renz for a touchdown.

The Bears also saw Kelton Dennehy and Wyatt Edelen under center, Kyler Lean. Paxton McEwen and Wyatt Edelen both had Carrie’s for over 25 yards.


The Bears lost a close game where they couldn’t get going on offense. Paxton McEwen broke off a 35 yard run for a touchdown followed by a two point PAT by Knox Cramer. Ridge Bauer and Wyatt Edelen both had Carrie’s for positive yards.

The defense again set the tone with a tackle for a loss by Knox Cramer and Cameron Klapan on consecutive plays. Traysen Jensen, Brayden Regan, Ridge Bauer, and Rayden Wonnacott had tackles for a loss.


McQueen Athletic Club Giants

McQueen Athletic Club Giants 12 VS Eagles 14

The first game of the night was against a solid Eagles team who stopped the Giants on the first possession on 4th down.  On the Giants next offensive possession Benny “The Jet” Donaldson started the scoring off on a great QB scramble off a broken pass play, and instead of forcing the issue Donaldson gracefully made a great choice reversed field and put the Giants on the board.

Great pass blocking up front from Greyson “baby gronk” Glenn, Andrew “the machine” White, Ryder “the foundation” Robinson made the Giants final comeback push great. Kale “sweetfeet” Alexander rushed to the 12-yard line, with three plays left h would exit the game and come right back in, Alexander scored the Giants second touchdown and gave his team the chance to tie the game with the kick but was it ultimately missed, and the Eagles hung on to win 14-12.

Game Two:

Giants13 vs Cowboys 16.

In a highly anticipated rematch, the Giants final game of the season was against the Cowboys. The Giants started the game off with the ball first and had a QB change, Brysen “Fuzz” Fosness commanded and orchestrated the offense beautifully and was loud with his cadence, leading to a Gavin “Chuck” Norris scamper to the end zone on a great run making defenders miss left and right.

It was a back-and-forth battle yet again and on the next possession Colt “The Disel” Horsley was under center and he played tremendous, on his drive he found Donaldson on a great hitch route, and the very next play he found a wide open Frankie “Stuart” Little on a 5 yard slant to inch the Giants closer to pay dirt. Bentley “Marathon” DeTonnacur made a great run on the next play and Horsley would cap off the drive on a zone read QB keeper to cross the goal line and put the Giants up 5 points.

The Cowboys prevailed on a 4th and 8 situation in the red zone leading to a go ahead score and to lead by 3 after the 2 point kick was good. The Giants had 4 plays left and marched right down the field on the backs of Donaldson and Alexander and more great blocking up front by Tucker “Cheese” Cuneen, and Lucas “Money” Coyne.

From the 8-yard line with one play left Donaldson scrambled right and tried to find his tight end but a great defensive play was made by the Cowboys in crunch down and tackled Donaldson short of the goal line. Jigme “Jiggs” Hanley, Bentley “The Professor” Williams, and Colt “the missile” Dinius all played great defensively, as Dinius had a great pass break up on a 3rd and long play. The Giants played their hearts out this year and improved a heap over the last season and into this season, the got better each week and that is all we could ask for, Great job to the Giants, thank you for making it fun and being coachable, until next year Go Giants!

4th Grade

Casagranda’s Seahawks

The Seahawks finished the season on a high note with 3 straight wins.    The Seahawks had contributions from all 15 players all season long, and were a team that got better every week and it showed at the end of the season.    The Seahawks had a big night from McCaul “House Call” Wiley with multiple touchdown’s receiving and running.    Tucker “T-Train” McIntyre was his steady self at QB with TD passes/Runs.   Dalton “No flaws” Dawes had TD run and played excellent at running back.    Reddic “the riot” Hiatt had a couple of big catches to set up a couple touchdowns.   The Seahawks defense was especially stingy with Cashton “Cash Money” Schneider and Lucas “Hendo” Henderson in the trenches and big fumble recoveries by Carter “C-Bone” Kelly and Chris “Can’t Miss” Costello.     The Seahawks had huge goal line stand that led to a win, the opponent had 1st and goal from the 1 yd line, and the Seahawks entire defense stepped up and made plays.    The entire team contributed to a very successful season and night.  The remaining Seahawks that had huge night are Luke “Coon Dog” Cooney, Kaden “Big Dog” Johnson, Connor “the show” Schofield, Ryan “The Knight” White, Brantley “ Boss Man” LeCoure, Tristan “Down Town” Brown, Aydan “No Poser” Moser, and Jaxson “The Mailman” Malone.

Harrington Pepsi Patriots

The 4th Grade Little Guy Football Patriots Shine in Season Finale

As the season came to a thrilling conclusion, the 4th-grade Little Guy Football Patriots displayed their unwavering determination and team spirit in an action-packed jamboree. This exciting event featured three intense matchups, with the Patriots taking on the Seahawks, Bengals, and Cardinals.

In the opening game against the Seahawks, the Patriots fought valiantly until the very last minutes. Though the Seahawks managed to secure the victory, the Patriots showcased their unyielding spirit, leaving it all on the field. The game was a testament to their grit and sportsmanship.

The Patriots rebounded in spectacular fashion in their second and third games. Their contest against the Bengals was a hard-fought battle, and they emerged victorious, displaying impressive teamwork and resilience. In the final showdown against the Cardinals, they continued their winning streak, once again demonstrating their dedication to the game.

Throughout the jamboree, numerous young talents shone brightly for the Patriots. Azzy Staber, Colin Kahtani, Noah Thennis, and Kayson Aguilar proved to be a formidable force on both the offensive and defensive lines. They created openings for the running backs and ensured the quarterback’s protection, while also disrupting opposing plays on the defensive line. Knox Markovich played a crucial role on the offensive line, opening lanes for runners and making impactful defensive plays at linebacker.

A versatile group of players, including Brody Evenson, David D’Amico, Will Pesanti, Ryken Kuchtyn, Ben Cunningham, Kendyn Dobb, and Caliber Foster, demonstrated their prowess on both sides of the ball. They disrupted plays and made pivotal tackles and sacks on defense, while contributing with outstanding blocks on offense. Brody Evenson’s ability to seamlessly switch to the offensive line and provide crucial support proved invaluable.

In the secondary, Sam Todorovich and James Lockyer stood out as exceptional defenders. Playing at cornerback and safety, they were involved in multiple tackles and disrupted numerous passes. Their contributions extended to the offensive side, where they executed key blocks.

Offensively, Caedan Lacey impressed as a running back, with several touchdown catches and remarkable runs. On defense, he made his presence known as a safety, knocking down passes and contributing to tackles.

Roper Henke showcased his talent as a running back, producing critical runs in high-pressure situations. He transitioned to linebacker on defense, delivering important tackles and proving himself as a genuine playmaker.

Quarterback Jett LeProwse was instrumental on offense, using his agility and precision to secure touchdowns and execute excellent passes. On defense, his linebacker play was equally impressive, marked by powerful hits and disruptions to the opposition’s offense.

In the final games of the season, the Little Guy Football Patriots left an indelible mark with their unwavering commitment and spirited performances. The jamboree was a testament to their hard work, camaraderie, and dedication to the game they love. The 4th-grade Patriots have a bright future ahead, and their passion for football shines as brilliantly as their talent on the field.