Little Guy Football week 5 roundup:

Week 5 Round-up

4th Grade

Universal Athletic Bengals vs. Harrington Pepsi Patriots

It was a rainy evening this week for Game 5 against the Bengals and Patriots, but that didn’t keep these kids from putting on a great show for the fans.  On offense, Cooper spent the night delivering great snaps to Luke who did a good job of leading the offense completing a few passes and scrambling for first downs when needed. Out of the backfield was Hunter who was a powerhouse to deal with lead blocking for Trae who was able to take off for not just 1 but 3 touchdowns throughout the evening. None of this was possible without blocking by an incredible offensive line which included Hudson, Sawyer, Ryman, Killian and big pushes on the edges by scrappy receivers like Cayson, Reid, and Keaton. Things started a little slow for the Defense today giving up 13 unanswered points, but the boys locked the patriots down for the rest of the game behind big play by their defensive line who lived in the back field chasing down tackles led by Hudson, Bolton, Hunter, and Keaton. The linebackers and secondary also did an amazing job of reading and chasing the ball carriers down. Sage knocked 1 pass down that he wasn’t quite able to hang on to as Trae was able to knock 1 down and catch another.  Landon and Sean both had huge tackles on the last drive of the game to end the patriots chance of a comeback and the Bengals were able to get their first win of the season scoring their own 18 unanswered points.

In an exciting matchup on the gridiron, the 4th-grade Little Guy Football Patriots faced off against the Bengals in a closely contested game that ended with an 18-13 victory for the Bengals. While the Patriots may not have come away with the win, their determination and standout performances made it a memorable showdown.

The first half of the game saw the Patriots jumping out to a promising 13-0 lead, largely thanks to the outstanding efforts of some of their key players. Jett LeProwse and Caedan Lacey both had remarkable long touchdown runs that got the crowd on their feet. Adding to the excitement, Roper Henke executed a fantastic run for a 2-point conversion. The Patriots’ offense was firing on all cylinders in those early stages, leaving their fans with high hopes for the remainder of the game.

But football is a game of ups and downs, and the Bengals mounted a strong comeback in the second half. Despite the challenging circumstances, several Patriots players showcased their resilience and determination. Jett and Roper, who also excelled on defense while playing linebacker, were involved in nearly every tackle, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the team.

Caedan Lacey, who played a pivotal role at Safety, almost intercepted a pass, displaying his exceptional skills and football IQ. On the other side of the ball, Sam Todorovich stood out with his exceptional blocking skills as a receiver and proved to be a tough contender at cornerback and safety on defense. His versatility and dedication to both sides of the ball were a true asset to the team.

The Patriots’ offensive line was solid as a rock, with Colin Kahtani, Noah Thennis, Azzy Staber, Knox Markovich, and Kayson Aguilar delivering exceptional blocking performances. These young athletes not only protected their quarterback but also displayed their resilience by playing tough on defense.

Although the final score didn’t swing in the Patriots’ favor, the heart and spirit displayed by these 4th-grade Little Guy Football Patriots is truly commendable. The team’s coaches and supporters can undoubtedly look forward to an exciting future with these talented and dedicated players on their roster. In the game of football, it’s not always about the final score; it’s about the character and determination displayed on the field, and the Patriots have plenty of both to build upon in the seasons to come.

Casagranda’s Seahawks vs. Thriftway Cardinals

The Seahawks suffered their first loss of the season to the Cardinals.   The Seahawks had some uncharacteristic turnovers but battled with the physical Cardinals all game long despite the setbacks. The Seahawks were led by a gutsy performance at running back by Dalton “no flaws” Dawes. Dalton had the Seahawks lone touchdown. The Seahawks were also led in the trenches by Tristan “downtown” Brown, Brantley “Big Dog” LeCoure, Aiden “no Poser” Moser.   Reddic “the Riot” Hiatt also had an amazing catch for a 2point conversion. Jaxson “the mailman” Malone continued to deliver at center as well.

