Little Guy Football

Little Guy Football

Following are the game reports from Week 5 and 6 of the Mining City Little Guy Football League. The results from the sixth grade games of the season-ending jamboree are also included. Results for the fourth- and fifth-grade games have not been submitted.

Sixth Grade
Lil Copperhead Bengals 24, Lisac’s Tire Raiders 18

Results from the Bengals were not provided.

Marquis Abd ran for a pair of touchdowns to lead the Silver and Black. Quarterback Ryder McEwen ran for a score, and  Henry Harrington played tough defense. Blake Chambers had a couple of batted passes.

Casagranda’s Seahawks 6, Newland and Company Bears 0 (OT)
Ryan Peoples ran for a touchdown in overtime to keep the Seahawks unbeaten. Kelton Kean had a great catch for a big game, Colter Espelin played great on the defensive line, and Braylon Larson led the team at quarterback.

Lavin Giacomino was tough on returns and at running back for the Bears. Ziggy Okrusch was outstanding in coverage at cornerback, and Dom Snyder and Jay Mullaney were strong on the line Matty “Wheels” Lockmer was a force on both sides of the ball all night.

Casagranda’s Seahawks 20, Lisac’s Tire Raiders 0
Darrell Orchowski caught a bit touchdown and Colter Espelin ran the ball well for the Seahawks. Colter Esplin ran the ball well, Darryn Rossiter ran hard, and Remy Scholler had a big-time interception

Bradyn Sage played tough at cornerback, knocking down a pair of passes for the Raiders. Henry Harrington registered two sacks, Kourt Donaldson played strong at linebacker, and Preston Jensen caught a couple of passes.

Pioneer Technical Packers 22, Glacier Bank Rams 6
Gunner Bushman returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown to get the Packers rolling. He also followed up with a TD. Mitch Verlanic passed to Dublin Cooney for a touchdown, and Rhett Arntson scored on a spectacular touchdown run.

Obadiah “Gronk” Breeton scored a touchdown and led the team in rushing. Brazyn Dunne made a great return and was an animal on defense, and Tristan “Mr. Fancy Pants” Hafer was a force on defense and was always in the backfield.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 8, Glacier Bank Rams 0
Marquis Abad forced a fumble and ran for a touchdown to lead the Raiders to the win. Kourt Donaldson played great defense, Ryder McEwen ran strong at running back, and A.J. Ramirez got a pair of sacks.

Kendall Noctor was a force on the defensive line, forcing a fumble for the Rams. Kyler “The Animal” Carpenter played great at quarterback and had some big runs. Mason Hintz played great on both sides of the line.

Newland and Company Bears 14, Pioneer Technical Packers 8
Brooks Vincent had a pick 6 and played great at quarterback to lead the Bears in what is a glimpse of what is to come when their NFL counterparts meet later this season. J.J. Taylor was awesome on defense, Colt Hassler registered three sacks, Talise Gillette blocked great, and Aaron Porter played great on both sides of the ball.

Keegan Hunt contained and tackled great at cornerback for the Packers. Howie Pearston blew open a hole that Gunner Bushman shot threw for a long touchdown run. Peyton Johnson came on late with some tackles in the backfield.

Week 6
Harrington Pepsi Patriots 28, Thriftway Giants 6

Calvin Cunningham scored two touchdowns, while Tegan Duffy and Matt Marsenich each scored a TD and registered two sacks to lead the Patriots. Landon Shields played great defense, and Blaise Perez made four tackles.

Highlights for the Giants were not submitted.

Newland and Company Bears 24, Lisac’s Tire Raiders 6
Lavin Giacomino scored on two long runs, while Colt Hassler was an anchor in the trenches on both sides of the ball for the Bears He also booted three extra points. Ziggy Okrusch scored a TD, and Aaron Porter and J.J. Taylor were tough on defense.

Marquis Abad picked off a pass, and Blake Chambers forced a pair of turnovers for the Raiders. Ryder McEwen ran the ball tough and played tough defense. Zimmer Thatcher played tough at safety. McEwen and Thatcher also hooked up for a TD through the air, and Levi Wiltsie knocked down a pair of passes.

Keith Sayers Redskins 6, McQueen Athletic Club Vikings 0
Bradey Doyle scored the game-winning touchdown as the Redskins came out on top in the defensive struggle. Riley Lopez, Eli Johnson, Bridger Garrison and Danny McCarthy led the Redskins defense. Conner “The GOAT” Craddock and Braylon Johnson stood out on offense.

Kohen Rilley and Jaidyn Caldwell led the Viking defense. Bode “Beast Mode” Hazlett was an animal running the ball up the middle.

Steele’s Falcons 30, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 0
Leo Sholey caught a TD pass, while Reece Cunneen and Toston Halversen ran for scores to lead the Falcons. Caleb Heard and Cameron Fleege led the defense.

