Little Guy Jamboree

Little Guy Jamboree
Kaleb Celli of the Giants moves in to try to tackle Braylon Larson of the Buccaneers Wednesday night on the Bob Green Field. (Bill Foley photos)

Following are the reports from the season-ending Little Guy Football Jamboree, which was held Monday through Wednesday on Montana Tech’s Bob Green Field.

Harrington Pepsi Chargers 6, Universal Athletic Dolphins 0
Offensive linemen Dublin Cooney, Logan Carden, Gunner Bushman, Lukas Peterson, Peyton Johnson and Malachi Burch-Cullen paved the way for the game’s only score. Rhett Arntson scored on a touchdown in overtime, while the entire team played great defense.

Henry Harrington and “Knight” Ryder McEwen led a strong group of linebackers. Kendel “The Beast” Noctor forced a punt with a third-down sack, and Levi Wiltsie played tough at cornerback.

Coach Cody Carpenter talks to his Dolphins before a game Wednesday night.

Harrington Pepsi Chargers 2, Thriftway Giants 0
Mitch Verlanic punted the ball that was fumbled near the goal line, and Keghan Cline and Logan Carden swooped in for the tackle for the safety. Cline and Julloyd Silas combined for a touchdown-saving tackle.

Anthony “Pancake Alkire played great, and Matty “Wheels” Locker and Eli Johnson played great defense for the G Men. Kaleb Celli ran hard, and Taylor Olsen played great and blocked hard.

Thriftway Giants 13, McQueen Athletic Club Patriots 12
Lavin Giacomino scored on a long run and returned a kickoff for the Giants in the win. Brooks “Was Here” Vincent ran hard, while Ziggy Okrusch had a touchdown block. Colt Hassler kicked the game-winning extra point.

Chase Choquette, Kelton Berger, Miles Gasser, Kale Dirlam, Kail Knutson, Trey Smith, Chase Fulton, Joey Ward, Josh “Sonny” Liston, Obadiah Breeton, “Grand” Kanyen Stephens, Marcus Shutey, Marcus “Abad” Abad, Tristan “Mr. Fancy Pants” Hafer and Gannon Sullivan all played their hearts out in a tough loss.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 14, Thriftway Giants 0
Braylon Larson and Cayde Stajcar ran four touchdowns, while Grady Foley and Nolan Rigby led a defensive unit that forced two fumbles.

Rigley Vincent, Dominic Snyder and Cole Coyne played great defense for the G Men. J.J. Taylor blocked great, and Jay Mullaney played great on both sides of the ball.

Brooks Vincent of the Giants pitches the ball to Lavin Giacomino.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 12, Universal Athletic Dolphins 0
Cayde Stajcar returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, and “Mr. Intensity” Ryan Peoples scored on a long run for the Bucs. Jakoby “The Playmaker” Demessemaker” and Kadyn Summer were great on defense as the Bucs capped an undefeated season.

Jacoby Baughman led a strong defensive effort with a sack and a half for the Dolphins. Kendel “The Beast” Noctor also got in on a sack, while Zimmer Thatcher had a great run to the 2-yard line.

Obadiah Breeton of the Patriots tries to outrun the tackle of Gunner Bushman of the Chargers.

McQueen Athletic Club Patriots 12, Harrington Pepsi Chargers 6
Trey “The Train” Smith was a wrecking ball on defense for the Patriots, while Chase “Run For My Life” Choquette had a 200-yard game sideline to sideline. Gannon “Laces Out” Sullivan is ready to sign an NFL contract for his kicking skills, and Miles “The Mind” Gasser read the defense like a book. Josh “Sonny” Liston was a terror on defense.

Chase Lubick ran great, including a touchdown run for the Chargers. Mitch Verlanic made an interception, while Lucas Peterson, Malcom Moore and Gunner Bushman played tough on defense. As always, Walker “Jeter” Brown showed off some great enthusiasm.

Walker “Jeter” Brown

Glacier Bank Bengals 20, Casagranda’s Seahawks 18
Garrett “Razor” Sharp, Grady Winston and Nolan “Mighty” Casey scored touchdowns for the Bengals in the win. Corey Anderson threw a touchdown pass along with a nice long strike to Will Taylor. Kade Schleeman played great on the offense and defensive line.

Zane Moodry ran for a pair of touchdowns, while Gason Gifford and Ryan Holbrook blocked well for the Seahawks. Russo “Bruised And” Batterman played great defense, Bryce Kean was all over the field, and the Seahawks put out a great team effort on kick return.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 10, Glacier Bank Bengals 6
Wyatt “Greased Lightning” Gross scored a touchdown, and Jack “Hollywood” Keeley registered a safety and booted the extra points to lead the Raiders to the win. Logan “Steak” Thomas was great on defense, while Kade “Bumblebee” Corcoran was great on offense.

The Benglals got a great kick return from Bradley Adreon and great play on both lines by Jake Tauscher. Also, Cylus Sixkiller anchored the defensive line, while Derek Averyt played strong at linebacker.