This week’s Cardinals showed up and gave the fans the show they’ve been waiting for this season. The Red Bird’s came out strong on their first offensive set by advancing the chains with every play until they reached the Endzone. Pierce “Prime Time” Collins had a blowout game at the helm of the offense and looked more like a Running Back with the yardage that he gained. At one-point Prime Time had to make a break for it after he couldn’t find an open receiver but keeping the gap open Michael “The Assassin” Halverson had a huge block that helped secure the first down and surely was a hit that the cornerback is still feeling. The Cards defense made the Seahawks work for every yard they gained on offense. After Halftime the Big Red kicked it into overdrive and proceeded to show the Seahawks, they were just getting warmed up in the first half. The Defensive line for the Cardinals was in integral part on keeping the game in the Cardinals favor. Jay “The Honey Badger” Perry had some favorable hits and ended up in the mix several times during critical plays on the defense that resulted in a turnover on downs. Adelynn “The Hawk” Bumgarner made sure any receiver she was up against resulted in an incomplete pass and/or complete coverage that the QB didn’t have a target to throw to. Kooper “Freight Train” Conway crushed the Seahawks Offensive line to break through for the QB sack, not once, but twice. Freight Train decided to CHOOO CHOOO Choose the quarter back as his target and ended the Seahawks drive in the Cardinals Endzone for a Safety. Lucas “The Judge” Rankin, played a fierce Defensive end for the Cardinals. The Judge made it evidently clear that the field was his court room as he handed out sentences of a QB sack along with numerous tackles throughout the game to keep the Seahawks at bay. Touchdowns for the Cardinals were scored by Blake “The Bullet” Christiaens, Pierce “Prime Time” Collins, Jens “Flash” Nikolaisen, and Mason “Mercury” Ferko.

5th Grade

Bank of Butte Cowboys vs. McQueen Athletic Club Giants

Cowboys 22 Giants 21

The Cowboys and Giants met up and had a fantastic, back-and-forth affair. The Cowboys had scores by Cole O’Connor (2) and Bridger Grant (1). Grant had several huge runs, and scored on a pass that had phenomenal blocking out front by Ryan Ferriter and Kolton Knutson. Ferriter was also the recipient of some big rushes as well.

On defense the Cowboys have continued to show big improvements. Pacee Klimple had a big tackle and pass defense for the boys in blue. Arlo Limmer also had a touchdown saving tackle from the safety position. Kruz Cotton, Lucas Wilson, and Lincoln Christian provided no running room up the middle for a phenomenal Giants rushing attack.

The Giants had their second heartbreak loss of the year, it was a hard-fought game by both teams led by Kale “sweetfeet” Alexander with 3 touchdowns. Bentley “the Machine” DeTonancour played lights out on on defense and had a run for 35-yards  at running back. Tucker “Cheese” Cunneen led the boys up front on the offense and defensive line , joined by Ryder “the foundation” Robinson and Andrew “so many colors” White.

Franky “Stuart” Little made some timely defense of stops and pass break ups. Colt “the missle” Dinius was making plays all night on the defensive side of the ball. It was a great hard fought, and fun game for all.

First Citizens Eagles vs. Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers

Eagles -28

Steelers – 22

A hard-fought battle between two tough teams! The Eagles went on offense first and with the great running of Jack Panisko and JJ Hardy, they marched down the field and scored. Quarterback Hunter Snyder connected with Andrew Abraham, JJ Hardy, Brody Pierce to keep a balanced offensive attack throughout the whole game. Hunter also found the end zone with a nice QB run behind a great offensive line. Bentley Craddock and Jaxon Henson blocked well for the Eagles, creating holes and holding the edges. JJ Hardy found the end zone on a 45-yard pass, which was made possible by the great blocking in the open field by Marcus Gleason. Bridger Smyth knocked one through the uprights as well, on his first time ever attempting the extra point kick.

Defense was led by Bridger Smyth who recorded nine tackles, two for loss and 1 sack plus pressured the backfield almost every play. Landon Wrampe disrupted the run game and nabbed three tackles. Copper Khatani recorded two hard hitting tackles and Otto Thennis played great and had a great stop near the goal line.

It was definitely a team effort for the Eagles to get the win over a very tough Steelers team, that didn’t ever give up. The crowd sure got a heck of a show.

The Steelers had a tough matchup with a big and athletic Eagles team on Thursday. The offensive line had their hands full, but the blocking of tackle Noah Bumgarner and guard Noah O’Brien paved the way for a two-touchdown day for back Gavin Schonsberg who had a career day!

Defensively the Steelers had a tough day against a tough offense. Coy Carpenter stepped on many occasions from his safety position delivering shots and making tackles. Trevin Berger also had a great day. Trevin was all over the field making plays and selling out trying to stop a great running attack.

The Steelers took an L but are primed and ready to bounce back next week!

6th Grade

CCCS/Glacier Bank Titans vs. Lisac’s Tire Raiders

Team titans are getting better and better each week.