Highlights for the Steelers were not provided.

Universal Athletic Dolphins 14, Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 12
Kodye Kjersten scored and kicked the game-winning 2-point conversion for the Dolphins. Hutch Welker added a TD, while Maddock Walker played great offense. Landon Klimpel played great on both sides of the ball, while Gavin Miranda was a force on the line.

David Honer scored on a run and a kick return to lead the Bucs. Lincoln Saari completed nice passes, and the defense played solid as a unit.

Little Copperhead Bengals 14, Glacier Bank Rams 7
Highlights from the Bengals were not submitted.

Brazyn Dunne scored a touchdown for the Rams, and the team celebrated with snow angels. Alex Thompson played lockdown at cornerback, Kendall Noctor forced and recovered a fumble, and Charlee Griner played good on both sides of the ball.

Casgranda’s Seahawks 14, Pioneer Technical Packers 0
Braylon Larson and Will “The Thrill” McGree hooked up on a niche touchdown pass to highlight the Seahawks win. Cayde Stajcar played great at middle linebacker, and Ryan Peoples ran hard all game.

Dublin Cooney and Malcom Moore blocked well on the edge for the Packers. Walker Dodge and Lucas Peterson blocked well at tackle, and Logan Carden recovered a fumble.

Week 5
Universal Athletic Dolphins 24, Harrington Pepsi Patriots 6

A touchdown pass from Troy Sampson to Beau McGree and an interception by Hutch Welker highlighted the Dolphin victory. Cohen Stajcar played great on both sides of the ball, and Kaiden Knutson was an animal on D.

Kaydn Bowser, Kaeden Fischer, Chase Powers, Dylan Moore and Jaxon Montez played great for the Patriots.

First Citizens Cowboys 28, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 6
Will Mihelich and Kooper Kuchtyn continued to play great in the secondary for the Cowboys. Chase Garland and Jordan “The Wrestler” Scown made some awesome hits. Ashton Fivey and Cody Sweet played great at receiver, and Andrew Arneson continued to block well on the right side.

Cayden Hill and Mason Swanson were solid forces on both sides of the ball for the Steelers. Brody Walsh scored on a long run. Kiegan Varcoe stepped up on the offense, and Carter Hanson played well on the defensive line.

Steele’s Falcons 46, McQueen Athletic Club Vikings 14
Nathan Knupp and Jaxon Hiatt both caught touchdown passes, and Leo Sholey added a long reception to lead the Falcons. Evan McEwen ran for a touchdown, while Brekon Finnegan and Cameron Fleege ran the ball well.

Bladen Horne had the hands and feet going, scoring two touchdowns for the Vikings. Xander Mattson was a force on offense the entire game. Aiden Tighe played great on special teams, and Kaleb Geurin, and Colton Sullivan played great defense.

Newland and Company Bears 14, Glacier Bank Rams 7
Lavin Giacomino scored two touchdowns to go along with some great defense to lead the Bears. Dominic Snyder make great plays and owned the defensive line, Anthon Alkire picked off a pass, Cole Coyne played great defense, and Rigley Defense ran hard and played great defense.

Brazyn Dunne scored a touchdown and led the Rams in rushing. Obadiah “Gronk” Breeton scored the point after, living up to his nickname with a Gronk spike. Marcus Shutey was great at tight end, Gannon Sullivan was a force on both sides of the ball, and Tristan “Mr. Fancy Pants” Haver had some great tackles.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 8, Thriftway Giants 0
Treigh Hollow scored a touchdown and played great defense for the Bucs. Bryson Hibbert kicked the extra point. The entire team played stout defense, forcing four turnovers. Hudson Steele and Mason Johnson picked off passes.

Sawyer Casey, Colt Stenson, Teague Sullivan and Logan Costello played great defense for the G-Men. Noah Powers showed off some great blocking, and Carter hall ran the ball well.

Casagranda Seahawks 28, Lisac’s Tire Raiders n/a
Remy Scholler played great on both sides of the ball, and Tony Stajcar played a solid game at quarterback to lead the Seahawks. Colter Espelin and Darryn Rossiter ran the ball well, and Jakoby “The Playmaker” Demessemaker booted an extra point.

Highlights for the Raiders were not provided.

Pioneer Technical Packers 18, Lil Copperhead Bengals 6
Nohea Pierce, Malcome Moore, Keegan Hunt and Rhett Arntson shut down the Bengal attack from their defensive back positions. Arntson picked off a pass. Gunner Bushman, Mitch Verlanic and Logan Carden ran the ball well behind fullback Keegan Cline’s blocking. Carden ran for two touchdowns, while Pierce ran for one. Peyton Johnson, Howie Pearston, Lucas Peterson, Walker Dodge and Keagan Reach played great on the offensive line.

Highlights for the Bengals were not provided.

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