Little Guy Football Week 4

Little Guy Football Week 4

Following are the game reports from Week 4 of the Mining City Little Guy Football program. Games are played Thursdays and Saturdays at Copper Mountain Park.

Thompson Distributing Vikings 26, Lil Copperhead Colts 6
J.J. Perusich carried the ball like an animal, and QB Colton Shea threw the ball well while running in a pair of scores to lead the Vikings. Hudson Luedtke also played great at quarterback, while excelling on defense. Colby “Flash” Gordon was great at safety, and Ethan Sweet, Gavin Rowe and “Last” Chance Sampson controlled the middle of the field on both sides of the ball.

Jonathan Newell made a nice tackle and provided good coverage in the secondary for the Colts. Brady “Mister” Wright ran for a long touchdown and made a couple of key tackles, while Tucker Jette made a key block to spring Wright for a TD. Braeden Molina played tough defense, and Logan Lorengo made a couple of nice tackles.

Harrington Pepsi Chargers 26, Universal Athletic Dolphins 0
Rhett Arntson scored on a long run for a touchdown on the first play of the game to lead the Chargers to the win. He also scored on a long screen pass on the last play of the first half. Dublin Cooney returned a punt for a TD and booted an extra points. Malcom “Less Is” Moore caught a TD pass from Anderson, while Howie Pearston, Peyton Johnson, Julloyd Silas and Lucas Peterson all played great on the offensive line. Also Gunner Bushman played great at defensive line, causing a fumble the as recovered by Mitch Verlanic.

Kendel Noctor played great on both sides of the ball for the Dolphins. Caden “Captain” Phillips was strong on the D-line, while Zimmer Thatcher was a beast on defense. “John” Henry Harrington and “Knight” Ryder McEwen rand the ball hard.

Steele’s Falcons 20, CCCS Redskins 6
Ben McAdams ran for a touchdown, while Sam Sampson scored on a long run and a punt return for the Falcons. Greyden O’Keefe, Connor Seymour and Bradly Thaut played well on the line. Coy Campbell, Jake Bailey and Jake Hennelly stood out on defense.

Tocher Lee threw a touchdown to Trey McCarthy for the Redskins. Brenden Snow, Karson Pumnea, Tim Williams and Isiah Burch-Cullen great on defense, while Mason Newgard, Shade Pohia anchored the offensive line.

Thriftway Giants 20, McQueen Athletic Club Patriots 0
Taylor Olsen scored a touchdown and played awesome in defense, while Lavin Giacomino ran like the Galloping Ghost to score two touchdowns in the win. Dominic Snyder played great on defense and blocked the sun on offense, Matty “Wheels” Lockmer played great defense and ran hard, and Colt Hassler recovered two fumbles and provided great kicking.

Obadiah Breeton played tough defense, and Chase Choquette led the Patriot offense with a completed pass and several nice runs. Kelton Berger made a touchdown-saving tackle, Gannon Sullivan played great on both sides of the ball, and Joey Ward recovered a fumble.

Pioneer Technical Packers 22, Lisac’s Tire Raiders 0
Jeremiah “Sorry Not” Saari ran a kickoff back for a touchdown, Chris Knutson caught a TD pass and Will Silk recovered a fumble for a touchdown to lead the Packers to the win. Gavin Roesti played stellar defense, while Aiden Dirlam played awesome at center.

Isaiahs Martinez was a great returner for the Raiders. David “Bulldog” Babb played great on offense and defense, Tyler “Hard Nose” Galle made a great open-field tackle, Kyler “The Hammer” Stenson played fantastic hardnosed defense, Gary “Hustle” Rubusch played well on both sides of the ball, and Jack “Hollywood” Keeley played great offense.

Glacier Bank Bengals 32, Newland and Company Bears 0
Josh McAdams, Maverick McEwen, Grady Winston and Corey Anderson scored touchdowns to lead the Bengals to the win. Winston added a pair of PATs, while McEwen added one. Nolan “Mighty” Casey, Jake “The Snake” Tauscher and Derek Averyt led a solid team defensive effort, while Will Taylor had a nice catch and run at tight end.

Ayden Harryman had a great game, picking off a pass and making some great tackles for the Bears. Cale Johnson added some nice running and tackling, Trey Driscoll, added great tackling and aggressiveness, and Derek Dunmire was tough at middle linebacker.

Casagranda’s Seahawks 24, Lil Copperhead Rams 0
Russo “Bruised And” Batterman and Zane Moodry scored touchdowns and booted extra points for the Seahawks. Ayden Durkin played great at safety, Greysen Gillis was strong on the defensive line in the win, while Bryce Keane and Toby Boucher were lockdown corners. Ayden Cuchine added several great tackles.

Cory Galle, Ryan Smith, Kaleb Gochanour, Riley Kriskovich, Cale Mikalattos were stars for the Rams in the loss.

First Citizens Cowboys 28, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers 0
Gunner Reopelle scored two touchdowns, and Quintin Denison was unstoppable for the Cowboys in the victory. Kyler Kjertsen and Tyler “The Wazzinator” Wasley added touchdowns in the win. Bret Polich booted extra points.

Brayden “Money” Worth played strong at safety, and Noah Purcell ran hard for Steelers. Oliver Steele was crushing on defense, Will “The Thrill” Stepan carried the team at quarterback, and Chase Hackman lost a tooth and still came up with a big tackle for a loss on the next play.

Week 3
The following games were inadvertently left off last week’s roundup.

Pioneer Technical Packers 26, Lil Copperheads Rams 8
Jeremiah “Sorry Not” Saari scored a pair of touchdowns, and Cayden McNeil scored on a great catch to lead the Packers to victory. Aiden Dirlam played great on both sides of the ball, Gavin Roesti was a monster on the line, and Kaleb Paddock was everywhere. Paddock recorded a safety in the win.

Highlights for the Rams were not submitted.

Thompson Distributing Vikings 14, Buffalo Wild Wings Steelers n/a
Ethan Sweet controlled both sides of the ball from his line positions for the Vikings, while Colton Shea made a great catch on a deep pass. Prestin Muns played great at linebacker and fullback, J.J. Perusich was tough at corner, and Danny McCarty was in on a great sack.

Braydon Pierce went right up the middle to score on the first play of the game for the Steelers. Keefer McGree played tough on both sides of the ball, Patrick Stimatz controlled the ball and led the offense at quarterback, Braydon “Money” Worth deflected a pass on defense, and Ben Tierney had some big hits at safety.

Opportunity Bank Buccaneers 29, Universal Athletic Dolphins 6
Keltan Keane and Tino Riojas ran the ball well as the Buccaneers stayed unbeaten. John Jaeger was a terror on defense, while Darrell Orchowski blocked well on offense.

“Easy” Ryder McEwen carried the Dolphin offense with his power running game. He also made some hard tackles on defense. Kyler “The Animal” Carpenter completed two passes and ran for a touchdown. Kendel Noctor moved the line on offense and defense, and “John” Henry Harrington opened holes for the running game with his strong blocking.

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