Little Guy Football Week 6

Following is the Mining City Little Guy Football roundup for Week 6. Games are played Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at Copper Mountain Park.

The season will close this Monday through Wednesday at jamborees at Montana Tech’s Bob Green Field.

Steele’s Falcons 31, CCCS Redskins 6

Sam Sampson ran for two touchdowns, completed five passes and picked off a pass to lead the Falcons to the victory. Burke McGruder plowed through the defense on his way to three touchdowns, while Greyden O’Keefe played great defense and anchored the offensive line. Jake “Pancake” Hennelley made several pancake blocks and registered two sacks, and lockdown corner Coy “Primetime” Campbell picked off a pass.

Tocher Lee ran a kick back for a touchdown for the Redskins score. Karson Pumnea, Brenden Snow and Torre Dunmire played great defense.

Thompson Distributing Vikings 26, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 0
Hudson Luedtke caught two touchdown passes and Carter “The Professor” Barsness did his best OBJ impersonation with a one-handed TD grab to lead the Vikings. Colton Shea played great at quarterback, and Ethan Sweet booted two PATs and played great all around the field. Also, Prestin Muns was a beast at linebacker, while Carter Ralph-McGurk, J.J. Perusich and Devin Rossiter ran the ball hard.

Brayden “Money” Worth played the defensive game of his life, and Will “The Thrill” Stepan guided the Steelers offense at quarterback. Cashton Spolar played great at fullback, Keefer McGree played a great defensive game, “Life in the Fast” Lane Norwood made some good tackles, and Chase Hackman was solid on the line.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 16, McQueen Athletic Club Patriots 6
Braylon Larson connected with Keltan Keane for a touchdown to highlight the Bucs victory. John Jaeger ran the ball hard, while Will McGree played great defense at outside linebacker.

Trey Smith played tough on the defensive line for the Patriots. Tristan “Mr. Fancy Pants” Hafer blocked well on offense had had several hard hits on defense. Kail Knutson continued his excellent offensive line play, Kale Dilram played tough at free safety, and “Snake River” Kanyen Stephens blocked well to open up several large holes for the running game.

Lisac’s Tire Raiders 30, Newland and Company Bears 0
Quinn “Hitman” Cox scored two touchdowns, and Quencit “Q” Chapman showed off some great running to lead the Raiders. David “Bulldog” Babb recovered two fumbles, Kenny “Big K” Rawson showed off some great blocking, and Jack “Of All Trades” Luoma demonstrated some great kicking and offense.

Trey Hansen played great on all three phases to lead the Bears. Cale Johnson showed off some nice tackling, and Arayah Abraham and Zeke “Pay The” Piper contributed with some heads-up play on special teams.

Pioneer Technical Packers 12, Casandra’s Seahawks 2
Luke Verlanic was a beast on defense, while Bo Demarais and Will Silk scored touchdowns for the Packers. Cayden McNeil and Chris Knutson were great on both sides of the ball.

“Grand” Canyon Kibler registered a sack and a safety for the Seahawks. Jason Gifford and Ryder Holbrook anchored the defensive line, Zach O’Connell played well at safety, Aiden Cuchine ran the ball well, and Jayden Doherty played good defense.

Thriftway Giants 24, Universal Athletic Dolphins 0
Lavin Giacomino scored two touchdowns, and Brooks “Was Here” Vincent added a score and some great running for the Giants. Rigley Vincent registered a safety and was unblockable, Kaleb Celli ran hard and played great defense, and Matty “Wheels” Lockmer forced a fumble and played great defense.

Ryder McEwen ran the Dolphin offense and made a couple of great bootleg runs. Zimmer Thatcher switched to running back and made a critical first down for the Dolphins. Henry Harrington recovered a fumble, and Caden “Captain” Phillips played strong at linebacker.

First Citizens Cowboys 26, Lil Copperhead Colts n/a
Kyler Kissock played awesome on defense, and Dylan Bache was on point at quarterback for the Cowboys. Tyler Wasley returned a punt for a touchdown.

Jesus Harris for the Colts defense. Jace Shafford blocked well, while Kellen Connors ran the ball well. Trystan Miller and Jonathan Newell made some key tackles.

Lil Copperhead Rams 12, Glacier Bank Bengals 6
Wade Dahood made a great touchdown catch in overtime to lift the Rams. Cory Galle passed for a pair of touchdowns, while Jessie Holdaway was the heart of the D-line. Malachi Todd played hard-nosed football, and Tage Hill was a force on both lines.

Garrett “Razon” Sharp hauled in two passes, including one for a touchdown for the Bengals. Maverick McEwen ran the ball hard to pick up yardage, Nolan “Mighty” Casey was great on defense and at quarterback, and Jake Ricci played great at cornerback.