Elijia Kite doing great things on both sides of the ball. Evan Bobermin flat backing quarterback sacking fool. Kayoni Kinard using her speed and making plays on both sides of the ball. Kolton Johnson with another great game on offense and defense. Also, another fine performance by Hayden and Kayden Barry.

The Lisacs tire Raiders started slow against the Titans, after giving up a safety they sprang to life. Drew “Capitan America” Kachmarik recovered a fumble setting up a scoring chance for the Raiders a few plays before half. Huddy “Ice” Summers hit Kason “The Little Lion” who also notched an interception during the game.

“FastLane” Lisac flew all over the field on defense making his presence known from the Safety position while also adding 2 receptions on the offensive side of the ball.

FastLane’s counterpart Silas “The Mad Scientist” Mayville added big hits to stop long runs on the defensive side of the ball helping secure his side of the field. “Machine Gun” Mark Melby emerged as a force to be reckoned with on the defensive line plugging holes and making running up the middle near impossible. He platooned with Leland “The Kung Fu Panda” and William “Tank” Salle who plugged lanes in their own right. Bryson “Hollywood” Hamry and Owen “Hit Stick” Larue plagued the receivers to little or no gains all night. They both played on islands and were lockdown.  Jake “Tombstone” Regan and Rody “Rowdy” Johnson anchored the offensive line giving the quarterbacks all day to maneuver. Clay “The Hammer” Christiaens played like a kid out to prove something, he flew all over the field making plays behind the line of scrimmage as well as on the opposite side of the field, he was as good of a middle linebacker as the Raiders could ask for. Cruz “El Camino” Kissell also proved his worth adding an interception and pile of tackles from the outside linebacker spot on defense, from the offensive side of the ball he threw a sweet deep ball to hit Blake “Wheels” Connors for a TD and then kicked and made the field goal. “Wheels” also shut down the opposite side of the field from the outside linebacker position. All in all, the Raiders finally played a complete game as a team.


5518 Designs Rams vs. Steele’s Falcons

Falcons 31 Rams 6

In a thrilling match between the Falcons and the Rams, the Dirty Birds showed their true grit and determination. Despite the score being much closer this time, it was the Falcons’ defense that stole the show.

Led by the dynamic quartet of Drayk “D-Money” Dallaserra, Ty “T-Bone” Stepan, Nick “TNT” D’Amico, and Kadyn “Raging” Ballensky, the Falcons’ defense wreaked havoc on the Rams’ offense. With bone-crushing hits, relentless pressure on the backfield, and exceptional coverage, they left the Rams struggling to make any headway. But it was Kaden “Lethal Weapon” Nichols who truly stole the spotlight, making open field tackles that left spectators in awe, especially considering he was just a sixth-grade player.

On the offensive front, the Falcons wasted no time in making their mark. Bridger “Bob” Stearns showcased his lightning-fast speed with a zone run touchdown, leaving defenders in his dust. Not content with just one touchdown, Bridger followed it up with another impressive run, zigzagging through the Rams’ defense and breaking tackles along the way. Supporting him at the defensive ends was Gabe “Beast Mode” Hergott, who not only locked down the edges but also managed to snag an interception.

Quarterback Jayke “Big Bird” Leprowse proved to be a true dual threat, displaying his skills both as a runner and a passer. He sprinted into the end zone for a touchdown and delivered a perfectly placed pass to multiple receivers for another score. Adding to the offensive brilliance was Logan “Wolverine” Grunhuvd, who unleashed a dime of a touchdown pass to Oliver Maye “Attraction.” Logan’s versatility was evident as he made multiple impressive runs and was a force to be reckoned with on defense. Oliver himself had a game for the ages, showcasing his incredible running abilities and even converting an extra point. Not to be outdone, he also snatched an interception from his lockdown corner position.

Ryder “Dory” Cunneen proved to be a reliable target for the Falcons, leading the team in catches. His highlight-reel touchdown grab was the talk of the town, complete with a spectacular flip into the end zone. The credit for that perfect pass goes to none other than Bentley “Belinda” Blando, who delivered a pinpoint throw that left the defense stunned.

It was a day to remember for the Falcons as they celebrated a well-deserved victory over the Rams. The team’s exceptional defensive performance, combined with their explosive offensive plays, showcased their talent, teamwork, and determination. The Dirty Birds truly soared high in this memorable game.

31-6 falcons win over the 5518 Rams. The falcons are a very strong team, but the 5518 designs Rams could just not hold up to the Falcons impressive offense. It was a well-played game by both teams.

Thank you to:

Coach Charlie Smith

Coach Scott O’Connor

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