Little Guy Jamboree

Little Guy Jamboree

Following are the game roundups from Mining City Little Guy Football League Jamboree, which was played last week under the lights on Montana Tech’s Bob Green Field.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 14, Glacier Bank Bengals 12
Quarterback Dylan Bache made things happen for the Raiders offense. He scored a touchdown and handed off to Gunner Reopelle, who scored the other TD. Asher Palmer was unstoppable on defense, and Mason Leber made some great stops.

Karsen McEwen and Tocher Lee scored touchdowns for the Bengals. Justus McGee made some incredible kicks, while Kaden Medina, Mason Newgard, Jason Johns and Matt Donaldson led the defense.

Harrington Pepsi Seahawks n/n, Newland and Company Bears
Kellen Connors, Laine Lowder, Deven Luke, Keefer McGree, Braydon Pierce, Karson Pumnea, Jace Shafford, Oliver Steel, Will Stepan, Patrick Stimatz, Landyn Thompson, Ben Tierney, Brayden “Money” Worth, Brody Wright all had a great game for the Seahawks.

Lucas Harris-Huerta blocked well and had two sacks for the Bears. Gavin Rowe played tough at defensive end, and Carter Ralph-McGurk was solid at cornerback. Tre Antonioli blocked well at tight end and made several tackles, Rylie Kaldor had some big time tackles, and Karstyn Bruni had two nice catches and several tackles.

Glacier Bank Bengals 24, Harrington Pepsi Seahawks n/a
Trey McCarthy showed off some stellar play on defense and at quarterback to lead the Bengals. Kaden Medina, Isiah Cullen, Kaden Rambo and Zain Dunn were key contributors on defense. Tocher Lee, Torre Dunmire, Jason Johns and Brenden Snow stood out on offense.

Kellen Connors, Laine Lowder, Deven Luke, Keefer McGree, Braydon Pierce, Karson Pumnea, Jace Shafford, Oliver Steel, Will Stepan, Patrick Stimatz, Landyn Thompson, Ben Tierney, Brayden “Money” Worth, Brody Wright all had a great game for the Seahawks.

Pioneer Technical Packers 22, Newland and Company Bears 0
Hudson Luedtke ran in two touchdowns, and Sam “The Man” Sampson added one to lead the Packers in the win. Jay Tierney booted a pair of PATs. Jake Hennelly and Jake Bailey played great defense, Aiden Lester and Chazz Cenquiqrana were great in coverage, Brener Booth stood out on both sides of the ball, and Julian Madill was tough on the defensive front.

Prestin Muns caught a long passes and made several tackles for the Bears. Carter “The Professor” Barsness played tough at middle linebacker, racking up multiple tackles for a loss. Colton Shea threw some nice passes and played great at safety, Colby “Flash” Gordon made several nice runs and multiple tackles, Chance Sampson was a force in the trenches, and Danny McCarthy had a nice catch.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 30, Harrington Pepsi Seahawks n/a
Aidan Ossello was a forced to be reckoned with, forcing three turnovers. Brett Polich booted three extra points, Carsen Kriskovich caught a touchdown pass from Dylan Bache, and Ryan Popovich made a diving catch.

Highlights for the Seahawks were not submitted.

Pioneer Technical Packers 30, Glacier Bank Bengals 28
Sam “The Man” Sampson hand a hand in three touchdowns, and Hudson Luedtke accounted for two scores to lead the Packers. Mason Purcell ran the ball hard, Danny Breen played great at safety, and Cassius “The Greatest” Reed was a force on the defensive front.

Tocher Lee scored three touchdowns and Coy Campbell caught a TD to lead the Bengals. Torre Dunmire and Trey McCarthy hooked up for a long pass. Shade Pohia, Kaden Medina, Seth Day and Karsen McEwen played great defense.

Amerigas Vikings 28, First Citizen Cowboys 12
Braylon Larson had a great touchdown run, and Cayde “The Natural” Stajcar booted three extra points to lead the Vikings to the win. Trapper Stajcar ran the ball well, and Kelton Keane played great on defense.

Lavin Giacomino ran great and caught two passes for the Cowboys. Kaleb Celli scored a TD a had a long catch, Ziggy Okrusch scored a TD, and Brooks Vincent was 3-for-3 passing. Also, Aaron Porter played great defense. Anthony Alkire, Gauge Lemler, Colt Hassler and Jay Mullaney all played hard.

Keith Sayers Redskins 14, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 0
Keegan Hunt scored on a toss play, and Logan Carden found pay dirt on a power play for the Redskins. Peyton Johnson and Howie Pearston led the Redskins in the trenches.

Jacoby Baughman led the defense in tackles, and Shamus Richmond opened some big holes for “Midnight” Ryder McEwen and Marquis Abad to run through. Blake Chambers played tough at tight end.

Al Ciallella Lil Copperhead Colts 8, Keith Sayers Redskins 6
Highlights were not submitted for the Colts, who won on an overtime PAT kick.

Logan Carden ran up the middle for a touchdown in overtime. Mitch Verlanic, Gunner Bushman, Howie Pearston and Peyton Johnson made a great block on the play.

First Citizens Cowboys 32, Steele’s Falcons 0
Eli Johnson scored a touchdown and blocked great for the Cowboys. Matty “Wheels” Lockmer added a touchdown, and Rigley Vincent scored a TD and played great defense. Dominic Snyder blocked great, and Gavin Boucher, J.J. Taylor, Taylor Olson, James Griffith and Cole Coyne played hard.

Highlights for the Falcons were not submitted.

Amerigas Vikings 20, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 12
Jakoby “The Playmaker” Demessemaker played great on defense, and Ryan Peoples and Darryn Rossiter had a big game on both sides of the ball to lead the Vikings. Grady Foley led the offensive line with a great game at center.

“Midnight” Ryder McEwen ran for two touchdowns for the Steelers. Preston Jensen picked up some big yardage on the ground, while Bridger Brancamp and Henry Harrington held their ground on the line.

Casagranda’s Chargers 19, Thriftway Giants 12
Briggs Dunmire had a great kick off return, while Maxx Pearston added a touchdown for the Chargers. Burkley Lakkala also had a great game.

Highlights for the Giants were not submitted.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 25, Thriftway Giants n/a
Andrew Richardson threw for a touchdown and ran for another to lead the Bucs. Jordan “The Wrestler” Scown caught a touchdown, while GG Fantini and Jaeger “Hit Man” Hansen each scored on a run. Carsen Gillis hauled in a pass for a point-after conversion.

Highlights for the Giants were not submitted.

Casagranda’s Chargers 19, Thriftway Giants 18
Bryden Wagner ran for a touchdown, and Kashton Cotton blocked well to lead the Chargers. Maxx Pearston played great defense.

Highlights for the Giants were not submitted.

Universal Athletic Dolphins 12, Casagranda’s Chargers 6
Raeder “Touch Of” Grey and Joshua Sutton scored touchdowns for the Dolphins. Toston Halvorsen added a long run, and the entire defense stepped up to get the win.

Brady Walsh ran for a touchdown for the Chargers. James Hocking and Kasen Snyder played great defense.

Universal Athletic Dolphins 19, Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 7
Joshua Sutton ran for two touchdowns, and Raeder “Touch Of” Grey added one in the Dolphins win. Miner Lee, Jaxon Hiatt and Blake Wadas played great defense.

GG Fantini ran for a touchdown and Andrew Richardson punched in the point-after conversion to lead the Bucs. Ayden Abraham and Chase Garland played great defense, and Ashton Fivey played great at cornerback. 1 comment

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