Pioneer Technical Packers 8, Newland and Company Bears 0
Will Silk scored the game’s lone touchdown to lead the Packers to the win. Bryant Stauss played great on both sides of the ball, while Kaleb Paddock and Nathan Collins blocked great on the offensive line. Luke Verlanic was everywhere on defense.

The Bears’ coach didn’t single out anybody individually, but he praised the team defense against a very talented offense.

Pioneer Technical Packers 12, Lil Copperhead Rams 0
Bo Demarais scored on a pass and a run to lead the Packers to the win. Tyson Zeren caught a touchdown pass, and Gavin Roesti caused a fumble. Colin Richards-Doyle registered several great tackles, and Cayden McNeil played great on both sides of the ball.

Dillon Taylor hauled in a long pass to highlight the Rams’ performance. The team put on a great team effort, and the offense just ran out of time.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 8, Lil Copperhead Rams 6
Logan “Steak” Thomas was excellent on both sides of the ball to lead the Silver and Black. Floyd “Iron Curtain” Verall showed some great blocking, while Isaiah “No Fear” Martinez did an outstanding job on kickoff return. Quencit “Q” Chapman was explosive on offense, and Kenny “Big K” was great on the offensive line.

Cory Galle, Jadyn Bomar and Robert Wareham led the way for the Rams.

Casandra’s Seahawks 32, Newland and Company Bears 14
Aiden Cuchine scored two touchdowns to lead the Seahawks. Marc McGillen was a beast on the defensive line, while Gavin Trudgeon played great at tight end. Zack O’Connell played tough at safety.

Cale Johnson busted a long run for a touchdown, and Ayden Harryman hauled in a nice catch for a score to lead Da Bears.

First Citizens Cowboys 6, Thompson Distributing Vikings 0
Aasher Palmer stopped everybody as Da Boys won the defensive struggle. Tyler Wasley ran the rack all game, Quintin Denison was a force on the O-line, and Ryan Popovich was unstoppable on defense.

Hudson Luedtke ran well, and Lucas Harris-Huerta aught a long pass for the Vikes. Colby “Flash” Gordon ran tough and nearly scored a touchdown, and Dallas Richards-Doyle and Chance Sampson blocked tough.

Steele’s Falcons 12, First Citizens Cowboys 6
Sam Sampson scored on a quarterback keeper, and Burke McGruder scored on a run off-tackle to lead the Falcons to the win. Brenner Boooth played well on both sides of the ball, while Jake Hennelly led the defensive charge.

Danny “Great” Scott-Breen played outstanding defense, while Dylan Bache was awesome at quarterback for the Cowboys. Aiden Ossello tackled everybody, Eli Smith scored a touchdown, and Luke McMahon opened up huge holes.

Steele’s Falcons 22, Lil Copperhead Colts 0
Mason Purcell returned a kick for a score while demonstrating punishing defense to lead the Falcons. Burk McGruder ran for two scores, and Jay Tierney scored a PAT. Coy Campbell added great defensive play, Jonny “Say” Hay played great on the defensive line, and Ben McAdams intercepted a pass.

Brody “Mister” Wright ran hard for the colts. Landyn Thompson made some hard hits, Preston Kelly added some good tackles, and Bryley Krumm ran the defense well. Kale Pyles showed off some great blocking.

Thompson Distributing Vikings 14, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 0
Carter “The Professor” Barsness was great at linebacker, while Colby “Commissioner” Gordon scored on a long run. Colton Shea threw a touchdown pass to Lucas Harris-Huerta. Trey Antonioli was tough at several defensive positions, and Hudson Luedtke, Gavin Rowe and Ethan Sweet were beasts on the defensive line.

Will “The Thrill” Stepan played a big game at quarterback for the Steelers. Chase Hackman was a monster on offense and defense, while Braydon “The Bullet” Pierce ran the ball as if his life depended on it. Patrick Stimatz controlled the ball on offense, while “Fast” Laine Lowder threw the ball deep with a golden arm. Lane “The Pile Driver” Norwood crushed on offense and defense, and Sammy “The Bull” Henderson played amazingly on defense.

CCCS Redskins 12, Lil Copperhead Colts n/a
Tocher Lee scored a pair of touchdowns to lead the Colts to the win. Matt Donaldson and Tim Williams both blocked well, while Trey McCarthy had a great block to create a touchdown. Cooper Hansen, Isiah Burch-Cullen and Zac Sawyer had a great game, and Jason Johns kicked the ball well.

Kellen Connors made some great tackles and picked off a pass to lead the Colts. Gabe Dunlap knocked down a pass, Aiden James did a great job slapping the ball and blocking, Trystan Miller played both ways, and Jonathan Newell made some great tackles.

CCCS Redskins 20, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 0
Tocher Lee, Zain Dunn and Karson Pumnea each scored a touchdown to lead the Redskins to the win. Mason Newgard, Torre Dunmire, Brendon Snow and Karsen McEwen all played great on defense. Newgard also kicked the ball well.

Devin “Big Dog” Luke a a power blocker for the Steelers. “Big” Ben Tierney and Keefer “Mad Dog” McGree played strong defense, Noah “The Boot” Purcell kicked an punted lime a man on fire, Oliver “Man Of” Steel played great defense, and Bryden “Money” worth blocked well offense.

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